Ricky Skaggs - Pig In A Pen Lyrics

I got a pig at home in a pen;
Corn to feed 'Em on
All I need's a pretty little girl
To feed 'Em when I'm gone.

Goin' on the mountain
To sow a little cane
Raise a barrel of Sorghum,
To sweeten ol' Liza Jane.

Yonder comes that gal of mine,
How do you think I know
I know by that gingham gown,
Hanging down so low.

Dark cloud's arisin'
Surely a sign of rain
Get your gray bonnet on
Little Liza Jane.

Bake them biscuits, lady
Bake 'em good n' brown
When you get them biscuits baked
We're Alabamy bound.

When she sees me comin'
She wrings her hands and cries
Yonder comes the sweetest boy
That ever lived or died.

Now, when she sees me leavin'
She wrings her hands and cries
Yonder goes the meanest boy
That ever lived or died...

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Ricky Skaggs Pig In A Pen Comments
  1. Nofer Trunions

    Reminds me of a 25,000 rpm F1 engine.

  2. Genar Beard

    And that folks is full throttle bluegrass.

  3. scampt dizzler

    Ricky is a pure bluegrass genius. Best sound in the business.

  4. Dustin Vol Fan

    This song has a few references to "rocky island" by Ralph Stanley

  5. Josh Done

    Fucking virtuosos

  6. Ego Sum Umbrae Mortis

    Makes Dragonforce look like Owl City

  7. Grant Bassett

    I shotgun beers faster when this song is playing

  8. Glennis Cannon

    Fabulous !!!!

  9. Sam Wulfekotter

    my friend know that guy!

  10. PollieBear

    Lowdown hearththrobbin good!

  11. Yellow Rose Farm

    Ricky is good at the mandolin.

  12. Eslayer12

    play this in 1.50 speed

  13. fluthebirdwatcher

    bunch of champs.. Sutton stomping a hot one, Mills showing a brother whats up... Skaggs... the man with the plan. God bless.

  14. Francis Madigan

    Yikes ! These guys are tighter than a fishes butt

  15. Gabriel Brymer

    my dad used to sing this to me when I was real young.i love this

  16. kevin wayne

    this is good stuff

  17. Austin Smith

    can you upload ralph stanley plz

  18. Leslee Abraham

    So neat to see a younger Darrin Vincent with Ricky Skaggs

  19. Shinnosuke Kawabe

    young bryan sutton !!!

  20. popoaggie

    Jim Mills with hair. This goes back a ways.

    Jim Mills

    I did have hair!!!....That was my first TV appearance on the Grand Ole Opry with Ricky Skaggs and KY Thunder....TWENTY YEARS AGO THIS YEAR....Back in 1997!!!!!.... Jim Mills

  21. Anita Horsley

    sittin here eating me a chunk of pork roast

  22. Erik Yates

    Bryan Sutton. 'nuf said

  23. Paolo Tiago Murari

    @marco scarpa nemmeno li slayer dei tempi migliori andavano così veloci !!! @Francesco Mosna

    marco scarpa

    ma???sticazzi dio cane!

  24. Brad Houghton

    Happy anniversary  baby !!! 7 years on the 11th !!! I love you !!!

  25. Hooter Bear

    ah la Bill Monroe....RIP

  26. Mark Stockman

    WOOT!  With speed like that, these ol' boys could probably cover Dragonforce's "Through the fire and flames."  


    Yeah but could they get 100% on expert?

  27. Daniel Irmscher

    No fiddle lead? What the f...


    It went by so fast I guess you missed it. It was the first solo.

  28. Bubba Fmrusmcr

    Who're the 4 idiots who come to this music & then don't like and/or criticize it? Duh! :(

  29. Bubba Fmrusmcr

    Ricky can sure make that Mandolin talk!! Great music by a Bluegrass legend! :)

  30. Jess Corey

    @ JohnnyWayne

    That Banjo man...

    Is The Fabulous Jim Mills :)

  31. JohnnyWayne

    That banjo picker is one of the best I've ever seen.

  32. Barry Mcconnell

    They are the best!

  33. Emma The Paper Quiller

    my friend challenged me not to tap my foot while listening, I lost :)

  34. D. Swigart

    nice talk flower mouth

  35. Master100Mind

    Simply amazing! And is that a young Darrin Vincent back there on guitar?

  36. JoshDone

    Bryan Sutton is fucking incredible

  37. Gay Alford

    your nuts!

  38. Gay Alford

    Now that's BLUEGRASS-----Done by the BEST!!!!

  39. T Moody

    Hell yeah!!

  40. andyincov

    I feel like a pig in s*** when I listen to this. kersal2 - you need to have a word with yourself.

  41. dadsgirl0423


  42. kersal2

    bunch of fuckin hicks

  43. Denise Pryce

    @jazzmac03 That is the monstrous picker, Bryan Sutton.

  44. jazzmac03

    WHO!!! is that on guitar solo 1:09????????

  45. cornearbornatortoise

    they were playing so fast that may have been the whole album.

  46. pappymcdamnit

    My GOD, the guy in the middle looks just like the kid from Deliverance

  47. Denise Pryce

    @ 1:29, the MAN, the great Jimmy Mills.

  48. dougfrombaltimore

    amazing how Ricky gets the best in his band. I wish I could play the guitar half as well as Bryan Sutton, or the Banjo half as good as Jimmy Mills.

  49. iloveyouemily

    Saw Kentucky Thunder in Rahway, Nj (Rahway, NJ ???) Possibly the best live music show I've ever seen. Cancompare with the Johnson Mountain Boys (who were also sensational) If you get a chance to see any of these acts, don't miss it. You won't be sorry.

  50. denrizza

    They played it like they were in a hurry to go somewhere. O.o

  51. Hard Drugs

    me! def my favorite

  52. danielwatkins18

    I Love Bryan Sutton!!!

  53. Hannes Svedberg

    Who else loves Bryan Sutton?

  54. Anthony Acciaioli

    Awesome picking :) Ricky is a real pioneer in Bluegrass Music. He's such a talent!

    Russ Warriner

    Matthew allen lee

  55. dragknuckle

    Wow is that fast!