Ooh, damn
See it in your eyes, paper
Uh, scammin', damn
Like that?
Uh, uh

Ooh, you want that paper (uh, damn)
See it in your eyes you want that paper
Do anything for the paper, scam for the paper

You won't take the stairs, take an elevator
You the type to pickpocket on an escalator (damn)
Shameless, bitch ass haters gon' remain nameless (nothin')
October 20-somethin', I'ma pull up in that candy pumpkin (uh)
This ain't that weak Lambo, these the type where the doors go up
Trae Young, sittin' sideways all in my cup
Big ballin', could've played for Milwaukee Bucks
Eyes red like a matador, I don't like speakin' to evil people
That's what you mad at me for
I don't even like talkin' business
Fuck you think my email in the bio for?
Fast-forward, cover of Forbes, like I said before
Christian Dior mink drape to the floor

Ooh, you want that paper (uh, damn)
See it in your eyes you want that paper
Do anything for the paper, scam for the paper (uh, uh)
Ooh, you want that paper (uh, damn)
See it in your eyes you want that paper
Do anything for the paper, scam for the paper
Ooh, you want that paper (uh, damn)
See it in your eyes you want that paper
Do anything for the paper, scam for the paper (uh, uh)
Ooh, you want that paper (uh, damn)
See it in your eyes you want that paper
Do anything for the paper, scam for the paper (uh)

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