Ride - Black Nite Crash Lyrics

See the girls coughing, looking underfed
When they go to sleep, they dream of being dead
I saw you in the corner, with a butcher's knife
Your boyfriend running round, looking for a midwife

Everyone's got the same disease, it's alright
Everybody lives down on their knees, it's alright

Bumped into a hunchback abuser
Said he made a million working on a cruiser
Do what he want and he don't get caught
He's looking at the moon but I'm an astronaut

Everyone looks when they see a crash, it's alright
Everybody needs just a little cash, it's alright

Evening daybreak, switchblade stomach ache
Gonna meet a man with a rattlesnake handshake
Walk around like I'm looking for an upgrade
Slipping through town like a penny in the arcade

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