Riddle, Jeremy - All Hail King Jesus Lyrics

There was a moment when the lights went out
When death had claimed its victory
The King of love had given up His life
The darkest day in history

There on a cross, they made for sinners
For every curse, His blood atoned
One final breath and it was finished
But not the end we could have known

For the earth began to shake, and the veil was torn
What sacrifice was made, as the Heavens roared

All hail, King Jesus
All hail the Lord of Heaven and earth
All hail, King Jesus
All hail the Savior of the world

There was a moment when the sky lit up
A flash of light breaking through
When all was lost He crossed eternity
The King of life was on the move

For in a dark, cold tomb, where our Lord was laid
One miraculous breath, and we're forever changed

And all hail, King Jesus
All hail the Lord of Heaven and earth
All hail, King Jesus
And all hail the Savior of the world
All hail, King Jesus
All hail the Lord of Heaven and earth
All hail, King Jesus
All hail the Savior of the world

Let every knee, come bow before the King of Kings
Let every tongue, confess that He is Lord
Lift up your shout, let us join with all of Heaven
Singing Ho-Ho-Ho-Ho-Holy
We're singing Ho-Ho-Ho-Ho-Holy
Crying out Ho-Ho-Ho-Ho-Holy
Singing Ho-Ho-Ho-Ho-Holy

All hail, King Jesus
All hail the Lord of Heaven and earth
And all hail, King Jesus
All hail the Savior of the world!

All hail, King Jesus
All hail, King Jesus
All hail, King Jesus
All hail, King Jesus

And all hail, King Jesus
All hail the Lord of Heaven and earth
All hail, King Jesus
All hail the Savior of the world

And all hail, King Jesus
All hail the Lord of Heaven and earth
All hail, King Jesus
All hail the Savior of the world

And all hail, King Jesus
All hail the Lord of Heaven and earth
All hail, King Jesus
All hail the Savior of the world

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Riddle, Jeremy All Hail King Jesus Comments
  1. simon mullock

    ..and we say with a loud voice: Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom, and strength and honour and glory and blessing...

    Revelation 5:12


  2. Grik Simsang

    ❤️❤️ All Hail King Jesus

  3. Silo 8924

    Jeremy Riddle strikes me as being racist.

  4. Shanna Candelario

    Hallelujah. Felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. So Beautiful to see All those brothers and sisters Praising our Father in one room. God Bless Bethel Worship. When the church rises we will be worshiping him together . Hallelujah.

  5. Charis

    This is one of so many beautiful songs from Bethel 💕 very touching and so much truth.

  6. Blake Mcdowell


  7. Edwin Duenas


  8. Scott Miller

    "Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me." -Revelation 3:20

  9. Diana Norman

    I felt wonder of the Holy Spirit power from my head to the little toes on my feet. PTL we have been given a mighty gift in Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit. Behold the mighty hand of GOD!!!

  10. Otto Andri

    Cukuplah yg terjadi hari ini. Lord Jesus save all my big family, all my friends, all my brotherhood. Aku melepaskan pengampunan bagi semua lord Jesus. Amin..amin..amin.

  11. Otto Andri

    Lord Jesus save all my life, all my children and my wife, all my big family, all my friends, and all my brotherhood. Amin..amin..amin.

  12. Otto Andri

    Thank you lord Jesus for everything in my life. I beliave and trush to you my lord Jesus. Amin..amin.

  13. M.A Baz

    the fat singer is asian?

  14. Tim Bonvillain

    @BethelMusic your drummer is so anointed and plays with SUCH AN ATHORITY!!! For heaven’s sake, I just encountered Yeshua while watching him play for 3 seconds at 4:17. WOW, AMEN!!!

  15. Enrique Vega

    OMG!!!!! How powerful. Praise you LORD OF LORDS JESUS MY LORD!

  16. pizzagirl

    LOVE this version!!!

  17. Tam maree

    All hail KING JESUS!!

  18. wanda dulan

    Glorious Lord..All hail King Jesus...I worship you my Lord, Great and mighty God..

  19. theisen8100

    👑 Crown Him with many 👑 Crowns!♥️

  20. Chase Burkett

    I wish I could play all of Jeremy Riddle's Matrins

  21. Rudo Chokuda

    All hail King Jesus, singing holy. This song bless my soul.

  22. Elijah Leafa

    What a song 😍🔥

  23. Luke McFarland

    One day the Whloe world will sing this in one voice.. led by the redeemed. What day a day that will be . But till then .. we will sing All hail King Jesus!

  24. Stefany Ribeiro

    Jesus! You're beautiful! <3 So powerful this song!! <3 <3 <3

  25. Valiance

    Let every knee bow before the king of kings, the father who loved us as much to have himself sacrificed on a cross ( i mean that must of hurt to have nails pierce your arms and legs!) for us!

  26. Sandile Chili


  27. michael steen

    Love this song, right where were at in time,Jeremy you got the juice!

  28. Cevin Beverly

    made me cry.....i saw the world in jesus's eyes

  29. Enriche Ribeiro

    Shook me to my core thank you JESUS

  30. scottatutube1

    Cannot sing this song loud enough! All hail King Jesus!!

  31. Daniel Rocha de Souza

    Muito bom!

  32. Daniel Powers

    Jeremy is the only man who can play a 000-35 and not have it look prettier than him. Also, wonderful song, this is just jokes.

  33. Joe Holuta

    Awesome song and worship and band -God blessings to you♥️

  34. cas ly

    http://swiftation.com/s0n worship mob

  35. carlos jenkins


  36. carlos jenkins

    Costa Rica,Atenas ,Alajuela

  37. Doug Alexander

    Please join the #PrayerChain for @jeremymriddle @bethelmusic JEREMY “was in a motorcycle accident today breaking his ankle & has a collapsed lung along w/ contusions all over. He is in the hospital & is going in for MRI.” Send🙏🏼Psalm 107:20

  38. Ciggy Superchick

    Woah!!!!!!! Holy Holy Holy

  39. Joash Pather


  40. Ben Eustache

    wow.....When Jeremy got on his knees the Holy Spirit literally touched me...something came out of me...goosebumpsss....wow...I'm speechless!!!

  41. Catherine Duncan


  42. Rox Nadanada

    Soooo beautiful

  43. Joshua McLenachen

    Note to self, if I want to get work done, do not play this song. If I want to bring some Holy Spirit fire into the work place, play this song, haha.

    M.A Baz

    finding yourself crying and did not do anything in your work. lol relate much

  44. Anok Toalem

    Tears is falling hearing this song.crown Him

  45. Wayne Wright

    I’m going to do a piano 🎹 tutorial of this song please check it out on my channel. Hopefully I can post it tomorrow. Please subscribe so your notified.

  46. MRios Vera

    Wow, Wow, Wow!!! Love this video so much. When worship leaders end up on their knees it just shows where their hearts are. Thank you so much for this video!!!!

  47. Clarence Landveld

    blessings from surinam south amerika we love you bethel you bless us keep on going ALL HAIL KING JESUS

  48. g.c. f



    Hail King Jesus.
    we crown HIM with many crowns

  50. Angel Sanders

    This song at Christmas time is a glory explosion! It's all I want to listen to. I want to put my focus on Jesus, whatever is going on around me. I run to Jesus. I choose to gaze at Him.

  51. Felipe Bernardes

    This church is wicked. They fake miracles, their pastor drives a quarter million dollar car, they give false testimonies (including one where one of the pastors claimed Jesus apologized to him, a sinner). They make beautiful music, but don’t be fooled.

    Jen Martin

    Felipe Bernardes but our focus is not on the church, the testimonies, the pastor or his car. Our eyes are on the Savior of the world. ALL HAIL KONG JESUS!!!!

    Sándor Kertész

    And what about the poors and widows, brainless bro., hmmm? You are good but not helping others, just make fatten your leaders, shame yourself, Jesus never teached that practice, He oinsisted follwing His life and characters, act like Him, stupid, blind and naked beleiver, help the poors ad abandoned, you do not have to worship Him, but follow His acts, we do not need a rich church like this, hypocrites! Make cellgroups in little amounts, max. 20memmbers, help each others and visit the orphans and widows and helpless people and make example of your behaviour, this wrwthwd christianity mekes me puke, disgusting and not sincere to Himself, awake and shine like Christ would be appear on you spiritually, peace and divine love: Alex, a called out christlike divine person from these babilonian (pentecostal-charismatic kundalinni movement), from HUngary Budapest, i am thursty and hunger after the rightenousness and grace of Creator Father, but do not want to know the luciferian false agent of satan christendom! I AM SORRY FOR YOU, CHEATENED BELEIVERS, RUN OUT OF THESE CHATOLIC-LIKE CHURCHES, I PROTEST AGAINST KENNETH COPELAND-LIKE SATANIC AGENTS, LIKE JOHNSON, HINN, DOLLAR, ETC.-PROSPERITY GOSPEL DIRTY DANCING, GREAT WHORE ON NATIONS MOVEMENTS LIKE THESE, UNDERSTAND ME, I AM NOT HATING YOU, JUST WITH A LOVING CARE HEART, SAVE YOURSELF FROM THEIR PUNISHMENT OF LAST TIMES! BLESS YOU ALWAYS!

    Joseph Gonzalez

    Sándor Kertész you are greatly deceived, a church without the holy spirit having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof. Bearing false witness and many churches are doing just that
    I don't know what you believe in but Jesus is alive,he is the same yesterday today and forever and he still heals,delivers,etc. These churches that you critic as anti-truth are actually preaching full gospel...The gospel of the kingdom,not of talk but of power...


    Tearing down heartfelt worship to God is wicked.

  52. Josie Coop

    Thank you for this beautiful song! I was in tears as I singing it....great music, great worship....God bless you all!!


    Josie Coop me too.

  53. Ethan Watts Music

    This song is too good!

  54. Berakah Berry

    lol jeremy looking like Jesus....Great song!!! Thanks you God

    Sándor Kertész



    LOL you're totally right! I immediately took another look at him after reading your message and I think it's so funny because he really does look like him!!! lol.

  55. Sayra Virula

    Holy!! The one who set me free ❤ I LOVE YOU JESUS ❤

  56. Mrmr Content

    Cry out Holy

  57. Yamkela Nhleko

    so heavenly

  58. Gale G

    All Hail my KING JESUS! HOLY! GodBless You 😇 ! It Just awaken my Spirit 😇☝ it Reminds Me How GREAT AND HOLY IS OUR LORD JESUS !

  59. Marília Mota

    holly holly holly Jesus

  60. William Brito

    Oh My heart

  61. Annie Monk

    sooooo great worship, I sooo like it! so anointed... I very like Jeremmy and Steffany ♥

  62. Cruise Vaquero


  63. Evelyn Semenyuk

    Jeremy has the eyes of Jesus... Crystal clear

  64. Hans Onyema

    singing Holy

  65. Hans Onyema

    Holy Holy Holy

  66. dagman85

    Oh to hear the whole world singing this...


    Gal Nevo Jesus loves you more than you can possibly imagine, and He has a plan and a purpose for your life. In him you can experience freedom from the voices that speak to you, and you can experience true peace, joy and love. The torment in your soul can end, and you can experience a transformative love unlike anything you've ever known. Blessings to you, in Jesus' name! You are greatly loved.

  67. Kazy Kavezepa

    Crown Him with many crowns, the Lamb upon the throne.

    Sbongokuhle Mbatha

    Kazy Kavezepa my fav part of the song!!!

    Kazy Kavezepa

    Mine as well. It speaks volumes


    I wonder why he didn't develop it a bit more.

    Anders Ross

    That part is an old hymn.


    Yes jesus


    For ever lord u will reign. Amen

  70. Fabio Gonçalves

    So beautiful

  71. Mutsvandiani Chikutuma

    Good bless you. By his strips we were set free

  72. Innoces Nash


  73. torreddi

    This song takes me out of this world...just picturing every word.😊

    David Nkurunziza

    torreddi I don't know why I randomly checked out your playlists but mehn they're AMAZING... Lester Sumrall, William Branham, Kenneth Hagin, John Paul *handclaps* 👏😃

  74. Souza Gomes


  75. Mika Chavala

    Sooooo good! God bless Jeremy

  76. Purely Equine

    I love this music!!!

  77. Ana Borges


  78. Taynara Carvalho


  79. Lucas P. S.

    Brazil !!!

  80. Edimar Severo

    Jesus is King of the Kings, Lord of the Lords!! Hallelujah!!

  81. Rose Dindial


  82. Birte Dueck


  83. Daniel Rocha de Souza

    Why you repost the same music (in other version)?


    Comentarista do YouTube so that we can worship Him more, and join in the song with others around the world!

  84. Charity Rich

    I just love this song so much❤❤❤ God is so good🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  85. GODgirl Reyah

    all hail king JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Walter Suárez

    😇 blessings!!

    Nathan2505 Worshipper

    Walter Suárez I

  87. GODgirl Reyah

    GOD bless you all and praises and honor be to GOD forevermore:)