Right Said Fred - Popsong Lyrics

It's 3 am, she's down again
She needs a friend, she's really low
She turns to her stereo

But baby baby don't you worry
Baby baby don't you fret
Baby baby don't you worry
Well not yet

(Here we go, here we go)
(Here we go, here we go)

Well your lover can leave
You in tears and despair
Don't cry for long
'cos there's a song in the air
it's shat a pop song,
mmh can do (here we go)
Well your job is a drag
And your boss is a bore
It's clear what you need
Is a little four on the floor
It's what a pop song (what a pop song)
Oh yeah can do (oh yeah can do)

So baby baby don't you worry
Baby baby don't you fret
Baby baby don't you worry
Well not yet

(Here we go, here we go)
(Here we go, here we go)

Well you can analyse this
And you can analyse that
It's just pop to me baby
'cos that's where it's at
It's what a pop song, oh yeah, can do

So baby baby don't you worry- no way
Baby baby don't you fret- not yet
Baby baby don't you worry
Well not yet (here we go)

(Here we go, here we go)

It's 3 am- She's out again
She's found a friend they're dancing slow
Thanks to her stereo

Baby baby don't you worry
Baby baby don't you fret
Baby I've got no regrets

(Here we go, here we go)...

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Right Said Fred Popsong Comments
  1. CamG


  2. Richard Hobbs

    The first meme song

  3. Toni Malcic

    Just realized this song has a great meme potential.

  4. Nordic Kitten

    Now you know damn well you sing and have danced to this ! But I won't tell ~ Many Blessings ~

  5. Sumit Debbarma

    its one of my fev song😁

  6. Crazy Onion Media

    Still makes me think of Shrek to this day

  7. Rayssa Oliveira

    Dean Winchester

  8. Miguel Soriano

    Ned Flander's dating video hahahahah

  9. Himanshu Kumar

    2:09 "too sexy for my hands"
    *Proceeds to amputate arms*

  10. John J. Vela

    Funny song!

  11. Jameson Weimann

    This is sung by the buffest buff guy in buff town

  12. Guillermo Magallon

    The narcissist national anthem lol

  13. AmeseyPop

    For those of you listening in 2020 - play this back at 0.5 speed and enjoy this modern and cool interpretation of a classic

  14. Guy On Youtube 69

    Agent 47 can make pretty good songs

  15. Melody Sanger

    TODAY IN MUSIC HISTORY: February 8, 1992 - 28 Years Ago Today: Right Said Fred began a three-week run at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart with their single, "I'm Too Sexy." This novelty song was one of two songs to chart on the Hot 100 for the trio and the only song to chart on the upper half of the chart branding them a One-Hit Wonder. It was certified platinum and was the No. 6 Hot 100 single of 1992. The song was written by brothers Fred Fairbrass and Richard Fairbrass with Rob Manzoli. [02/08/2020]

  16. Reeta Tassberg

    Oh, look what you made me do

  17. Chartreuse Maiden

    .......so question......why are they playing a guitar if there is no guitar in this sound track?
    Their too sexy for that

  18. David Alejandro Ruales

    Al patriarca del santuario le gusta esto!!

  19. Gray's Toy Reviews

    i can't believe he stole this from Prince Charming


    The MOLLYs NARCISSUS!!!!!!

  21. kiwi kiwi

    *He's too sexy for his hair too*

  22. kiran m


  23. kiran m

    Mere YouTube channel ko subscribe karo

  24. brainsareus

    such a great stupid song

  25. nacira sidali

    I think his voice is sexy

  26. Jamie Ink

    Fucking hell Jeremy Clarkson can play the guitar .......

  27. Steven Mccormick

    I'm to sexy for this song

  28. Kawai Witches YT

    His voice is low the whole was and crocky and its so funny xD lol im dying his too
    funny xD

  29. bingi bingibomb

    This song makes me wanna call the principal to my office

  30. Neil Jerzynek

    how can this be a 2006 mix if the video is from the early 90's with the exact same version??? how do you hold a job down as you are totally stupid!!!

  31. Anima Vestra

    Self love is the best love.

  32. Harder Daddy

    "Why don't you ever sleep?"

    *"I'm too sexy for my bed."*

  33. KIMI

    What anime at 3:05 ?

  34. Mountain Star Temple

    I don't know if I'm too sexy for my cat but I'm apparently too useful not to open doors, feed, clean litter boxes ..... I'm not sure where I stand really! I have an appointment with a health professional next week to discuss my feelings about this situation!

  35. Mountain Star Temple

    not sexy enough to not use the theme from Hendrix's "Third Stone From the Sun" for their "solo"

  36. Itamar Bushari

    חחחח מכיר בזכות אלי פיניש

  37. Novianti Panjaitan

    Oh, look what you made me do, look what you made me do.


  38. mato paz


  39. Ryan Maginn

    “Time to get Homer Erotic!”

  40. Xina Ahn

    His friends were like: i dare you to make a song with the word "pussy" in it
    Him: Okay!

  41. Diego Fagundes Morales

    Great gay song from 1990

    This group is in activity, in This days

  42. Ender_toy Tetinhas Molhadas

    que clipe excitante

  43. Gregg Gutfeld

    Shut the fuck up montero

  44. Ristyan yesf

    OK now I have a better understanding of geras and johny cage interaction

  45. justBill

    Lol. I remember when this song came out. Anyhoo...dude's playing guitar with no guitar playing...

  46. Jasper James

    whats dominic tereto doing here

  47. José Ancapdolf Hidler

    when you shower after a month

  48. Ed Bernardes

    Hehehehe the guy walking with him after his shirt was pulled off is his lover? This guys today will be in a same sex videos (Man and Man). Hehehe... The shirt part is the best.

  49. SevGames

    Must be going through ruff times with psychosen and such stuff

  50. louis parkes

    Saw these guys in Jumpin Jaks in Leeds around 1997 they played this song I reckon 5 times in a hour session.

  51. BennyCFD

    Is this guy totally gay........

  52. U Nana

    Stupid song.lol

  53. Taylor Duda

    Too sexy for my cat? WTH has happened to humans!?

  54. Viv pa

    All these dislikes were too sexy for liking this vid😂

  55. Gary Turbo

    He looks like Simon Miller

  56. Tom Schofield

    *"Look what you made me do"- Taylor swift * origin story

  57. Anonymous Player

    How he can be too sexy for his cat?

  58. Domenic Eufemia

    Fédéral express 1993 avec François le gai funny avec le boss gai il y a assez longtemps

  59. Colby Howell

    Does anyone else randomly sing the I'm too sexy parts?

  60. Chandler Lillis

    Do you think it’s wrong that I got a boner from this?

    hot cheetos

    not at all, unless you're wearing socks it ain't considered gay ;;

  61. Google is retarded

    How does this not have more views?

  62. Aman Johal

    Who's here from Lucifer?

  63. Candy Cain Churchwell

    Still Jamin 2020

  64. YouTube is Cancer.

    sillyiest sexiest song ever oww yeah.

  65. Artyom Arty

    born in the 90's but i love this shiet

  66. Lego Jango Fett

    Daddy Eight Thots before he was a youtube

  67. Kevin Alvroz

    Find me another song gayer then this I dare you!

  68. Angel Honey

    Wow I wish I had that confidence 😂

  69. chaos

    What I do in the shower.

  70. Justin Rivas

    He is probably too sexy for his own good

  71. Mike Kling

    Too sexy for a follow up hit.

  72. Moreschi Productions

    Bluezão no chuveiro

  73. Nick DuBois

    Goes to the gym once:


    He looks like if Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel had a son

    pertti purhonen

    Bingo! ;)

  75. Aneta

    Milan, NY & Japan officially offended 😂

  76. elcy perdez

    He is too sexy to be straight

  77. slypeppa

    Vin diesel acting a fool on this song.


    slypeppa 2020😜

  78. Brandon Hernandez

    Lo peor es que es feo

  79. Emi Nelthorpe


  80. Bad Apple Gaming

    This song embodies JoJo

  81. Garrison Parrish

    Suzie Q: why did you cheat on me Joseph?

    Joseph Joestar: 0:35

  82. Charlie Johnson

    From the sounds of this song he's to sexy to even walk on this ground or do anything on this planet

  83. Furyal Mian

    I'm guessing this song was too sexy for the people who disliked

  84. LoneWanderer 12

    Little cry wolf

  85. austin powers says trans rights

    actual music video <<<<<<<<<<< the sexy snape version

  86. austin powers says trans rights

    gen z kids (or older) remember being deemed the funniest kid in the entire school if u had the balls to sing this

  87. SirZechs

    Aquele comentario brasileiro que vc estava procurando: so vim pelo meme do inicio

  88. Hafizin Khairi

    Johnny sins anthem...

  89. Crystal thow

    This video should be banned!


    ok boomer

    Choppy 36

    ok boomer

  90. Mysteriatic

    Who’s here from the hhgregg commercial?

  91. James Worthy

    I’m too sexy for jail like I’m right said fred

  92. Angelica Saldivar

    Era sexy el pelado eh 😍

  93. Hulk Hogan

    0:26 teenagers 0.5 seconds after working out for the first time

  94. PopularRpGs

    I’m too sexy for my sister

  95. dsl 900

    Bluezao me trouxe aqui.....

  96. Mohammed Uzair

    Callums corner?😂

  97. Drunk Ruski Man




  98. Justis

    I am too sexy for Milan
    New york and Japan

    Ah another William Sheakspere