RiFF RAFF - Teal Tone Lobster Lyrics

Blue suit crushed see thru tooth was oriental
A teal toned lobster prepared for my arrival
With 2 steaks 2 grapes on paper plates
Caused 2 blind dates when I showed my Rollie face
A diamond doctor I showcase patience without waiting
I jump out the wraith and start skating
An ice skater. A figure skater
Figuratively speaking they prepare for my impeachment
Mango seats with peach tint
My pajamas Gucci lint
That's not what I meant
I'm heaven scent
Sent from above with diamond gloves
I'm Bo Jax in the tax season
Step outside point at the sky
Blowing smoke out my lungs as wolves cry
The chance taker
I shook dice with Vinny Baker
I load the desert eagle faster than you can do your make up
I'm past you poindexters
I'm fashionably late to late night studio sessions with Willie Nelson
But I can sang a hook like I'm Garth brooks
I came a long way from dodging crooks at Forrest brook
Keep the balcony closed they got binoculars
Keep my philosophy locked up with my hypothesis
Possibly I can speak freely from the afterlife
Till then charcoal trenchcoat with the Apple site
Crisp cut Jody highroller with the motor oil
Had to think twice because I'm bipolar
Chip on shoulder it was made by Louis Vuitton

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RiFF RAFF Teal Tone Lobster Comments
  1. Tmw G

    Sounds like shit to me . Just an opinion.

  2. Oris Guidry

    This dude is trash

  3. 노토스

    ? 이거 한국어 자막 왜 달려있음?

  4. Cammdc 1

    Low key #1 top hip hop track..

  5. Mike Green

    He's white Kool Keith . Love riff 🙌

  6. Sasha Coronado

    Had a wu vibe there going

  7. Jesse Hickman

    When you see a RiFF RAFF song with a color and/or animal in the title, you just know he about to go tf in for some reason

  8. Devin Davis

    Pearl Pink Salmon .... 😂😂🙏

  9. J-man 1017

    I think he is mentally challenged all the words he use he uses them wrong wrong so he hears words and says em without knowin what they mean lol trash man (philosophy,hypothesis impeachment

  10. Cheesus Christ

    My pajamas Gucci lint😎

  11. Cammdc 1

    Ghostface and Riff Raff would have a dope track that zero people would understand..

  12. Message Mane

    Bro I have to think twice... Because I'm bipolar too... To.

  13. Cam Nick

    I hope you can load a desert eagle faster than some chick doing her makeup I'm not a girl but I know it takes a while

  14. MongoVision



  15. JUSTICE.1k

    This hard asf frfr

  16. D B

    He's our vanilla ice

  17. aaron

    the way he pronounced Louis Vuitton was so good

  18. ryan boisvert

    Late night studio session with Willie Nelson

  19. Champions of Mid May

    Reminds me of Ultra Magnetic Mcs in a good way..

  20. Steeler Pete


  21. UmyNEPHEW

    "keep my philosophy locked up with my hypothesis"


  22. Prophet Ascending

    Tangerine iceberg - gleaming on ma' wrist
    Metaphysical determinism screaming in bliss
    Slate grey Range Rover - diamonds sprouting like a cyst
    Entwined with sapphires in a mineral tryst

    Malfeasance ergonomics radiating metronomic hydroponics

  23. third eye hi

    Who's gonna be seeing him in Arcata?! Gonna be crazy haha

  24. 443flip

    I had to think twice, I'm bipolar....😂😂😂

  25. Fishing 4Fools

    His raps are just one big punchline

  26. Scary Kid

    John However wazzup homie


    Вассап, хоуми подписота Джона здесь

  27. ・ネーションディスクリート

    Riff X MF DOOM would be so good

  28. Colton Pershall

    Shoulda named it tip toeing lobster

  29. Philipp Jet

    Кто от джона хабибера?

  30. RocK_LobSTer- 78

    Pulled up to the Scene in the lemon pepper Lamborghini

  31. third eye hi


  32. Kevin G

    Damn Raff.

    I was hitting the blunt listening to this too.

  33. Cosmic Perspective

    Keep my philosophy locked up with my hypothesis.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥this ain't no middle'a'themall shit right here

  34. Cosmic Perspective

    Broooo my new fave riff song. Pls add another verse

  35. lazaro aguila

    They clone Riff Raff

  36. amekril always strive and prosper

    Johnhowever liked this

  37. MMI Audio

    The Most Underrated Flow Of All Time...

  38. Gxldie Gxld


    Lord jamar white people are guest
    In hip hop

  39. hans gruber

    we need the instrumental

  40. Ezra Ellis 360


  41. The Dark Vegan

    holy fuck Riff snapped

  42. Steven Northcut

    Sicckkkk ...Had to think twice cause I'm bipolar

  43. Arnell Long

    Check out NFrealmusic on YouTube...he's White and is definitely my favorite modern Rapper.
    Look up...
    NF- Why
    NF- Leave me alone
    NF- The search

  44. Isaac The Racist

    Fuck Ya 💀

  45. Julian Michael

    Bro just going to ryme.com and looking up words , no creative intellectual property here. Lazy and jewy

  46. Andrew Halliday

    Low key his best song

  47. James Rich

    80s Fr3$H

  48. indica sapiens

    "I load the desert eagle faster than you can do your makeup"

    That doesn't sound that impressive but when Riff Raff says it it makes perfect sense

    andrew will

    i think it's a joke, since doing a makeup is quite a long process, while loading a gun ain't


    @andrew will or he sees thru bullshit as fast as it takes him to reload a clip ;)

    andrew will

    @zooplal nice interpretation, i like that yo

  49. d gaf

    He dum.

  50. still skatekid

    i keep checking to see if he got better but he keeps putting out garbage. would it kill him to put in a little effort to not suck

  51. Lucha Lew

    Bangin' 💥

  52. Jeremiah Wells

    Unload the deagle faster than u do your makeup what does that mean anybody can do that

  53. Solemn Solace

    Possible Riff Raff Album Names:
    Pecan Pimp Peach Punch
    Blue Boogaloo Boss Baby
    Jammin Jody Jello Jewels
    Mammoth Mancotti Mayonnaise Maybach
    Two-Tone Tunguska Turquoise
    Yellow Belly Canary Cut
    Unseen Lime-Green Tangerine
    Klear King Kut Konfetti Kung-Fu
    Green Ghost Grain Gang
    Luscious Lollipop Pink Macaroon
    3 Step Miller Lite Tan Bucatti Bistro

  54. Szabolcs Szigligeti

    Green frame VERSACE shades, makes my brain say, something insane, insane in the membrane

  55. Krazy Legz


  56. xXiN5aNeXx

    Whats the girls name?? 👀

  57. COD ProCamp

    The thumbnail he looks a white The Game

  58. StrangerOf The206

    The shelltoe shrimp cocktail with a side of origami octopus tentacles splashed with the sandy serendipitous seasoning salt.

    Michael Guest

    U know we got the Sharerigans! We gos the seasoning salts on deck. Dumb shit. in East Brasilia


    If you want to laugh , scroll up towards the top to the comment by G
    gucci cooc... the dude came up with all sorts of hilarious titles that sound like something written by Riff Raff... they are really a trip no lie

  59. StrangerOf The206

    I really felt the message on this one Mr Highroller. That was DEEP.

  60. vremetal

    The Raff-Panther has the most underrated lyrics...
    Still underappreciated at every single appearance,
    Like a jet takin' off without any clearance
    Only admired by his true adherents

    Lyrically spirited endurance is career-insurance,
    All these other rappers are just dried up currants
    What's our vector, Victor? When we goin' on stage?
    Myself in a frenzy, And The Raff in a rage...


    Excellent . Now if you want to have laugh... someone made up a whole list of a bunch of crazy titles that sound like they were written by Riff Raff while he's high... it's pretty funny. Just roll up towards the top to the comment made by
    gucci cooc .

  61. brad clematis

    Kool Keith/Doctor Octagon/etc./etc.

  62. Smoke Phatt

    Isn't this his freestyle on Sway ?

  63. albanian kings love OTR

    This is anormal guy. This is a super rapper

  64. DopeWeech

    haha i always fucked with Riff Raff since G's to gents

  65. S.D. CP9

    He came in hard

  66. YL BEATS

    its hard but idk what he just said

  67. Sir LeRoyale

    that boy went hard

  68. Yancade hand built games machines

    Riff Raff gone Wu Tang

  69. Alfonso Contreras

    He should do more tracks like this, with 90's early 2000's style beats.

  70. Lifee

    yo got dat ol skool beat NEAAT XDDDD couldve bin longer tho ;( 3:30 LEAST!!!!

  71. Bryan Nemeth

    Riff went so hard that he actually summoned it.

  72. Tetsuo311 on Twitch

    Man everybody sleeping on this wake up.

  73. Pepe Chep

    Gucci lint

  74. DeadDeadDeadDeadDead

    i didn’t see that Wu reference coming 👌🏼

  75. Nathan Yo

    Wtf is this...

  76. Bella Jade

    Wow Worldstar should do this for me I have way better skills than fucking RiffRaff

  77. The Breakdown

    Riff raff is fucking awesome. As far as being fun to listen to I think he is extremely creative and just makes driving my shitty truck around dirt roads a much better experience

  78. Dante Sortor

    Shit when was part of wu tangggg

  79. The X

    Someone send me a link where I can get that trench coat!

    Caleb suterone .teo'theevilones' Mclean


  80. Karan Singh

    The levels of kool kieth right now

  81. TwitchOut

    "keep my philosophy locked up with my hypothesis"

  82. www.craigdaub.blogspot.com

    I can't believe I'm saying this but these lyrics weren't half bad. I mean, he's still no locksmith or diabolic but this is definitely an improvement from a lot of his other stuff. I mean no disrespect to his older stuff. I like it if I need a good laugh or wanna hear some cool beats. But I definitely wouldn't listen to it if I was in the mood to hear some hot lyrics. Hopefully there's more like this to come from him.

  83. Clay G.

    blew my mind..boom bap riff raff is fire

  84. Atlas

    actually fire

  85. mike long

    It was made by Louis lol

  86. Jay Dogg

    Love this reminds me of ultramagnetics mcs...kool keith

  87. Shane Allen

    I'm in Katy get at me ...you wack ass lopp.

  88. yougotit96

    What happened to him ? He good now ?

    Human Being

    Yeah. Dudes music IQ is though the roof

    Laced Bacon

    Slept on like a mattress

  89. Vegan Devil Worship

    Yes!! Yes!!!!! This is exactly what you should be doing!!!! Killed it!

  90. 8vedder3

    #Replay .... RiFF if you read this, you should re-record this track but make it longer with more verses. its DOPE.

  91. Montana chaos club

    Anyone talking shit ... Riff ain't shit. Name one rapper that van freestyle from the top of his head and not be reciting some shit he wrote back at his crib or studio.

    Human Being

    I love Riff Raff. But best freestyler alive right now is Harry Mack. Hands down. I know that's a bold statement. Go youtube him. You aint getting a better freestyler. Dude is so flawless. They toss him words, he walks down the street, he even drives and freestyles. I'd love to see Riff Raff and Harry Mack both tossing words.

  92. big/ uzi horizontal

    Preach to me riff!!!!

    big/ uzi horizontal

    Had to think twice because im bipolar 😤😤😤😤😤


    LYRICS HIGHLIGHT: I can load a dessert eagle faster than u can do ur make-up


    Altho myself i can waaaaay faster than that. Thx unc


    I used to clown this guy. Now hes also awesome! Thx 4 bringin bak oldschool n this 1


    Only love. Stay STONED! ✌

  95. Tony 901