Ride - The Dawn Patrol Lyrics

Well the night, it ends so slowly
As the last small fires go out
One by one on the hillsides
With the people hanging out
We were wrapped in just a blanket
Must've been a pretty sight
As we followed up the mountain
To sleep under the light

I was shivering and shaking
In my shoes
When The Dawn Patrol it took me
And shook away my blues

Well you know that funny feeling
You get sometimes, now and then
When you feel like you can't make it
And you want to start again
When I get that funny feeling
It's with you I wanna be
In the hours before daylight
Would you be my company

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Ride The Dawn Patrol Comments
  1. Steve Bristow

    Love this tune..

  2. Keith Brown

    Underrated album

  3. Dillon MacCallum

    Shit hot (feel it )



  5. RonnieLanefan

    My top ten Ride tunes: 1). Drive Blind, 2). Close My Eyes, 3). Birdman, 4). Sunshine/Nowhere to Run, 5). Seagull, 6). Chrome Waves, 7). OX4, 8). Taste, 9). Unfamiliar, 10). The Dawn Patrol

    Steve Bristow

    Vapour Trail...?

  6. shrew972

    top tune

  7. Luc ky

    sweet !