Ride - Home Is A Feeling Lyrics

Home is a feeling, warm like the sun
Inside everyone needs a safe place to run

Run to the morning, faster than the sun
Someone is there waiting, yes, she's the one
Washed by the warm tide, dried by the sunrise
It's time to open your eyes to a feeling, feeling
To a feeling

Home in the morning, first light of dawn
I love that feeling, feeling, feeling

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Ride Home Is A Feeling Comments
  1. Jupyter_Core

    I'm getting an Engineers vibe from this

  2. j b

    going to see them in a week in SoCal!!!

  3. Pamela

    In case I forget, thanks for touring America

  4. Aesthetical Twat

    Everything from the guitars to the vocals are fucking bliss. Definitely one of my favourites on the album.

  5. Angela McCoy

    Thank you * Ride * Cheers

  6. staban tuek

    A great track from an amazing album that takes me back 20+ years when music was music....

  7. Kreutz

    A triumphant return.

  8. voodookook

    An ethereal masterpiece! Reminds me of my childhood home in Santa Monica. Beautiful guitar effects.


    I love shoe gays

  10. malte denkena

    feeeeeeling... 🖖

  11. Jon

    Majestic track from a stunning comeback release. Underrated band even with all the acclaim they have achieved and deserve.

  12. Xanthas71

    By far the best song on the album. The only problem is it's not long enough.

  13. Josè Amadora

    I played this after being out on a sesh eventually got home at 5 when the sun was coming up after a nightmare journey home with this on the background and me crashing on my bed it was heaven lol

  14. Gemma Seymour

    FFS, this makes me feel like I'm 25 again, and it's 1993 at The Fast Lane.

  15. dream

    Just like "The Porpoise Song"!

  16. cloud

    new record is fire.

  17. jro

    lyrics anyone?

  18. Sam Varney

    this sounds rad when ya high! :)

  19. Anthony Davison

    Stunning return.

  20. Boudosaved

    Shoegaze was unfairly overshadowed by grunge. It's nice to see it rear its underappreciated head back again 20 plus years later. Long live Ride, Slowdive, Chapterhouse, JMC, MVB, Lush, Cocteau Twins, Spacemen 3, Catherine Wheel, Spiritualized, BJTM and their precursors, The Chameleons, The Comsat Angels, etc.

  21. Erik Linder

    Great song.. I must say it sounds alot like "the age of the micro man" from the 1978 hawklords album 😉👍

  22. Gary Williams

    Charm Assault is brilliant. saw these loads in early 90s. I saw them last year in Brixton. They were excellent. so happy they doing stuff again

  23. Mat Setizar

    They never left, but it's nice to have them back!

  24. Little G.

    Please come in north Italy!!

  25. Benjamin Riepe

    It's been almost 2 months that at some point in the day, this song plays in my head. Lifelong, heartfelt thanks to Ride. I appreciated everyone doing their own thing for a while and the work that came out of those years, but I am genuinely happier with the four of you making music together. With little lads running about my house, I've really enjoyed playing several songs of yours (Twisterella, Vapour Trail, Howard Huges, and Different Place were on repeat for my oldest for months) and once they are old enough to understand heartbreak, cannot wait to sit down with them for a full hour of Nowhere (Dreams burn down and Paralysed saved my life.) Soul crushing (and soul lifting) music is a family tradition and Mark, Andy, Loz, and Steve are to me what Beethoven, Bach, Schubert, and Mozart were to my mother. Please keep making music as long as it makes you happy.

  26. 00Mindi00

    This could almost fit perfectly on Going Blank Again <3 <3

  27. Boom Bow

    this is more slowdivey than ride. love it though

  28. Kirsten Rogerson


  29. Puzzledtraveller

    Thank you Ride.

  30. blipblip88

    Thank you ride. Thank you.....

  31. Axel Diego Guastavino

    It reminds me a little bit of Slow by My Bloody Valentine, but I don't care this is heaven!! :D Keep shoegazing Ride and come to Argentina when you can :)

  32. patrick feehan


  33. souvannarathtristin

    Ride is back. Slowdive is back. 2017 is shoegazer heaven.

  34. X.J. Kirsh


  35. Sam Redfern

    Awesome! What a nice surprise

  36. superlativevideo

    Charm Assault is badass. This tune is a journey. Great stuff!

  37. Coll74

    This song immediately takes me to the early 90's. Damn this song speaks to my soul.

  38. jw73

    Really reminds me of the telescopes after a few listens. Sublime track...

  39. pxhumungus

    this is feckin` brilliant ! i guess it will be more edgy and even better in live Versions, looking Forward to hear it !!!

  40. 73 maf

    shoegaze loveliness

  41. Graham Real

    charm assault is nowhere near as good as this

  42. Bryan Beckford

    Great stuff....really sounding good!

  43. georgeharrison70

    Thank God that Ride came back. I'm looking forward to what their new album will sound like, especially if it sounds like this song.

  44. Jamie Flynn

    This is the Ride we love. The vintage Ride is iconic and unique. Please make the album like this!! Nobody wants Led Zepplin to experiment with perfection and Ride needs to be the sound of Nowhere and Today Forever. Many Ride songs with great potential weren't perfected with the distortion , guitar layering , drumming assault psychedelic genius. Don't mess with you're gift to music.

    I think these are the lyrics of this beauty.

    Home is a feeling.
    Warm like the sun
    Inside everyone knows
    A safe place to run

    Run to the morning
    Faster than the sun
    Someone is there waiting
    Yes she's the one

    Washed by the warm side
    Dried by the sunlight
    It's time to open our eyes
    To the feeling , the feeling , the feeling

    Call in the morning
    First light of dawn
    I love that feeling..feeling ..feeling..feeling

  45. burt2245

    Love it!

  46. burt2245

    Oh, my!

  47. New Alternative 40 Chart

    #16 on this week's New Alternative 20 Chart:

    Shoegazer 93

    Should be higher, much higher!

  48. Running Around


  49. blanc casa

    charm assultよりこっちのほうがnowhereっぽくて好きだなあ

  50. philnevillesleftfoot

    Sounds like Ride trying to hard to be Levitation.  It's okay but b-side quality at best.  I personally do not believe that Ride were ever really as "Shoegaze" as the likes of Slowdive etc.  Always had pop sensibilities and jangly guitars.  This is a bit depressing and circa 1991.  Not for me

  51. Martin Perry

    Classic Ride.... timeless!

  52. jw73

    I think that ride, my bloody valentine and the telescopes should do a tour together. somebody arrange it and take my money...

  53. Sandra Tong

    I wish it was longer... it was so great.

  54. Rudi Rasmussen

    Charm Assault did nothing for me. But this? This is stellar!

  55. Shoegaze from the woods

    dreamy as f** !

  56. michael ingleson

    Loving this. A full LP of this would do just nicely

  57. galaxion500

    make Mousetrap2

  58. ThrashTillDeath

    long time of both Ride and Oasis this sort of reminds me of when Oasis did the album Standing On the Shoulder Of Giants

    Arne Nilsen

    Oasis is a shit ripp off band !

  59. Andy Gillespie

    gorgeously brilliant. buzzing.

  60. Andrés Rivas

    ¡RIDE está de vuelta!

  61. Steely DrWu

    I've drained every dripping pocket of the realm to basket every ounce of ShoeGaze. I had it all and I thought it was no more, it is not no more. Thank you my friends feed us more we are starving.

  62. barbi castelvi

    This is soooooooooooooo good. Sounds like classic Ride thank goodness. Please come back to Toronto, Canada again. We love you.

  63. red drib

    omg Mary Chain *AND* Ride

    this is fucking nuts

  64. Opposite For The Win

    so good. ride rules. classic stuff. peace from the usa.

  65. Chris Hmmm

    Way down below the ocean

  66. Oliver Hernandez

    I hear a Pink Floyd vibe after my wife pointed that out, and that's a good thing! Great track!


    Glad they haven't lost their sound, many bands reform and sell themselves out for commercial success. Was apprehensive about new material but no need to worry. Great work guys

  68. ThomasNigelHawkins

    The drumming reminds me of MBV


    I think you're onto something. After racking my brain for a while, though, I think it reminds me more of Greater Than God-era Secret Shine drumming.

  69. Marty Mackillop

    I really love this. It's a magical thing when a band from your musical youth returns as if no time has passed. Bravo.

  70. Layla Palis

    #cometobrazil haha

  71. Dudeism TV

    Holy Shit. Awesome...

  72. halcyondaystunes

    you guys have brought a tear to my eye. listening to this has made my memories come flooding back again. from the 90s. you did it last year at the roundhouse and brixton and you're gonna do it again this year. unfuckingbelievable tune. classic Ride

  73. leonard byrne

    20 years waiting. for some fucking good music then we get two in a row👍 roll on March 22 dublin

  74. Ben Straughair

    Welcome home....

  75. exhorder 93

    omg this is like a dream

  76. Don Rolfo


  77. Remeday

    RIDE is back! So glad to see them release new material. Always a delight to hear! Time to get my Shoegaze on!

  78. Carpet Waves


  79. Eugene Ee

    This brings me back home 20+ years! Awesome!!!!

  80. Felipe Tringoni Arra


  81. GonsalvoDeCordova

    Great song, amazing video. The second dancer from the left, with the meerkat helmet, is chill.

  82. scrmbv


  83. Leon Mesker

    Love, love, love it!

  84. Benjamin Riepe

    So happy....

  85. Karl Suomi

    love it..fantastic

  86. ChubbyChecker182

    not as good as Shakin' Steven.

  87. Nico Cavals

    On retrouve le vrai RIDE. Superbe !!!

  88. Pete Hughes

    I liked Charm Assault, but this? This is something else... can't wait for the album! Classic Ride :)

  89. steve miller

    Love this,and Charm Assault..How i've missed you boys! Can't wait for more stuff..

  90. marcus bell

    Loved charm assault,this is mega to, god I've missed them !!


    damn this sounds great! didn't even know RIDE was working on a new album!

  92. Marquee Smith

    thank you guys

  93. Listen2Gene

    Ahhhh... the feels

  94. heilioEcentric

    Never thought I would see this day. Going to be a good year.

  95. We Are Roller

    Love it...

  96. Gianluca Barreca

    See you in Sicily (Ypsigrock Festival)

    Vincenzo Ercolano

    Gianluca Barreca i Ride vengono in Sicilia? 😍

    Gianluca Barreca

    Vincenzo Ercolano si si. www.ypsigrock.it