Rihanna - Here I Go Again Lyrics

Na na na na na
Na na na na na
Na na na na na na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na
Na na na na na
Na na na na na oh na na na na na na na na

[Verse 1]

It's been a minute since I saw you boy
Must admit it's good to hear your voice
And I guess that I forgot just how you make me feel when your around
See you haven't lost your sense of style
And you still could melt me with your smile
Can't deny that I still got these feelin' deep inside


It's funny how things could change
But still remain the same
Isn't love just a crazy game
Baby here I go again


I look into your eyes and then
My heart remembers when
And I realize I neva gotten over you
Everytime I hear your name
It's like the sun shined through the rain
And I realize it's happening
Baby here I go again

Here I Go Again

[Verse 2]

Still remember how you make me weak
How I fought to find the words to speak
I just cant excape the memories
I tried but I just cant break free
Thought I closed the door on what we had
But these feelings just keep comin back
Didn't think that you could make me loose control like that


Sweet lovin' is my ting
So you know mi got fi swing
That's why yuh request it again
Without a doubt yuh want to spend
And to experience it again
Because yuh love the way yuh felt back then
So make me light it up again
Reignite the flames again
'Cause you really miss 'dem days when we used to chill
Up on the hill watch the sun set in West Nigril
Girl yuh Bajan beauty it a gimme di chill
Not to mention the way you are within


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Rihanna Here I Go Again Comments
  1. LO VE

    2020!!! 👌🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. nyamukuru grace

    who is here @2019

  3. Jadelyn Tauinaola

    Almost 2020 still come thru here 💯💞

  4. Tay Puente

    Meu sonho é a Rihanna lançar um álbum só de reggae.

  5. Summah Tumarae

    Still bumpin in 2019

    Esteban Oscar Gutiérrez La Torre

    Love this song, no matter if it's autumn 2019! Riri reggae's summer vibe <3

  6. Tonio Williams

    My ex used to play this shit all the time. I wanna hit again🥴😭😭

  7. Lover Daisy Angel

    Please can i ask karaoke or instrumental of this song?
    Thank you



  9. Morgan Faranov

    Her most underrated song

  10. yogurltana wassup

    Jammin in 2K19

  11. Carl Lee

    Big Bad tune

  12. PSYCHO Aiesha Tsubaki

    Drinks in the sun still go down nice with a smile to this song 2k19 😍❤🍻 cheers

  13. Lorna Cesar

    2k19 👌

  14. Tuinei Vanessa

    Were my samoans at

    Junior Tau26

    Tuinei Vanessa yessahhh

  15. J K

    I had this on replay this week and 2 times there was guys giggin to
    on the street & parking lot 😂😂❤️ best moments and also made me happy that this song makes guys have fun too.

  16. Kerryann Tawha12

    Still jammin thus n 2K19

  17. Kanecia Land

    American Dragon Jake Long Season 1

  18. yogurltana wassup

    Samoan vibes all the way

  19. Ariel Brown

    Omg I used to be obsessed with this song 😍😍

  20. Dank Collier

    Season 2

  21. Dank Collier

    The Proud Family

  22. BRutus2010able

    bless nicola potter my neice who looked after me mentally when i lost MICKY LAVENU my man for 28yrs thankypou my darling your auntie RACHE L FITZMAURICE WILL NEVR forget the nights we danced to forget our troubles thankyou baby this song will always be oursx2019

  23. yogurltana wassup

    Like this song the beat is on point

  24. Michelle Tana

    Still jammin in 2K19

  25. PepeNOAR


  26. Tiffany Anderson

    Here in 2019 I miss this Rihanna

  27. Robinho O Poeta

    Maravilhosa de mulher, alem de uma grande cantora.

    Raphaell Souza

    Brasil 😍😍😍

  28. Quorthon Simijonovic

    Hawaii vibes... OMG!!!😎
    Good tune to relax on a light day sky, drinkin' and playin' trough blue beach🤔😇

    Frangipane Samy

    ugh i agree although m from africa

  29. Charles' Classic Commercials

    This isn't Whitesnake. WTF????!!!!

  30. Galore Globe

    The beginning reminded me of Watch n Learn

  31. Cleo Samuels

    I can jam this shit till 2020 ...real shit

  32. Kelly Moses

    Still my fav song of Rih

  33. Kauri Wilson

    whole I forgot bout this song yaya

  34. Zanele Khumalo

    I love this song

  35. Tila Tilah101

    Oh the nostalgia.

  36. Pretty Sadiddy

    I'd give my life for her

  37. Sergio Borja

    Oh el reggae le va muy bien a RiRi,💜

  38. Freya Goss


    Georgie Waipouri

    Likewise 🖒

  39. Asaun Johnson

    I love this song it reminds me of when I was home in Barbados rip Mary Wilson my wife and best friend 😭😭

  40. Emily Westwood

    what I'm feeling right now about a guy I used to love someone much

    Mahmoud Ba

    One love Rihanna stay bless Jah guide you

  41. Samuel Walters

    This was when she was real

    Joshua Jordan

    Samuel Walters still is hoe

    John Doe


    Benjamin Gaspar

    Before she became illuminati

  42. Samuel Walters

    Best Rihanna album yet

  43. xofficialholliemay musicx

    Out of all of ri's records & albums, I do love the Anti album but this is my favorite record from her by far! just makes yu feel happy X

  44. J Breeze


  45. Sue Loulanting


  46. TheAmandaShow

    I️ love this song so much

  47. ICouldntThinkOfANameSoHereYouGo

    This is the first ever song Rihanna made.

    Simone Hyatt

    Agar PlayBD *album

  48. Taneisha Johnson

    Damn Rihanna came a long way man i remember this song back then!!!! 😂😂😂😂

  49. Alisa Thomas

    my favourite Riri song ever!!!!

  50. Island beast

    Reggae Rihanna is the best Rihanna☺

    Rihanna Vevo

    And to know that her new album will be Reggae 😍

    Island beast

    @Rihanna Vevo When will it come out

    Rihanna Vevo

    @Island beast no release date yet but will be some time in 2019 :)

    Island beast

    @Rihanna Vevo Island Rihanna comin back full swing

    Rihanna Vevo

    @Island beast yes she is! Will be the best comeback of the year 👑

  51. Wiremu Matau

    love this song...especially when I miss my ex's..

    M Davis

    the feels, man

    Liz Neptune

    lmao good point

    Samantha Wildt

    The exs which you parted on good ways....the others i dont miss. :-)


    " It's funny how things can change but still remain the same "

  53. Hariata Kawana

    Funny how things will change ilove it