Rihanna - Half Of Me Lyrics

You saw me on the television, setting fire to all the buildings
Yeah I guess you saw me stealing, but you've no idea what I've been needin'
Talk about when we were children, not the kind of kid that you believe in
You saw me on the television, saw me on the television
But that's just the half of it, yeah you saw the half of it
This is the life I live, and that's just the half of it.

Saw me on the television, hanging out my dirty linen
You're entitled to your own opinion
Sit and shake your head at my decision
I guess the kind of songs that I've been singing
Make it seem as if I'm always winning
But you saw me on a television
Yeah you saw me on a television

But that's just the half of it
You saw the half of it
This is the life I live
And that's just the half of it

Oh you know me I'm the life of the party
Beautiful people surround me
Everybody falling in love
Oh you know me, everybody knows that I'm crazy
Sticks and stones they never break me
And I'm the type that don't give a fuck

And that's just the half of it
You saw the half of it
Yeah this is the life I live
And that's just the half of it

Yeah you saw the half of it
And this is the life I live
You saw the half of it
Only the half of it
Eh, oh, no

You saw me on the television.
Saw me on the television.

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Rihanna Half Of Me Comments
  1. Side Life931

    Rihanna she is the queen ❤️😍😍😍

  2. Nyarah V Boston


  3. Shown Morgan

    Nice one😋😋😋

  4. Brown Sugar choco

    2019 who's still here? That's just the half of it.....you saw the half of it. This is the life i leave....and that's the half of it.........

  5. phuti makgabo

    This is the Rihanna fans listening in November 2019

    Everyone listening,have a great day/night ☺️

    Cecilia S

    I'm here

  6. Fatima misael Phiri

    Who is still here October 13th 2019.....I love you riri

  7. Awuondo L.

    I feel like giving her a hug. Glad she shared this with us...

  8. Cheetah Senorita

    Moral: Don’t judge a book by its cover.

  9. Craig Naert

    Saw you I’m my dreams 😎 but you know 🌹❤️

  10. Roxxana Mulenga

    You saw me stealing but you have no idea what i was needing😭 deep

  11. Torii Thompson


  12. Thabisile PAMELA

    2019 😍😍😍 I heard this song from Nomzamo Mbatha's video while she was behind the scenes for the PUMA company so it was her story on her instagram...and tjo! I loved the song since that day 2019,tnx a lot Nomzamo Mbatha une taste babe girl😘

  13. james Christmas

    Would you accept half of me riri im asking you? From your heart.

  14. james Christmas

    How about no betrayal and how about her being honest to everyone lovely people.

  15. sinovuyo Rodolo

    Never heard this song and it's soooo good! Which album is this from?

  16. lakita mwangi

    anyone 2019????

  17. Winner 2016

    I love you Rih

  18. Evidance Mogale

    I dedicate this to Whitney Houston ❤ we LOVE you mama 👑🌸

  19. Jasmine

    Can so relate to this song.. People judge by what they see but its jus half of it

  20. Matselane Maphasa

    And wow 🤭🤭🤭 "Thats just the half of it" 😍 so in love

  21. Dana Dana

    you saw me on television cuz u dont know my STORY.. yes I stole but yeah u just dont know my story..u dont know my LIFE'""""I just wanted to be LOVED!

  22. Nomzamo Vilakati

    2019 anyone ❤️❤️

  23. La Rubia


  24. Melanie Brinkley


  25. Setera Rae

    #2-019 ?

  26. musicbabylove1

    Convinced this is about the London riots.

  27. Perfect Time

    Amazing but... What album is this on Unapologetic or Talk That Talk?

    Layzsa Powell

    None, issa single

    Perfect Time

    Layzsa Powell I know now

  28. vondell taylor

    I love this song from the first time I heard it to now, I love it to the max, its great and shows great vocal range, and that is what I admire the most, voice, pure talent.

  29. SBGhetto

    Her voice is unique.🔥

  30. Keisha Skii

    Contact me please Rihanna

  31. Tasmin Isaacs

    I just discovered this, so Amazing

  32. José Manuel Gamero palomo

    Eres miiii reeeeeeeaaaaaliiiiiidaaaaaaaad

  33. José Manuel Gamero palomo

    Tu mide si o no dime aaaaamoooorrrrrr

  34. José Manuel Gamero palomo

    Hy Violet eres hermosa desde hace años mi Santa Anna Rihanna lover my love for you guys cuando leiry leri mi love and love

  35. Anathi Flow

    Who is still here in 2019..☺😊

  36. Evan Douglas


  37. Josh Freeman


  38. dineo dineo

    I love this song coz she explain her self

  39. José Manuel Gamero palomo

    Que no me llamas nunca más que nada para septiembre yes y que no te veo por la calle bailando como yo kiss kiss kiss forever and ever seen the movie and your family is the first time in the morning of the day of the day of work for me and a una fiesta de cumpleaños

  40. Winner 2016

    Damn Rih... I pray for the chance to meet you someday. I'm one of your biggest fans when it comes to music... You've touched the world. I wish I got a chance to know you. You're beautiful. ♥

  41. S H

    I LIKE THE way I see YOU on tv,because YOU ALWAYS MAKE it SO CUTE even WHEN YOU are destroying property OR singing a love SONG

  42. Marco Johnson

    One of my favorite songs from her yes boo they only see half of it.

  43. jenny janvier

    I love this song

  44. Leonard Dobson

    Ja - You da One - Love.
    Robyn Fenty OXOX Gorgeous


    2019...we here for amazing song

  46. naisha autum

    This song confirmed 2 pray 4 rihanna she went 2 usa when she was only 15 there alwayz more 2 a story ! 2019

  47. HALF of IT

    Favorite song!!!!

  48. Imane Disney

    I don't know how but rihana songs are amaziing !

  49. Garcia Lucas

    2019? 🎶🎧

  50. Cherise Joseph

    2019 ♡

  51. Redious Lightscover

    This cake will always be my favourite! I was so young dumb to think I was the only one who knew this song exist❤💕

  52. Saaidcisse J


  53. Perfect Time

    This should be on her loud album

  54. Jeferson Posseidom

    OMG I love this song, Came here just to comment that❤❤❤

  55. Aeroe Talledo

    Still lovin this on 2019 🌻🔥

  56. Roboty Brenda

    2019 ???

  57. delicious Walters

    She push me my goal success in life they will see me

  58. Rican Marrero

    Looking for a somebody and famous like u but u judged me lmao I won't do u like u did me when I am on stage......Be happy with them all

  59. Brittany Lewis

    2019 anyone

  60. tjdud

    2019 anyone??

  61. Nesha Britwood

    This is the life I live, and that's just the half of it. 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  62. Pixie Sophie

    2019 and I still love this song

  63. Inaweyy

    I've been having these dreams of Rihanna and Xxx because their my favorite artists and X was friends with Rihanna when they we're kids and they got big and X saw her on television and he got mad and stuff it's crazy it's actually my dream

  64. lucy foster

    💖How have I only just heard this? Lol 2019...just 5 years late.. 😱

    Nop Sinith

    7 years late actually

  65. Trachelle Allan

    I be so at peace listening this 😣💙

  66. Mame Diarra Ba

    Wonderful voice

  67. diamond Teague

    He was my other half but ha he's a real peice of work I mean that mother fucker broke me 😢

  68. Rosita Rylander

    Så bra..😍😍😘👍✌✌👏👏

  69. Alice Plamedie


  70. Arobed Unam


  71. Joy Lucas

    Yes I saw you only on YouTube and t.v.sana ok n Rhianna.😇😇😇

  72. Марияна Илиева


    Марияна Илиева


  73. Shelli Schuller

    Stop stealing my shit bitch!

  74. Louise Abdull

    god bless you life now embrace of god freedom made you stronger been abuse like me suffering god made you stronger lady 👸❌❌❌❌❌🇺🇸🔮👑

  75. Steven Tolifson

    Saw you on the plane with such a sad face in the middle and you couldn't stretch your legs I thought you were coming but its nothing stuck like an orphan looking out the window. Who saves who I'm sorry but I don't want to ruin another chance with you. Should I call or not give you space and know my heart is filled with you everyday but we both walk away and as we look back we only see eachothers back.

  76. Langy Fred

    This would be the double of many of ma friends

  77. Good Gal

    2018🔥🔥fav riri

  78. Ameka Modeste

    : ddsbs Rights + law rights to in throne modern business schools

  79. Kilton Tyler

    Try to increase the speed of this track,it will kill you to the fullest😘😙
    😢😢😢team rihannanavy

  80. Thando Choko

    She will alwayz be my 👑

  81. Yosr Benjamine

    Rihanna will always be my idol! I can only imagine how celebrities suffer from criticism and judgments ! Keep it up Riri

  82. Aliance Nyamushanja

    It 2018 and I’m still watching you 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  83. Wender Ramos

    2018 STILL ALIVE.

  84. Unapologetic Explicit

    I think Rihanna need to recall this song and release it it has so much potential of becoming a hit and possibly a #1

  85. William Reid

    This song is so soothing I could listen to it over and over.

  86. Rose S

    Don't always believe what the media says.

  87. Marcus Bank's

    Words of my life love it couldn't have said it better

  88. Chelsea Ekane


  89. anna gomeztd

    i m love rihanna mixe song

  90. Svetlana Parker

    Patrick Wilson 😍