Ride - Time Of Her Time Lyrics

She turns her face to the wall, she sees hew sorrow there
Puts out her hand to touch it again and again
Fingernail marks in the morning, wallpaper silhouettes
The signs of her yesterdays can't ever be wiped away

She thought that I would care
Thought that I'd be there, think again

Your face I've seen in visions in silver rippling sky
No feelings, reactions as I pass you by
Weeks compressed to minutes, this time is her time
Let me just once, be cruel without being kind

She thought that I would care
Thought that I'd be there, think again
She thought that I would care
Thought that I'd be there, think again, no more shines

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Ride Time Of Her Time Comments
  1. Andee Green

    I remember going to see Ride in 91 a year before seeing Nirvana and while Kurt was awesome, I knew what I loved to hear. I had a lot in my head that year, being 16, I witnessed Guns n Roses in Paris and also adored the Beastie Boys and a whole load of other greats. What amazing music and times.

  2. David Golden

    I love you Bella

  3. David Bone

    El pop britanico noventero es bueno

    leo calostros

    Esto no es britpop

  4. Chris Morrison


  5. Gordon Bain

    best song on album. mint

  6. Camilo Torres Ramirez


  7. TheHowie1972

    try purressence

  8. TheHowie1972

    All RIDE songs are classics

  9. Kayser Soze

    Great song, but i do prefer the live version. it seems a little quicker and more energy in it.

  10. modsheff1

    oh yes! 

  11. David Fagan


    John k

    i agree!

  12. Craig Stewart

    Fecking awesome

  13. TheBluridgemountains

    I turn my face to the wall cause I see my sorrow there Rides still broken up and I they thought that I would buy Kool aid and Oasis they thought that I would care think again just let me once be cruel without being kind! Neh I love Ride probably the greatest band in the history of bands!

  14. schazoo schazoo

    Sounds the same with album version

  15. marokokisetter

    awesome but why does it sound pitch shifted lower a bit?