Ride - All I Want Lyrics

There is a lil' wind blowin'
Maybe you feel it too
Strange people on the rise
One day they're gonna come for you
(All I want)
(All I want is)
(All I want)
(All I want is)
While you were sleepin' on it
Your future was torn from under you
It's not a pretty picture
This is nineteen thirty-two

(All I want is)
(All I want is)
All I want is to leave this time (All I want is)
Believe me (All I want is)
All I want is to leave this time
I can't feel how you want me to feel
I can't know what you want me to know
All I want is, all I want is
I can't be what you want me to be
I can't go where you want me to go
All I want is, all I want is

(All I want is)
All I want is to leave this time (All I want is)
Believe me (All I want is)
All I want is to leave this time (All I want is)
All I want is to leave this time (All I want is)
Believe me (All I want)
All I want is to leave this time
I can't feel how you want me to feel
I can't know what you want me to know
All I want is, all I want is
I can't be what you want me to be
I can't go where you want me to go
All I want is, all I want is

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Ride All I Want Comments
  1. kerry winter

    Killer beginning to an absolutely killer track!

  2. Angela McCoy

    Thank you * Ride * Loving this and all the tracks on * Weather Diaries * Brilliant. 
    May ' G * D Bless you. Cheers

  3. staban tuek

    For me, this is one of the best albums released in last couple of years. Hoping that there will be more to come from this much under-valued band.

  4. Patricia Valenzuela

    esto suena hermoso, por la ctm T_T

  5. steven skinner

    Didn’t love the album, but this is the best thing they’ve ever recorded. Timeless

  6. Filippo Stoppa

    just started to listen to them... i like them !

  7. H.U.S.H


    I enjoy long romantic walks to the fridge in the middle of the night BTW 🤤


    and this is 1932 not 2017





  11. Popexplosion Musick

    dount leave me i can feel..

  12. Mr Coffee

    Gardeners sense of time on his vocals are just nothing short of audio jewel dropping...💛🔥⭐

  13. Escafandrista Musical

    featured at http://escafandrista-musical.com/2017/08/ride-weather-diaries-2017.html/

  14. Oscar Travis

    This new stuff is better than anything Oasis have done since What's the Story

  15. Dennis Cocks

    Ech Uno den canna lich. Do Hagen Der boys in dembilian fur bey.Manda in cherry in topun.

  16. Nicktronic

    this song is a grower for sure! lovely

  17. Andrew Phipps Phillips

    Love it - long overdue a good tune & worth waiting for.

  18. Steve Ball

    brilliant album

  19. Виктор Петров

    The best!

  20. Danny Ferrara

    nice chorus boys!

  21. jody griffiths

    this really is nowhere.... clearly their best decision was to retire in the 90's...

  22. Yuval Legendtofski

    Think of all all the guitar pedals this tune will sell. Ride should get sponsorship.

  23. Yuval Legendtofski

    Shoegazer is the new metal, way more psychedelic sounding that all these 'new' psych bands that come from San Francisco and places like that.

  24. Riki r

    si. una onda oasis de los mejores. gracias por volver chicos y esperamos un live álbum.

  25. dedanna1029

    It's one of my favourite bands in the world! Rriiiiiiiidddee! :D
    It's still Ride! :)

  26. chyntia a

    this and "lannoy point" make me feeling optimistic about the album ... not a fan of "charm assault" though


    Interesting. I quite like that one.

  27. Chris Edge


  28. Epiphany Love

    interesting take on electronic shoegaze.

  29. L D22

    Nice one !

  30. GeneralGrape

    It's not bad...just kind of cheesy. The new stuff so far has a bit more atmosphere but not much else to recommend it over, say, Carnival of Light.

  31. Anthony Davison

    Brings a warm fuzzy to an old fan. SMILES to you RIDE

  32. Sandra Turner

    Obsessed. Great track. So, happy to hear new tunes from Ride. Has a lovely euphoric vibe.

  33. pete hendry

    ride are fucking epic cant wait for the new album , those peeps who live in the past come on this is fucking good music man

  34. Simon Jacques

    Great Bass and Drums - them's the drivers of this song rather than the samples. Loz is allowed to be let loose and they sound better for it. The lyrics of the chorus must have took some thinking up, but that's RIDE. I'm sure they must have been nervous as hell doing this album and comeback, lets support them ey.

  35. Tassos Tantsis

    The only band I own all their eps/albums in vinyl and cd. Probably best band during my lifetime. I was 17 when I first heard Polar Bear. I rememeber getting stuck on Today Forever Ep and then Twisterella and again with Let's get lost. They still sound great. Great.

  36. tremolo3

    Finally, a refreshing sound from one of these old shoegaze bands.

  37. I E

    Right on fellas!!!! Its fricken awesome!!!

  38. Illusion Of Gaia

    If u like Ride then u will like the band Real Estate. In fact they are a better, much less boring version of Ride TBH

  39. echorich

    Can't believe just HOW GOOD this is! Ride sounds timeless here.

  40. John Slovacek

    Leave them all behind... I was 28 and now I am 56. This single is quite nice and I still have all me hair!

  41. New Alternative 40 Chart

    "All I Want" debuted at #18 on the New Alternative 20 Chart this week:


    I love it!

  42. Akua Asamoah

    This is a nice new sound for Ride :)

  43. The Fantasy Clinic

    Considering I never thought I'd ever hear another Ride record again, at 44, I feel like it would have been foolish to expect a continuation of Nowhere, we have all evolved, the world has evolved, how could anyone expect Ride not to? I rather like everything I've heard so far and for all the haters who feel the need to shit all over it, where's YOUR fucking record?

  44. ck675

    Anyone holding this band hostage to their previous sounds, STOP. You are robbing yourself of an absolutely glorious song. This is still Ride. Let's appreciate that fact.

  45. Alma Sv

    I absolutely love this song!

  46. Kristopher Hewkin

    Okay. My Bloody Valentine is the only shoegaze band allowed to make new music from now on.

  47. Isaac Meyerhoffer

    idk man...

  48. Little G.

    Amazing band always in our heart and life! Please come in North Italy!!

  49. David Hidayat

    Debuted in my weekly personal chart on April 30, 2017 edition :)

  50. Joe Leming

    Glad the drums are prominent like on nowhere. He's a great drummer.

  51. Stefan Becker

    Yep, best yet off the new stuff. Catchy from the first. A nod to the past but feet firmly in the now. Well done.

  52. siipris

    Great stuff! Can't wait to see them live in support of the new album...

  53. Karel Kunst

    Love it! It´s new, but it has something from old Ride´s songs! :)

  54. ChubbyChecker182

    what's the message ?

  55. Leave My Guitar Alone

    This is a great song, but i don't think you can compare Theresa May to 1930's Germany mate

    Leily Merlin

    Well, maybe not Theresa May in particular. But look what's happening in Europe. We're not that far from 1930's world of uncertainty and fears. And nobody moves, neither elderly nor youth ... We're only able to destroy the rights we have patiently gained.Thanks Ride to react. That makes me feel a bit better.

    Leave My Guitar Alone

    Leily Merlin They are referring to the 1930s Nazi revolution because Theresa May proposed a list on foreign workers, no group in particlar is going through a discriminatory period of time here.

    Leily Merlin

    She almost did it. M. Le Pen will probably do something similar if elected. I am not even talking about Trump. Specific groups are being targeted. You're probably right, it's not all imminent. But let far right parties do what they want and you'll see...

  56. Tim D

    Omg, this is fantastic! Their sound is fresh and tight as ever! Well done!

  57. Craig Mapp

    Addictive !

  58. Ashy77

    Up to date Ride. Simple as that. Betin!

  59. David Ryan

    That intro is shite but the song isn't too bad!

    Christian Rangel

    I agree - I brought it into premier and re-exported as an MP3 without the intro... Ahhhhhhh. Much better!

    David Ryan

    Ah great idea, i may do the same myself :) ha

    Christian Rangel

    David Ryan - Now I have to go listen to Flying Saucer Attack after seeing your avi. Cheers bro


    can´t wait!!!

  61. Shoegazer 93

    Very nearly got put off by the Ride ft. WALL.E at the intro. Not sure what was running through heads there.

  62. Fabio Electric

    It's all business. They want to sell. I didn't like that song at all. I would never tell that song was played by Ride. And aging is not a problem. I still listen to the same bands I used to listen when I was a teenagers. I'm 41 and still love (shoegaze Ride) My bloody valentine, Pixies, the Smiths and Morrissey, Sonic Youth, Jesus and the Mary Chain....good times


    To my jaded 43 year old ears, it sounds like a lost remix from 1990. I rather like it.

  63. Gilson Dee

    Love it! it s modern, great melody, great vibe!!!

  64. Scotty* Bucks

    Thankyou boys for making a new album.


    Early stuff is my favourite. However these new tracks great.Far eclipses the drivel the Stone Roses came bck with.

  66. James B

    Sounding strong fellas.
    Looking fwd to hearing the 12" ; ) along with some mixes. I coulda taken another 2-3 mins of this.

  67. Mark Mattingly

    Did anyone else think of ( ) era Sigur Ros with that logo?

  68. Guilherme Freire

    Uma banda de Sheogaze chega e começa a fazer musicas melhores que todos esses viadinhos das bandas indies!! Isso que eu estava esperando, só vai melhorar, Liam Gallagher esta chegando com sua carreira solo, sem falar em Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds e Morrissey que ja esta em estudio! Cheers!!

  69. Mat Setizar

    Wow.. this is the bees' knees!

  70. Dunbar

    Ride meet Seefeel in an eternal summer, 1990. The hope of our youth snuffed by words from a dystopian future. A future we would one day inherit...

  71. Patrick Martens

    Another brilliant track! What you've produced is so very fresh and relevant and very Ride, good Lord it is good to have you lads back!!!

  72. shrew972

    I love Ride. But the only ones who managed to achieve a musically rich and serious comeback in the recent years were Swervedriver.

  73. honolulu3d

    Great great comeback from Ride !!!

  74. 10000ad

    nice production

  75. Matt Steyer

    Loz is the man

  76. 김유미

    fucking awesome

  77. Yarishred Ruiz

    fucking gazing track :D

  78. stray bullet

    I like it

  79. Paulo Grassia

    The best track so far from the new album. It has a modern vibe (for me mostly because of the sampled vocals), beautiful layers of guitars, dynamic drums, and somehow the voice of Mark Gardener still sound as young as the Nowhere era. Very please with the way they showed progress, but also using some of their older elements.

    The other tracks they released were cool, and with this one maybe the new album will be very well sequenced.

    Paulo Grassia

    Thanks guys! Also forgot to mention the overdriven bass tone reminds me of the Nowhere album haha

    Rachmadi Perdana

    nice work of Erol Alkan too

    Paulo Grassia

    I was skeptical about a DJ producing the record, but it's showing he's done a great job


    The production is awesome!

    David Checa

    Surpass themselves.

  80. Alton Gatsby

    I think it sounds very much like a Ride song. Which is a good thing! And to all those bitching about the intro, fuck off!

    Zarith Saken

    I think the intro is awesome!

  81. Mario G

    Can't wait for the new l.p. So far the singles are excellent.

  82. Patrick Jordan Crain

    I'm pleased.

  83. struparsdeadlegs

    I don't want another Nowhere or GBA, we've already got them. The new stuff so far is great and none of the songs sound out of place live with the classics at all.
    I like this, love the big sound and rumbling bass line, i do admit though that the broken vocal loop is a tad annoying.

  84. K74 C

    ....2nd listen..... Actually, it fits the song!

  85. K74 C

    Don't like the intro, but this is great. Listen to Loz's drumming!!! Refreshing to hear

    Patrick Jordan Crain

    the intro threw me off but I like it the more I hear it


    i almost turned it off when i heard that intro

  86. Michael Doherty

    Loving it. Saw them a few weeks back and they were superb. I can imagine this would sound amazing live.

  87. scott stucker

    hey , this is really a great name for an album , yeah..

  88. scott stucker

    " THE NOWHERE ALBUM ? ' - (i don't remember thinking they were younger than me in the 90's. nowhere sounded like 29 year olds , not teenagers. gleek


    wonderful song! see you in October in Mexico City. :)

  90. Rich Gill

    Chorus reminds me of Depeche Mode - See You. I'll stick to Nowhere and the EP'S thanks.

  91. Andy D

    I like this and look forward to the album. I don't want Nowhere 2 like some do (I've had the original since release); I want something new and fresh.

  92. David McGough

    Newly invigorated really liked it

  93. David T

    Sounds more Madchester than Shoegaze. So far, I've been pretty impressed with the songs they have released from this album.

    Josh Fourteen

    Agreed thought it was the Charlatans (not strictly Manchester) when I dropped in.

  94. Francis Waves


  95. Alvaro Balcázar

    please share the lyrics!!!!!!!

  96. Michael Jon Copeland

    People clamouring for Nowhere, its not gonna happen. They were teenagers when Nowhere was written. They are in their 50's now.

    I for one didn't want Nowhere part 2 as it wouldn't have measured up. This is Ride now.

    Nick Garza

    Michael Jon Copeland lmao this IS Nowhere 2.0. Besides the vocal sample, why couldn't this be on that album?

    Michael Jon Copeland

    I personally think the new stuff is more Going Blank Again. It lacks a touch of rawness to fit in with Nowhere. Thats not a bad thing tho... GBA is my favourite album of theirs.

    m ozz

    Michael Jon Copeland I think there new stuff is some of their best yet. It's got a real urgency to it


    can't listen to nowhere anymore and digging the new sound... production is superb

    Andrew Stuart

    Thanks for reminding me how old I am! What happened to those years...?

  97. blipblip88

    wtf..double checks title-yeah it says ride....***puts 'nowhere' back on the turntable.