Ride - Crown Of Creation Lyrics

Don't wake me up if it's another day
'cos I don't wanna see it on my own
Your love is all that I am asking for
But they won't let us be alone
I've been running for a thousand miles
I didn't find a better place
I need to hold your body in my arms
And feel your kisses on my face

Don't you hide your love away
You are the Crown of Creation
I wanna be your relation
I'm getting off at your station

Well I was looking for a waterfall
And whatever nature showed to me
To be alone these things just bring you down
When you can share them, then you're free
When I wake up next to you
And I breathe the morning air
I know that you're the only one for me
Baby, nothing can compare

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Ride Crown Of Creation Comments
  1. Mark Crawfy

    best track on a amazing Album...Classic

  2. Hiboux On Fire

    Some of Carnival of Light is better than its reputation suggests, but this one takes the cheese factor too far.

    Bec Witham

    Disagree. It's lovely. They were obviously pulling on their 70s influence here. COL is magical.

  3. Adam H

    Does anyone else think of "Easy Like Sunday Morning" at the start of the song?

  4. Michael Hoskins

    If Ride had only released this album, it would have been regarded as a british indie classic. The fact that it followed Nowhere and Going Blank Again, two of the finest albums of the 90s, always meant it was going to pale in comparison. I love Carnival Of Light. It's linked to memories of some great times.

  5. Future Ghost

    best song on the album imo!

  6. Zeke Khaseli

    "Dont you hide your love away. You are the crown of creatiooon". Lowkey 💎

  7. Seoyun Van

    too lovely song so lovely

  8. David Robichaux

    Best Band Ever! I put this on when I have trouble getting up in the morning 👨‍🎓

  9. Tina Green

    Was the first song that my husband put on a various tape when we first started going out....that says it all

    Ian Mcilwraith

    Tina Green That was very important when trying to impress. Done a few of those myself way back in the day and I'm sure Ride would have been included in one or two.

  10. shrew972

    Best on the album. And what an album!

  11. red drib

    can't get over this song, especially from 3:18 to the end. Just a perfect bit of music

  12. BearWindAppleyard

    This is great, can't believe I haven't given it a chance before. I think I subconsciously didn't think it was as good as the old stuff, without even listening to it. silly me.

    Jake G

    I'm at right where you are. So many years I avoided this album because it was a departure from their old stuff. I had no idea how musically good this is.


    RIDE, at it's BEST! and ALWAYS!

  14. The Channel I've Set Up Because Youtube Wouldn't Let Me Upload Any Videos Until I Set Up A Channel

    This is actually a good album. Just at the time we all thought it wasn't Ridey enough plus their management did a hopeless job of promoting the album (same withTarantula) I got the Birdman 12" then i didn't even know this was out till i saw it months later.

    Lucas O'heyze

    I was there too and my memory is completely different. The music press we're all over this album and they were all over the Glastonbury coverage at the time it had just come out.

  15. Denis Mcghee

    The most underated British band of their generation

  16. aimitch

    i have always loved this song, such wonderful lyrics. always helps me when im feeling down and missing the loved ones no longer with me. #peace

  17. TheBluridgemountains

    only 2 comments such a shame one of the greatest bands of our generation or in this dimension and into the next 3... Come on guys create a new project together and go on tour you are so loved by millions. I know the comments don't seem to add up to milllions loving you but trust me millions love you

  18. tom bennett

    such a masterpiece. when ride was on, which they often were, they were really on

  19. News From The Other Side

    I've loved this song since the album came out. Great tune!