Riddle, Jeremy - Sweetly Broken Lyrics

Sweetly Broken Club Vineyard version:
To the cross I look, and to the cross I cling
Of its suffering, I do drink, of its work I do sing
On it my Savior, both bruised and crushed
Showed that God is love and God is just

At the cross You beckon me
You draw me gently to my knees, and I am
Lost for words, so lost in love, I 'm
Sweetly broken, wholly surrendered

What a priceless gift, undeserved life
Have I been given through Christ crucified
You've called me out of death
You've called me into life
And I was under your wrath, now through the cross I'm reconciled

And at the cross You beckon me
You draw me gently to my knees, and I am
Lost for words, so lost in love, I 'm
Sweetly broken, wholly surrendered

At the cross You beckon me
You draw me gently to my knees, and I am
Lost for words, so lost in love, I 'm
Sweetly broken, wholly surrendered

In awe of the cross I must confess
How wondrous Your redeeming love and
How great is Your faithfulness

At the cross You beckon me
You draw me gently to my knees, and I am
Lost for words, so lost in love, I 'm
Sweetly broken, wholly surrendered

At the cross You beckon me, yeah
You draw me gently to my knees, and I am
Lost for words, so lost in love, I am
Sweetly broken, wholly surrendered

I'm broken for you, I'm broken for you, my Lord
Jesus, what love is there
Oh, I am sweetly broken

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Riddle, Jeremy Sweetly Broken Comments
  1. Maria Abreu

    I just found this beautiful song, it brings home me when I am down. Thank you Jeremy and blessings in all you do 🔥🔥

  2. Sandra S

    YESHUA is the LORD and He baptizes us with Holy Fire!!!

  3. Sandra Ovalle

    I’m here in 2020 to tell everyone surrender your life to Him,He is good,He is Life!!! And He loves you soooo much! Always waiting with arms wide open! He calls everyone out of death.Draw us gently to Your knees Oh Lord,in Jesus name Amen!

  4. Ronald Fields

    So nice💜 so many songs i hear on the...quote christian radio stations, unquote play music but it seems so much of it is noise! Un-annointed. This is a deep song of WE ARE BROKEN AND NEED OUR SAVIOR...JESUS!
    Good music stirs the heart' Ty J.R. for this song

  5. Sally McMurray

    I could listen to him sing 24/7. His voice is unique and beautiful. What a blessed man.

  6. Class of 93

    Amos 4:13

  7. JesuSaveSoulsalvavation Godislove4u

    I like this song and artist so much.

  8. Laura Bryce

    No lyrics, but says lyrics??

  9. Dacey007

    No lyrics 🤷🏻‍♀️🙌🏼👍🏼

  10. Dr. Wian Meintjes

    How long Lord have I waited, my sinful flesh against You, lead me into sweatly broken, into Your Fathers rest


    because of the Spirit that was in Jesus dwells in me HEs Quickened my mortal body and when I was dead in sin he raised me up again !

  12. Susan Bukera

    The words are so beautiful...melts ya like butter...

  13. Mangok Duol

    Something I can sing while I walk alone in life. From beginning to end, till my last breath.

  14. Mangok Duol

    I love this song, God will prove me innocent in front of my enemies one day, even if I go to hell.

  15. Jeffrey Calkins

    Jesus the friend of sinners, thanks Jesus for having our backs when we didn't even have yours.

  16. Janice Henshaw

    A dear anointed soul in our community played this with such passion. He recently took his life to go and be with Jesus forever. His parents, brothers and sisters, a whole community grieves for him, but glory be: he is with Jesus! We are are not taking our lives, but living for the Son!

  17. Ben F


  18. Sergio Gonzalez

    God I need you at this moment plz hear me out I need this feeling to go away I hate anxiety and thoughts it’s holding me back from doing a lot plz God I need you

  19. Nunya Business

    You draw me gently to my knees and I am lost for words, so lost in LOVE, I'm sweetly broken, holy surrender!! 😭💖🙌


    "Pela cruz, me chamou, gentilmente, me atraiu. E eu, quebrantado, me aproximo do seu amor"

  21. Blessed


  22. Stephen Marvin

    314 viewers still need deliverance from their own personal demons- Blessings on every single one of them..... and you!

  23. Tigas Grunge ́s

    Juninho afram

  24. GoldNava

    Beautiful song! I miss hearing this song on the radio!

  25. Ismael Ferreira

    Eu olho para a cruz, e para a cruz eu vou <3

  26. deonfenbauer comments

    Through Christ we are reconciled! There is nothing in the world that will ever fill our human desire to belong and be loved . Only through Christ alone , we live this undeserved life .

  27. Angelo E

    He drank the bitter cup

  28. Robert Balling

    Chill out Sergio...Jesus loves you more than you can imagine. Keep crying out to Him. He'll Romans 8:28 you soon. I promise.

  29. Mommyonzeego

    No matter how bad u got it well others have it worse. During my separation this song helped me a lot!! I believe nothing matters in life as long as we get broken n surrender toward Jesus!!

  30. Daniel Santos

    🎶Pela cruz me chamou
    Gentilmente me atraiu
    E, eu sem palavras
    Me aproximo
    Quebrantado por Seu amor🎵

  31. Chad Westenberger

    Showed that God is love and God is just

  32. Chad Westenberger

    At the cross, You beckon me
    You draw me gently to my knees
    And I am lost for words, so lost in love
    I'm sweetly broken, wholly surrendered...

  33. Vinum J

    Really nice song

  34. Angelo E

    One of the few contemporary songs with some good theology.

  35. Rex Mullis

    Best song ever

  36. melanie rivera

    My heart swells up for the Lord, like my heart is gonna burst, because of the Lord...my God I truly am not worthy of your grace.

  37. Rachel Knapp

    Lord thank you for breaking me sweetly you have loved me

  38. Class of 93

    This song reminds me of when I moved to Prescott Valley Arizona from the unforgiving streets of Los Angeles California. Then I met my beautiful wife. Hi honey, thanks for so many even greater years that you have put up with me.

  39. calandon27

    Still a favorite. This song is the reason my 20 year old still hasn't totally given up on Christian music.😊

  40. James Hoh

    you, yo! RIP Jeremy. Open my door to heaven, and I will say Hi to God for us.

  41. if i could start over

    So lost y'all. It's ok. We all go tgere even after we recieve. This world only wants to break you. Never give up. Do you hear? You might think your power is you, inside you. Let that thinking go. Give it all up for a minute. All the spiritual, emotio al and physival pain. Seek. You'll find it's all the same. You hurt because you hold. Let it fall out of your grasp and then all the pain fades. Maybe not completely becayse our Lord needs to remind us.

  42. if i could start over

    I pray for my brother. For real, sincere

  43. jakranz gmail

    How is this song not more popular? It is amazing. I just heard it sung in my church though so someone knows. Thank you, I am sweetly broken, and finally whole enough to admit it. I could not know truly know Gods love for me until he taught me how to love myself. Weird I know but true. Love you God, and thank you Jason.

  44. chasity becraft

    beautiful song but there are no lyrics and its supposed to be a lyric video

  45. Chris Powell

    Good Song!!!!

  46. Luverlan S Lacerda

    Eu amo o amor da Cruz 😍

  47. Kathy zrinyi

    Yes I am sweetly broken and gently fell to my knees. My ache in my heart and patiently waiting for you, I surrendered my life to be yours forever.

  48. SarahJeanneB

    This is my favorite worship song, it brought me tears many times.

  49. Sharon Patterson

    I love this song so much! TY Jesus for what you did for me on the cross! I love you Jesus. I am a sinner saved by your beautiful grace and mercy!

  50. brenda silva


  51. Steven Elton

    There are those who have been broken and those that will. When G_d breaks you he builds you up more in His image! Moving song.

  52. Gabrielle DeJesus

    This song reminds me of my friend Maddie, she struggled with drugs most of her young adulthood and she brought me closer to god when I was 13-14 years old but later we drifted apart.. we song this song at bible beach camp in San Onofre CALIFORNIA. RIP Maddiekins <3

  53. Gretta Denton

    Sergio Gonzalez I promise to pray for your family and I hop that now you are doing better and my condolences towards your brother and I hope that your mother is doing great and

  54. Alan Shepard

    praise Jesus for how he wins our hearts and keeps faithful to finishing the good work he has started in us!:)

  55. Tommy Salinas

    Dang I cried when I heard it,,, thank u Jesus 🙏😄😙🐯

  56. Jenny Saabye

    Help! I attended Vineyard church in Glendale az, where I purchased a CD about 7 years ago. I since lost it. There was a song....." Lord my cup is empty, wont you come down and fill me up." thats all i know or remember. Another song was "Come to the fountain? Does anyone know the artist and or song title? I can't find it on the internet. Thanks in advance

  57. Moriah Diggs

    Jesus where are u in my life? I need u to come to me. Help me. Present your power and love to me so i know who u are. I am lost and confused and ashamed. I confess. Don't forget me. Don't turn away from me.. Please Jesus come to me. Hel me to be filled with your power. Choose me. Mold me into something new for you and not old for me. Let not me be continuing do my ways. Let my feet touch lightsness in your steps and let my eyes be as crystals to see truhs and untruths. The false and the unfalse in. This world. Let your power create me new. U can do it Lord.

  58. Juliah Rathke

    I like this song!!!!!! Jeremy Riddle is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Rafael Araújo

    Find solo Juninho Afram - Vineyard(QUEBRANTADO)

  60. Guilherme Dias

    Linda música, Deus usa o Jeremy para abençoar vidas, eu sou testemunha disso, com essa letra o Espírito Santo do Senhor tem me tocado. I love JESUS!

  61. Ricardo Gonzalez

    we deserved the full measure of His wrath, we desreved to go to hell, to suffer for breaking His laws, to have the sentence of a perverse criminal, for that is what we are, but God is so merciful and demonstrated His love in that while we were yet sinners he died for us,Jesus payed the price for our sins, He suffered the wrath and was the atonment for our sins, Jesus appeased the anger of God bringing us peace with Him, Aleluya! Thank you Lord! This is what should motivate us to serving Him in all fear and godliness, to esteem His death and preach boldy this Gospel of the grace of God!

  62. Jeffrey L Palmer

    Thank God for this song in jesus name!!!!

  63. H Kapusta

    Still brings tears. Song saved my life.

  64. Susan Bukera

    Jeremy...thank you for this beautiful song !!!

  65. Daniel Dennis

    God is truly amazing

  66. Daniel Dennis

    also I ask people to pray for the following things ....my family , family in Christ and street family may Gods favor pour into their lives and enrich them greatly

  67. Daniel Dennis

    my mom is dealing with many trials prayer is needed.....her name is Susan and she is a beautiful soul and needs healing and comfort ....Mathew 5 and 2 corinthians 1

  68. Daniel Dennis

    brokenness hurts so much...but there is beauty in it ...he takes all our hurts and gives us back his reflection ,and though we were covered once in dirt he even uses it.... calls us out of death , into life and fills us with him instesd of our worst or even our best.... his ways his word and makes us new and fresh as we put off the old ways and get clothed in righteousness.....putting on the new and daily killing flesh ....I seek him on the daily but battles shape our text .....his words that bless through storms we need invest .....in Jesus and his text ....it's living and is holy through the word is how we get blessed and find hope and peace and rest and guidance for each quest .....praise Jesus I love him more than treasure chests and he pure much more than crest.... and safer than safety nets .....dont need to guess I love him more than sex ....or drugs or placing bets and or beamers or Corvettes ....God is holy and amazing and well yes.......I would rather know God than have the hundreds or the checks or diamonds on my neck or than them shooters hit the deck ...u used to feel like Shrek now I'm hungry for my yesh more than ever boyyyyyy I'm blessed I love to live for God no other way to rest and I only though Jesus do we have the strength to pass each test Jesus please help the hurting more today and I know u probably said yes....Jesus heals the broken, gives hope to hopeless and takes our stress bears all our burdens even vermin change through yesh....tell the wrong crew to hit the deck his AK sprays the best.....just a metaphor he lets it roar my Jesus I'll profess and thank u that u shed your blood so I'm forgiven now since the days I confessed all my sin to u and choose each day to die to flesh I'm living blessed to know your truth and u deserve my best...all praise and glory to Jesus Christ

  69. Rachel Knapp

    I feel like my life is totally broken !! God I'm at the end of my road I know that you will draw me out of this dark place that I've let myself get drawn into please father save me from the fight of addiction . I believe you are the only one that can !!!

    Terry Det

    Hang in there Rachel, you and God can work to improve whatever the issue.

  70. Mano V

    Pela Cruz me chamou!

  71. markdags


  72. Fabio Cavalcanti

    não sabia que era traduzida

  73. Love Over Hate

    maybe i been wrong , i knew ur real god, your spirit is truth and life

  74. H Kapusta

    Power of words

  75. Myron Kronz

    Great communication of the surrendered Christian life. In adoration of Jesus' sacrifice for our sin, the beauty of how far Jesus went to rescue us from ourselves, MyronK

  76. Rachel Knapp

    This is the song my Angle Amber Mcinyer who is also my sister . Who is a class act no question . I love you shabbs my heart belongs to you I will always be with you

  77. Rachel Knapp

    This is the song my Angle Amber Mcinyer who is also my sister . Who is a class act no question . I love you shabbs my heart belongs to you I will always be with you

  78. Rachel Knapp

    This is the song my Angle Amber Mcinyer who is also my sister . Who is a class act no question . I love you shabbs my heart belongs to you I will always be with you

  79. Rachel Knapp

    This is the song my Angle Amber Mcinyer who is also my sister . Who is a class act no question . I love you shabbs my heart belongs to you I will always be with you

  80. Rachel Knapp

    This is the song my Angle Amber Mcinyer who is also my sister . Who is a class act no question . I love you shabbs my heart belongs to you I will always be with you

  81. Tunç Cevat Alankuş

    Hallelujah to the Lamb of God

  82. SprayedPaint

    Dude. My heartstrings come undone..

  83. Hollower

    I want Jermey Riddle to sing this song at my wedding ..I love it

  84. Chris Vandegrift

    Absolutely love this song! I can't stop listening to it!

    Chris Vandegrift

    Great song!

  85. Adam Matthew Mittler

    How do I comment this is cool but

  86. dolleduphome

    there is something so unique and beautiful here

  87. Leo Munoz

    Got this on repeat today.... Life's been rough. I'm filled with such sadness, anger, hurt, and emptiness... I know God is good and He is with me, I know He will finish His good work in me, but some days are just harder than others. He is always there though, giving me hope and joy just when I start to lose all hope, He brings the joy back, however briefly, and I can't help but smile because I know my savior is right here beside me, comforting me and easing my wounded broken heart. I love you Jesus! Thank you for your ever present love and mercy!

  88. Kerri Hill

    Touched me deeply.

  89. foreverhiskate Sevier

    Oh Jesus keep me broken before you.

  90. Connie Gonzalez

    pierces the heart & soul....

  91. wake777up _

    Who eles is listening to K-LOVE??

  92. Dukkee

    he broke me. he exposed my inner pain, my trauma and to him I give it all. he has taken my pain and has shown me showering love. Thank you my father, my savior, and my God.

  93. DandySpeedyAndy

    played this at my mom's funeral😭


    thank God that he sweetly brakes so undeserved I'm feeling sweetly broken heart broken selfish and guilty forces grade and mercy lord thank you for your grace and mercy and always your lain kindness

  95. Viking Dion

    We'd crank this while i was on my mission.

  96. Xoliswa Minasso

    can't stop listening. agreed with you all my sisters and brothers. this is so humbling and calming. Thank you for you voice and arrangements. praising for the Lord is all I live for. Thank you father for your everlasting love and caring.


    Jesus is the King, King of Kings. :)