Ride - Twisterella Lyrics

Any minute you will feel the chemistry
Vibrations in the brain can't ever be explained
Slip away and out of sight, feel the magnet of a night
The circus that you see is where you have to be

If I've seen it all before why's this bus taking me back again?
If I don't need anymore why's this bus taking me back again?

Feel the weight letting go, feel more lightness than you've ever known
You can't see when light's so strong, you can't see when light is gone

If I've seen it all before why's this bus taking me back again?
If I don't need anymore why's this bus taking me back again?

"Look at Twisterella, she hasn't got a fella"

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Ride Twisterella Comments
  1. T- Sho

    Woolworths brought me here.

  2. ellipsec01

    Ride - one of the best first wave bands.

  3. Justin Gallagher

    Once nicked Guitar pedal off stage in Leeds when they went off stage ..He came back to do an encore looked down at his pedals..He just laughed...It were a Vox cry baby wah pedal ...Worth a fortune ..One of many things I gave away....All ye get left with is all your old tat ...Good times though

  4. sgillespie13

    Not the first...but the Railway Hotel....

  5. Zebravox

    !!! Jingle Jangle Heaven !!!

  6. Maverick Communication

    I can't explain what makes me think of a Who video...


    Think it's Andy Bell looks like a young Roger D from the high numbers video

  7. William Gray

    Poor old twisterella she hasn't got a Fella

  8. jeromekagan

    Jingly jangly guitar rock and roll doesn't get much better than this.

  9. Beezer D

    Their magnum opus - sublime.

  10. Pamela

    Nice melody! Who passed on this one?

  11. discardmyfriends

    Look at Twisterella

  12. Tassos Tantsis

    Finally I know! Twisterella is the best pop song ever and it is all because of the bass. Brilliant. Bass based twee pop greatness.

  13. MusicalElitist1

    I've always wondered why Andy changes outfits in this video...

  14. Pablo Gonçalves


  15. sonny wagner

    Would have fit right in, on the AM radio in the summers 1966-1969.

  16. Freikugel

    Fuck yeah

  17. Sinead Lou

    Wish I was 16 again ❤

  18. Master Debater

    A power pop/shoegaze classic

  19. Flaturtha the Numidian

    One of the hugest most emotive tunes ever recorded. Totally mind blowing.

  20. M Heberling

    This song has to be quite possibly one of the best pop songs ever written. It has everything.

    Flaturtha the Numidian

    Going Blank Again is in the top 20 albums of all time, definitely.

  21. Riana Kanthi


  22. Darryl Asson

    Andy bell ran off stage while he was playing and changed oufits hes wearing a white t shirt and then hes in a suit later on in the song...im sure nobody else noticed that


    Mark's top changes too...

  23. Ratko Martinovic

    Britain is Institution!Music Institution!!

  24. Stevey Boy Doolan


  25. Paul Jacobson

    Check out the Cover of this by Japanese girl dreampop band Cattle

  26. C B

    wall of guitars and pretty girls dancing....good times!

  27. Brian Smith

    sounds very similar to The Cure's Friday I'm in Love

  28. 짱이브

    좋다 😗

  29. Robert Waterson

    so Underrated..

  30. Winston Smith

    Oh how I adore this song

  31. josé alejandro salinas paredes

    que buena canción no la escuchaba hace 20 años....la tenia en kset.....

  32. Markus Alexander Jung

    All time classic

  33. Mister Gee

    Saw them at the Enmore supported by The Hummingbirds.

  34. Wen Pin GO GO

    Good song. I like this 😍😍😍😍

  35. Lucanya

    Impérissable, éternel... Oxford.

    yves schwindenhammer

    Lucanya il y a 28 ans les Inrocks titraient sans doute le meilleur groupe de guitares d’Angleterre c’est certain un groupe culte

  36. Orlando Masise

    a shoegaze band without a girl member! ;)

    Millennium Fantasy

    There are some

    Nicholas Herniman

    Ride being one of them.


    Mark looks like a girl..

    Shoegazer 93

    Check out Chapterhouse, Moose, Swervedriver, Adorable, The Boo Radleys. All of them were all male groups. Not that it matters what sex band members are.

  37. Darren McBain

    Britpop starts here....

  38. Jeff Baker

    This drummer knows how to use cymbals and bass drum.


    Loz is truly an exceptional drummer.

  39. Puzzledtraveller

    So happy they are back, new material is amazing but it's like they never went away that's how complete they sound.

    Master Debater

    I wish they would play their best album "Carnival Of Light" live. Ridiculous that they ignore it

  40. Andrew Willson

    I will never get bored of this song!


    Neither will I.

  41. Ben Marks


  42. Ross T

    What's better than chicks dancing.....


    Naked chicks dancing?

    C. A. Romero

    Naked chicks dancing while Ride plays?

    Michael Cory

    yes and in the best way

    21 year old doomer

    Cute boys playing cool music

    Flaturtha the Numidian

    Chicks dancing horizontally.

  43. sexobscura


  44. Jeff Baker

    The kids are alright.

  45. Paul Le Comte


  46. Andrés Hurtado

    My favourite Ride video

    Jeff Baker

    it's a killer tune

  47. Girl L'amour


  48. skoolyardpuck

    Does this video remind anyone else of I Can't Explain by The Who?

    Darren McBain

    Andy has a costume change mid way thru?

    Adam Parker

    Darren McBain and a guitar change from a Strat to a Ricky.

    Sam Wilkie

    skoolyardpuck the high numbers at the railway hotel

    Michael Cory

    yes and in the best way!


    Yes - they were influenced by the song.

  49. seeyoujimmy

    At last, a good quality video of this classic song.