Ride - Mouse Trap Lyrics

Running away, you're lost for words again
Now you've got all what you wanted, are you really satisfied?

Tricky scenes, tricky little dreams
The earth spins and my head spins me back round to you

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Ride Mouse Trap Comments
  1. Eep Shoegaze

    This is near the top of all-time fav shoegaze tracks - so good!

  2. Justin Gamboa

    best song from the album

    Hannah Dillera

    Hi. I just wanna say I love you. 😘😅

    Liam Unruly

    @Hannah Dillera Get a room you two.

  3. ダンバンさん


  4. Fernando Chorus

    Fuerza México.

  5. red drib

    I'd never realized how amazing the drumming on this was before, it's fucking awesome!

  6. JHatLpool

    Listening to this track is like being in heaven.

  7. Kenny Morris

    Great tune from a great band

  8. Eduardo Zapata

    this album is awesome! every song is so god

  9. Ian Mcilwraith

    Ah the memories.

  10. Matthew Gregory

    Banging tune!

  11. The Channel I've Set Up Because Youtube Wouldn't Let Me Upload Any Videos Until I Set Up A Channel

    Highlight of the album i think. I can't hear Fade Away by Oasis in this but this was released before and is far superior.

    Oasis did rip off Stereophonics "Same Size Feet" with "Hindu Times" though.

  12. Dante O

    For all you, silly idiots, who think this tune is a Oasis Ripoff. Going Blank Again came out in 1992 and "Shit away" in 1994. Shut your cute mouths off!


    Dante O thats what people are saying Oasis ripped this off.....

  13. Darren Singleton

    Saw these guys perform in Nottingham the other night and they were absolutely superb

  14. Space Ghost

    I can't wait for their reunion tour. See you guys in NYC!

  15. originalorbist

    Been trying to remeber the bands name for some time... my old vinyl collection too far away to look through... refound lost youth... Creation weren't the best at promotion... an album to be proud of.. just like 'nowhere'

  16. outsidernl

    Oasis - Fade Away, anyone? 

  17. kams1001

    Great track, superb guitar work...... dare you not to tap your feet hahaha :)

  18. Prof. Harvey Crichton

    Shocking few views from one of the most aweseome bands never to make it big and the once future hailed future of British pop!! If more people bought this album their later albums would have continued the trend!! Mind blowing stuff. This album and Nowhere are so amazingly AWESOME it is unreal. I absolutely love this band!!!! GREATNESS!!

  19. Kye Merkett

    Still fooking awesome.

  20. randy lee

    Hi everyone.

  21. GenericUserName

    ...and then 'Combination Trevor' said...

  22. rynojerky val

    your talking to yourself bro town .

  23. GenericUserName

    How could I not?

  24. GenericUserName

    I still have the copy I bought on first release, when I was 19... but I have ordered the rerelease.