RiFF RAFF - Foreign Land Lyrics

[LiL Tracy:]
Yeah yeah

I have ice all across my hand
I have travelled to foreign land
I have ice all across my hand
I have travelled to foreign land
I have ice all across my hand
I have travelled to foreign land
I have ice all across my hand
I have travelled to foreign land

Big baller don't wait, uh
Diamonds all over my face
Ferragamo on waist
Maserati on the way
.45 on my waist, just in case
Could've signed with Tulane, put it in a briefcase
I shoot a jumper like Tim Lake
I shoot a jumper like Steve Kerr
I parked a Bentley on the curb
I pour a 4 with a hurricane
I put a brick in the passenger
Just in case I might buy me a new plane
I may just double your price
I may just double your ice
Jody ain't got no wife
I need the bomb on ice
I need more syrup that sprite
I got a dirty cup
Teeth is princess cut
Chain is Holly Husk
Only 10 of us, proud of 2 of us

I have ice all across my hand
I have travelled to foreign land
I have ice all across my hand
I have travelled to foreign land
I have ice all across my hand
I have travelled to foreign land
I have ice all across my hand
I have travelled to foreign land

[LiL Tracy:]
You can skate on it, figure 8 on it
I say "Я тебя люблю" to my Russian bitch (I love you), and she love that shit (yeah)
Then she suck my (woo, okay)
Big ass rims on my ride (big rims)
If I jump out the roof, I'ma die (that's suicide)
I'm not no farmer but cars got horsepower
Sour patch paint job got these boys sour

I have ice all across my hand
I have travelled to foreign land
I have ice all across my hand
I have travelled to foreign land
I have ice all across my hand
I have travelled to foreign land
I have ice all across my hand
I have travelled to foreign land

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RiFF RAFF Foreign Land Comments
  1. sparhopper

    _"Tangerine Tiger"._ *AND* _"Turquoise Jeep"_ on tour!

  2. Keaton Libengood

    How in the fuck did I just find this? Tracy & Raff?? Shit is fire

  3. G O

    The lil tiger comes more n more closer

  4. J WU

    This track is another reason you just got your self a new fan. FR shits fire yo 💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. Arthur Davtyan

    this song gonna blow up. Mark my words

  6. Dylan Fogarty


  7. 57tHRAXX

    sounds kinda like dreams x nightmares 2

  8. Trill Boy


  9. Darwin Blue

    Tiger life is no joke.


    not a farmer got horsepower

  11. Jeremiah M

    the truth

  12. X Yz

    I like the way riff splits his verse in to two distinct flows with different deliveries. That's why he's the man, he keeps it entertaining.

  13. Dylan Fogarty

    why neon icon is slept on so much is a fucking mystery, consistently putting out great iconic tracks. this world backwards

  14. Snatch Pro

    Came a long way since Rap Game Beavis and Butthead.

  15. A. Quinn

    You can skate on it, figure eight on it.

  16. jade williams

    This is pure dogshit

  17. عبداللطيف

    Raft + Lil T = 🔥. but damn, this would be the first colab with both of these two sober? Nah.

  18. GodComplex

    And she sucked my ...WOOOH

  19. Kiara Pullen


  20. codemiesterbeats

    Riff needs a Buick Grand National at the very least he needs to use it in one his videos. Put that shit with the million dollar mullet and thats magic.

    X Yz

    Black Buick Grand National, that's real

  21. codemiesterbeats

    1:01 "i po' a fo' in a hurricane" lmfao you realize this is a particular display of not giving a fk.
    Of course we all know the worse thing to happen to some drank.... is to spill it.

  22. Grg DeL

    Reeaa....best track on ep

    Grg DeL

    Lovin the dragon ta tha floo

  23. Charllee Sheen

    SHOULDa made the music Vid! (Still can!)
    Forever and always the Freestyle Scientist
    Now days he collect Fees from selling Style to your Stylist
    Never can be surpassed down his path, Hooks so hard the song gotta have a cast.
    Burliest in his class, Riff Raff undeniably, indefinitely , unmatched.

  24. Ryker Wesbrock

    Best on the album

  25. Human Being

    Way ahead of his time. We just ain't ready for this shit Riff.

  26. KOSTAS GR1


  27. Chris Topher

    This is dope

  28. F. Z

    Ez is szar

  29. MizzMemeluv Jensenbch

    I luv rifffff rafffff

  30. Zachary Scalf

    So dope how the car vibrates everytime the bass drops

  31. cracka fantastic

    Rolled thru wal mart blaring this in my mini van, The hoes loved it 🔥

    COD ProCamp

    They probably dikes like Tracy

    Gill Ambrose

    I really did this and it works

  32. Devon Chauvin

    Straight fire with a hook, bet Jody and Me cud bring him back to being big again stg.

    Devon Chauvin

    Names ShoVan

    Devon Chauvin

    My middle names SnowMan

  33. Jay Z

    Nice beat. Very hypnotic, relaxed. 👌

  34. Zack Cain

    This is so slept on. ☹

  35. Start Of Something LLC


  36. Zerenda

    Jody ain't got no wife
    I need to buy more ice
    I need more syrup than Sprite
    I got a dirty cup
    Teeth is princess cut
    Chain is Halle hus'
    Only ten of us, Prada tour bus, RiFF!

  37. gucci _SHEEP

    Drop a video this is so slept on they’ll wake up with the video 💯😈 Soulja boy remix

  38. Timothy C.

    This needs a video. Riff be coming with slappers 💯🔥💯

  39. Miles Johnson

    This shit is straight fire RiFF!

  40. Jt Prince

    RIP Lil Peep

  41. Natalie Spencer

    Purple sick tab cntrl alt del

  42. Natalie Spencer

    This was the silent war that they wanted for me march 29 1986 is my birthday keep making me bitch fuck the dog dork i need transportation i wasnsleeping most of myblife im so fucking tired im tired of being the tattoo needle making led pencil refills for somethinf plastic i need my moneybindont wannna suck your cock if i do t have money how do i pay ?

  43. Matthew Brennan

    Uk reppin Jody my boy🤙

  44. 1 Design

    My dimonds got weight.. got no wife.. shoot a jumper like i played for the pistons..

  45. 1 Design

    I got you now peach Panther^^^

  46. Armani777Vlogs Brawl Stars

    Riff raff in that super bu x rich Pablo Juan Flow

  47. YM Parthenokunigos

    yo dude raff wtf this shit got hunid thousands of playing in other channels and u aint got shit here yo dude this one is big hit shoot a clip bruh

  48. The Deadpool

    Possibly the best song hes had

  49. Kuzz

    Need more riff and tracy this shit crazy good

    Jessie Biles

    Stright up been weighting for eva for dim 2 drop a fire track straight out da kitchen

  50. Matthew Brennan

    UK shout out manz is pushing your material up north you get me Preston 🤙

  51. deejaytrizay


  52. Jman baby

    Just ate a Versace burger

  53. jminers1234

    we need a video for this

  54. Rob0t X500

    we need a video for this

  55. Lolpitta Kidhut

    Here befor a mil ..btw cheif said this IS it.. Congrats

  56. Max OGofTHC

    Love the song great vibe. But should of had curren$y instead of lil tracy no affence to tracy at all just this beat screams spitta

    Zac G

    SPitta x Riff.... mannnnn you know whats up!

  57. Scotian Slim

    This album is Riff's best hands down. Truth is he has more wack shit than bangers imo. I like Riff though,he is one of Hip Hop most liked in my book

  58. Cubby Brown

    Riff goes hard as fuck on this dam

  59. Zdzisław Narożny

    niezłe kolabo ..kto od nas łapka w górę 😎🇲🇨

  60. Alberto Marcel

    Shit slaps

  61. Miguel Martinez

    sick beat it fire🍾🉐

  62. Tyler Dallas

    My father name was joe they were gonna name me jody tho, thanks for ruining my life ma naming a nigha tyler what a fuckin lame ass country ass name

  63. retarded 56

    This song is so slept on just give it time


    What about now?


    If ya see somebody hatin point em out👀

  65. Master Keef

    Riff always fire and always under-appreciated by the masses clearly


    The Burley boys know

    Johnny Feathers

    It's because hes too real and too true to himself for the majority of people nowadays. People are also too quick to judge based of appearances.

  66. Dustin Herrera


  67. Furious Styles

    I had some tapis earlier

    ...bison fajita

    Xaiyne Maiyne

    Furious Styles try the duck confit

  68. twerk182

    I have ice all across my peener
    been up inside all your girlfriends' geeners

  69. Noob Saibot

    put this shit on .75% speed!

    Noob Saibot

    gets best at 50 secs

  70. Logan Kade

    dale dan tony done it this time. fire

    Xaiyne Maiyne

    Logan Kade always

  71. Assimil8

    How does this only have 8k views?


    It was released on multiple other channels before it was here.


    @Enforcer oh fuck yeah


    Underated been his motto for far too long pissing my off DAILY basis

    Human Being

    It's cause Dale Dan Tony dropped TipToe3, Dreamland, and Teal Tone Lobster around the same time, they sucking up all the views.

  72. Sin City Flacco

    ohhhhhh..yeeaaaaaa... U can skate on it. Figure 8 on it💣💥

  73. Game On Bro

    Maserati on the way

    Xaiyne Maiyne

    Game On Bro I got it over here

  74. Dolla Thegod

    🗣️Pimp C would be proud🖤

  75. Garret Haughn


  76. Marco Beats

    This is it chef 🔥🔥🔥

  77. Compact

    Hey RIFF RAFF this is my favorite song of this album !!!!!

  78. Canberra War Museum

    Jody ain't got no wife!


    Blessed for sure

  79. Corey W

    here we go

  80. Damian Stewart

    Tracy is fire on this track

    Jessie Biles

    Tru dat

  81. MF Wesley

    Where did the frickn Friday episodes go?



  82. rara mcgee

    Riff raff that aqua berry dolphin! This is it!

    discordant dancers

    i need an instrumental for that. Unless there is one now


    Rip Mac

  83. King of Thrift

    My favorite so far of this album! 🔥🔥🔥 What up, Riff, Remember me from that Summer of Surf 🏄‍♀️ when you hit that Lava Glacier and got a Brain 🧠 Freeze. Then you broke the Rice Out and had us all bent at an Obtuse Angle before you finally had to to Break Away.
    Shouts out from H Town! 👊

  84. Colin

    That one dislike is probably fat nick


    Square-Based Pyramid Scheme tell me how it was a valid question lol.


    @Colin still mad?


    DIRTYDANGLER not my fault y’all people are dumb


    Xaiyne Maiyne lol fat nick don’t like tracy fucking idiot

  85. Everybody Loves Benny

    GBC 🤘🏼🧟‍♂️🖤

  86. Mike Diaz

    Riff Raff...

  87. BIGG CHUUCH bb

    Haha firee

  88. Raging Brainer

    You have style bro

  89. Saucε



    He's still hard idgaf

    Young Lyrix

    Who you saying r.i.p too?

    viktor 1

    @Young Lyrix just search yung bruh

    Young Lyrix

    I never knew lil Tracy changed his name

  90. ThatJack

    Just got off the phone with chief.. he said this was it.


    Juan Carrrilllo

    ThatJack chiefs my boy

    huloking optsde

    Yea its it,as in its the end for riff raff cuz dude is wack

    John Mora

    @huloking optsde why u listening then u whack.


    @huloking optsde ohh y'all need MILK

  91. Robert Williams

    Aweh bruh like the new stuff

  92. P0ETICsin

    This is some good listen

  93. fourdoormafia

    The beat is ILL. Song should have been longer.

    b w

    fourdoormafia he got room for features for sure!

    Lil Bizcutz

    Keep u wanting more

  94. Celtix9