RiFF RAFF - Dukes Of Hazzzard Lyrics

Robin wings on the back of my Jeans
Dukes of hazard on the back of my screen
I'm sleep walkin just to sip some codeine
Last week I fell asleep on the triple Beam
230 on the digital scale
Burly boy ship Birds thru to the clientele
All my fans wanna see me ball
Spent 10k take a nap at the Taj Mahal

Fell asleep with the Bentley on cruise control
Valet the Tour Bus outside of pappadeax
Off white brick look like clam chowder
Pockets filled with sour n gun powder

Early flight so I better stay up
Pilot asked my to pour him another cup
Fell asleep until I woke up
Flight attendant gunna fill up my double cup

Actavis that I cop from Big Tuck
Purple stuff I don't Fuk with the Robo tuss
Jody highroller I bet it ainl luck
Fubu briefcase filled up with Milwaukee bucks

Robin wings on the back of my Jeans
Dukes of hazard on the back of my screen
I'm sleep walkin just to sip some codeine
Last week I fell asleep on the triple Beam
230 on the digital scale
Burly boy ship Birds thru to the clientele
All my fans wanna see me ball
Spent 10k take a nap at the Taj Mahal

Back of the fridge like a sunny delight
I po a 3 in a funny colored sprite
It's the white Dolemite
I pour a duece at the stop light

Before it change
Cell phone rangs
$50k is some pocket change
I swang the block like orangatang
Top down when it rain

Everybody questions be harassing
I send them an invoice right before they even ask it
Codeine colored casket
Weaving thru traffic I coulda played for the Mavericks

Robin wings on the back of my Jeans
Dukes of hazard on the back of my screen
I'm sleep walkin just to sip some codeine
Last week I fell asleep on the triple Beam
230 on the digital scale
Burly boy ship Birds thru to the clientele
All my fans wanna see me ball
Spent 10k take a nap at the Taj Mahal

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RiFF RAFF Dukes Of Hazzzard Comments
  1. Drew

    Rich the Kid flow 🔥🔥🔥

  2. Aaron Frazier

    Fell asleep on the triple beam

  3. NewBreed 2.0

    "its the white Dolomite" ☻☻

  4. mean ppl am i right

    Thankxsss!!!!! TECHNOLOGYSTS

  5. jplongenecker


  6. Deanna Lee

    There's my frecking glasses!!!!!! Mmm

  7. Travis The truth hurts

    Dood, if I was ever dumb enough to get married I would definitely have Riff play my reception. Damn I should have Riff play Happy birthday I'm 40 an still choppin party lol.

  8. Rachel Williams

    biiiitch iz u fo real?!!

  9. SlickDangler10

    Whats up with all these dudes and the 2 minute songs

  10. russell betterton

    Last week

  11. Kyle

    This should have more views, I'm still crushin on the blonde since I first saw this video last November.

    Me Me

    You know her name?

  12. Uncommon Logic

    Riff Raff is the Ruby Rod of hip hop.

  13. Leo Leo

    I love it. 😂😂😂😂

  14. DigitalAnimator2000

    Wait...WAF brutha!
    Wack as FARK!!!
    Why you buying bling bling at Icebox...you should check UR self before you reck yourself...lofl

  15. A D D I E

    riff raff rapped off-beat before it was cool

  16. tom stevens

    needs another verse this shit slaps

  17. Mr JMHG

    Man, Riff your stuff is not what it used to be. Peach Panther was your peak. Whats this shit. Saw you In brisbane and met you behind stage. I still have mad respect but bro pick up your game.


    Back of the fridge like a Sunny Delight😂I love this nigga💯💯🔥🔥

  19. big/ uzi horizontal

    Don't watch this video when you high because you not coming back 🤣☠️


    Riff? Raff?

  21. Helena Quinn

    I crazy crazy love you and hope you really get this. We are ready for you to be what you're father wanted

  22. Helena Quinn

    Dude I love you. It's time to speak real stuff

  23. Russell

    Came for the song. Stayed for that white girl. 🤤

  24. Sterling Forest

    This song my Riff Raff future out this world flow


    Am fun of this dude,the white dolomite!

  26. Alyx-Fao

    1:00 when the coke hits

  27. simeonetk


  28. Ken Kelchtermans

    When are ye coming to europe?

  29. MikesLife Vlogs

    Anyone noticed he copied DDG flow ? DDGs new song 😂

  30. UnReal

    "i fell asleep, until I woke up.

    -RiFF RAFF

  31. dáęsśzett Benadsìì

    I just smoked a pound of blue-dragon and now I'm Riff Raff!!! AND IT'S STILL HALLOWEEN HATERS!!! y'all can't dance like me wit my demonic voice...HAHAHAHAAA...Daniel Ivan Coronado-Garcia main, dang let daa phon ring piinkaah den rifrafs tahl gotta like a my blootale I ain't 2 prihzauhn or jale canű hereMÉ I HAVE TRAVELLD TOO A FROZEN LAND!!!

  32. Jose Aparicio

    Hell yea i love riff raff...hes different and dope

  33. Phillip Hamm

    This shit garbage asf

  34. Robert Charles

    My Double Cup'

  35. DrAwkwArD

    This makes me want to put a system back in my car! (it's a minivan with 3 car seats, but still)

  36. Lewis

    soulja stole burly boys flow

  37. Tyler Pelofske

    I think he finally embraced he is the laughing stock of hip hop and just runs with it now

  38. Tyler Pelofske


  39. J. Mascis

    I wonder how this dude shits. Seeing as he drinks lean like I drink koolaid.

  40. Otis Huber

    Top down when it rain.

  41. 4049140522

    Robin Wang jeans? Are these American??

  42. simeonetk


  43. nothing new

    All that shot was perfect!

  44. Tuxedo Black

    Them bitches bad as fuck ..

  45. discordant dancers

    i need an instrumental for this

  46. Sebb Raw

    sounds like young dolph lowkey

  47. Danella Cullen

    This is song was shoter than Joe Budden's rap career!

  48. Michael Masters

    Sleep walking just sipped some codeine

  49. Rick Ross

    Man, I love Riff as a persona. Hilarious and fun to watch. But fuuuuuuck his music sucks. Love.

  50. Koren

    i love how he says "codeine"

  51. Zion Izlegend

    I like it because it different

  52. Brock Behner

    The white Hoodrich Pablo Jaun

  53. Swayze 65

    who's singin this one?

  54. [YouTube] Brainztormz Productions

    Love how he cant fit the words in the sentence and rushes lol


    nigga voice completely different just like chief keef

  56. Amanda Loudin

    This is some spooky ass BALLOWEEN shit ❤❤❤🎃

  57. Jay Dee

    Legend. ...

  58. Deion B.

    My mango is to blow up then act like I don't know no body

  59. Midwest sneakerhead 23

    It's the white dolomite

  60. Jaquan Powell

    the back up dancers make this video so corny and I know that's what he had to have wanted so its funny af

  61. Nightwave Radio

    Shout out to the GDL boys!

  62. Myles Griffin

    Remix Pablo juan

  63. Chocolate Milk

    Rip Peep

  64. Jennifer Ulbano

    He losing weight.....

  65. TanookiRyu

    I heard he’s alright but I honestly just wanted to see the mclaren in the thumb

  66. Stuck Berry

    Not too many legends after 2000. Riff Raff is the exception. Bless.
    The Ol’ Dirty High Roller.

  67. Erik Britz

    this is Riff rapping but they changed his voice this ain't how he sound...

  68. MUUMIS

    hahaha that echo at the end was so off but it fit in perfectly

  69. Danimal 13

    Fucking hilarious none the less, Mr. Highroller.....

  70. Danimal 13

    Soooooo, you use a triple beam and a digital huh???? Lol

  71. Nicholas Soria

    Is this reality?

  72. lalloligyst718

    Its da white Dolamite!
    Riff you the man!

  73. Richard E Cheim

    Sounds like Drugrixh hect flow

  74. lyndon moore

    Riff raff is the type of rapper people named “Jon” without the h, listen too

  75. David Lane

    Let's hear some lyrics describing getting that 19 year old Australian girl you got all "Leaned Out" and fucked while she was passed out PLAYER. I have never seen a more nervous, SHOOK motherfucker in my life when you come out with that interview surrounded by lawyers professing your "innocence". Be boy, we don't like sex offenders in Seattle and your ass dips in town all the time Rapo. Saw you at the Crocodile a while back and that entire neighborhood in Belltown is NOTORIOUS FOR UNSOLVED CASES. Notice all the Zombie crack fiends walking around at night during the show.....? You have no idea what is waiting.


    This shxt hard as fuc🔥🔥🔥

  77. B1Slee

    Riff pablo jaun .

  78. Melón malone


  79. Itsiwhatitsi

    The most creative rapper.

  80. RJ RJ

    Lol Riff Raff you are unique much love from this Mexi CAN ......FREE TEKASHI 69!

  81. Caitlin S

    This is my favorite

  82. Dom Jones


  83. shadow ex

    Hoodrich Pablo and Drugrich Peso Parody lol

  84. Rosario Valladares

    This sounds like riff decided to make a song by riff Raff ft. Riff Raff

  85. Darren Nicely

    Illuminatis trash!!!

  86. Milwaukee Brewers

    Drop top when it rain

  87. Roberto


  88. Josh Thomas

    So much better then any rapper with lil in there name

  89. Aubrey Russ


  90. Tropical Brokkoli

    Uh !😍

  91. OIDefense


  92. Fucc Yoo

    His vocals are mixed bad once he starts screaming. The dancers in the video are CORNY AS FUCK. Other than that riff did his thing

  93. Vyron Franklin

    These niggas forever been sleep on rif

  94. Caleb Sprutte

    Best rapper alive

  95. jesse white

    Damn them women fine.

  96. Tommy Fargo

    Donald Trump of Rap lol

  97. Wesley Hunter

    of course he's in a coffin... smh.