Riddle, Jeremy - As Above, So Below Lyrics

Here now we're coming
Humbly now we're waiting
Children in need of daily bread
Our storehouses are empty
Our burdens are weighty
Pain, disease, and strife on every side

Father, Father in heaven, in heaven
Holy, Holy is Your name, Your name
Let Your Kingdom, let Your Kingdom
Let it come, Lord, let it come, Lord
On earth God, on earth
As in Heaven, in Heaven

The hungry still hungry
The thirsty still thirsty
The face of death, it haunts too many eyes
Whom else can we look to
There is no help but You
Your rule and reign is needed on the earth

Hear the cry of Your children
Your sons and Your daughters
Born of Your Spirit
To You we cry Abba

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Riddle, Jeremy As Above, So Below Comments
  1. Kate Groner

    as above so below is a wicca thing

    Fisher of Men Productions

    +Stephanie Van Patten Right. I get that and your point is duly noted. The question is really a matter of the heart more than the words. I used to use the Message a lot as a new Christian and enjoyed the simplicity of it. I agree that its accuracy definitely not 100%. However, that does not mean that Eugene Peterson is wiccan.

    I don't think comparing Jeremy Riddle to Carl Lentz is fair. We're talking about two totally different animals (so to speak) there. Carl is clearly apostate and Brian Houston may not be far behind. However, Jeremy Riddle has held true to the word of God and is making no such compromises as the one you note on Carl's "resume."

    Fisher of Men Productions

    +Stephanie Van Patten You need to read my comment again. In NO WAY do I support Hillsong. I was sickened first when I watched Carl Lentz spew apostasy with his own lips and equally so when I heard Brian Houston give this week as water response with regards to same sex marriage... 2:35 spent dancing around the topic and 3 seconds of mumbling, "Homosexuality is a sin."

    Don't compare Jeremy Riddle to these two. He may be wrong in choosing the name of this song but that in no way lumps him in with the leaders of Hillsong.

    Fisher of Men Productions

    @Stephanie Van Patten
    Actually he does use "as above so below" in the lyrics at approximately 4:40 in.  I agree that the more I know about the Message and have compared it to other translations the more I realize it is more of a "Bible commentary" than an actual Bible. 

    I guess the questions you pose are like the other great question everyone is waiting to have answered.... how many licks it takes to get the the center of a Tootsy Roll Pop!

    queen V

    +Fisher of Men Productions Hello again! I deleted my comments...I was coming off as judgmental, and I think bring Carl Lentz into the mix really screwed things up! I don't want new Christians to think that listening to Jeremy Riddle is bad, especially if they like the worship, so that's also why I deleted them. I'm sorry for coming off the way that I did! The title isn't good, but that doesn't mean Jeremy Riddle isn't a good worship leader/pastor.

    Fisher of Men Productions

    +Stephanie Van Patten God bless you, Stephanie

  2. CrossFire International Alliance

    Awesome Awesome song to god be the glory!!

  3. Fisher of Men Productions

    Amen, Shannon! I think one of the most popular verses floating around over the past several months is 2 Chronicles 7:14. It is definitely a suitable verse for times such as these. God bless, brother!

  4. Shannon P

    This is a great reminder to whats most important - put no idols before me. Have we placed all our hope in a presidential candidate to save us. There is something more...Place your hope in a saving and loving God. For you Lord are what our very country was founded upon. Lord bless us so that we may see whats most important, bless this country so that we may be put on the true path. Give us hope and peace when it looks like all is lost. We know there will be a day! Amen.

  5. Fisher of Men Productions

    @abbaslilgirl68 It sounds as though we are called to similar tasks! I would love to network with you on Facebook... if we aren't already! My Facebook profile link is on my channel page. The harvest is many but the workers are few. We could use a little help over here!

  6. Abbasgirl68

    Absolutely loved the song and the video. This is the cry of my heart. I am Abba's child called to help His other children....to help them know Jesus ....and to help ease their suffering and bring them joy. Thank you for this video. In my top favorites now :)

  7. Fisher of Men Productions

    @AllFair4H AMEN. Through the grace of God afforded to us through our savior Christ Jesus we will be ready!

  8. Peatie

    My eyes are wide open to what's going down lately. Increasing violence worldwide, instability in the weather, and natural disasters all prove that He's on His way. I just hope I'm ready when He arrives.

  9. Fisher of Men Productions

    @AllFair4H I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting. None of us know when, but anyone who has opened their eyes can tell you that the answer is "soon... VERY soon." I will bring extra oil for my lamp!

  10. Fisher of Men Productions

    @michellepfeiff EXACTLY! I love you, my Sweet Angel!

  11. Fisher of Men Productions

    @wlrogers53 Billy! Thanks for watching, brother! I'm glad you enjoyed. Please, share this with your friends!

  12. Peatie

    How many of us are ready for the Master's return? How many of us will greet Him with joyous tears and how many with trembling knees bent in fear of His coming judgment?

  13. William Rogers

    awsome video gods blessings to you and Michelle. love you..william

  14. michellepfeiff

    This video is a beautiful prayer!