Ride - Natural Grace Lyrics

I've been higher than all of you 'til the sun's in my eyes
And the sky is blue
And all that's left for me to do
Is to come back down
To the ground
These moments away make your heart ring true
They open your eyes
Find out what you can do
And all that's left for me to do
Is to come back down, inside

Well I live
In this place
With a natural grace
And I walk
Through confusion
With a smile on my face

So I stumble here, and tumble there
...We all need someone to love and care
And though these moments may change
You'll still be the best thing
That I ever had

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Ride Natural Grace Comments
  1. Trev Mahoney

    Purealternative FM Through the night Saturday Sunday morning

  2. David Robichaux


  3. Penny S

    takes me back to a time that seems like a dream now. Thanks, I haven't heard this in so many years. .. oh to be 18 again.

    Hank Bukowski

    Penny S
    yeah Penny. I remember being at a second stage in NYC Lollapalooza waiting for Verve to start when two cute girls asked me to sign their marble black & white notebook which was a petition they created about Ride's label resigning them or releasing an album they had... whatever it was, those were great, fun times. dreamlike looking back for sure

  4. Shoegazer 93

    Fantastic drumming from Loz at the end as usual!

    Leily Merlin

    If I remember well, Loz also wrote this song.

  5. brrrstikup

    an amazing song

  6. happentodie

    criminally underrated album

  7. discardmyfriends

    The album cover makes the drummer look like the frontman lol

  8. pxhumungus

    very "byrdish", so supercool, class-a-track !!!