Ride - Making Judy Smile Lyrics

There's a picture on the door, madman smiling from the floor
It's a good day for a drive if you think you will survive
Just my way of saying hi 'cause I knew I wouldn't write
And the seat will fit one more, so there's room enough for four

Your words they flatter me, you fill my head with tea
Please let me take it one more mile
The Galaxie will burn if I can't make it turn
I hope I'm making Judy smile

I hope I'm making Judy smile

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Ride Making Judy Smile Comments
  1. * Honey

    I feel like i've listened this one before but probably isn't like that.. oh well amazing anyway :)

  2. Desenterrador

    Very Beatlesque o Beatlish as they say now
    But in a good sense

  3. modsheff1

    Your words they flatter me you fill my head with Tea.