Ricky Skaggs - Little Bessie Lyrics

Hug me closer, mother, closer,
Put your arms around me tight,
For I am cold and tired dear mother,
Yet, I feel so strong tonight.
Something hurts me here dear mother,
Like a stone upon my breast,
Oh I wonder, mother, wonder,
Why it is I cannot rest.
All the day while you were working,
As I lay upon my bed,
I was trying to be patient,
And to think of what you said.
How the king, dear blessed jesus,
Loves his lambs to watch and keep,
Oh, I wish he would come and take me,
In his arms that I might sleep.
Just before the lamps were lighted,
Just before the children came,
While the room was very quiet,
I heard someone call my name.
All at once a window opened,
On a field of lambs and sheep,
Some far out in a brook were drinking,
Some were lying fast asleep.

In a moment I was looking,
On a world so bright and fair,
Which was filled with little children,
And they seemed so happy there.
They were singing oh so sweetly,
Sweetest songs I ever heard,
They were singing sweeter, mother,
Than our darling little birds.
But I could not see the savior,
Tho' I strained my eyes to see,
And I wondered if he saw me,
Would he speak to such as me.
All at once a window opened,
One so bright upon me smiled,
And I knew it must be jesus,
When he said, "come here my child".
"come up here my little bessie,
Come up here and live with me,
Where little children never suffer,
Never suffer through eternity".
Then I thought of all you'd told me,
Of that bright and happy land,
I was going when you called me,
When you came and kissed my hand.
And at first I felt so sorry,
You had called and I would go,
Oh, to sleep and never suffer,
Mother, don't be crying so.
Hug me closer, mother, closer,
Put your arms around me tight,
Oh, how much I love you, mother,
And how strong I feel tonight.
And the mother pressed her closer,
To her own dear burdened breast,
On the heart so near its breaking,
Lay the heart so near its rest.
At the solemn hour of midnight,
In the darkness calm, and deep,
Lying on her mother's bosom,
Little bessie fell asleep.

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Ricky Skaggs Little Bessie Comments
  1. Allen Gardner

    the original by The Stanley Brothers is the same

  2. sue smith

    I will always love this song. For some reason it touches my heart like no other song

  3. wildwood valleyboy

    I can't believe Ricky did this,.."and I feel so STRONG  tonight"?,...what's the matter with that guy?...HE of all people should know better !...its NOT 'strong' but- 'STRANGE',...come on man, give us a break !..if the little girl felt 'STRONG' then she wouldn't have died !..."when will they ever learn" ?

    Bowen Smith

    wildwood valleyboy maybe however every one exhibits strengths before death so I don’t mind it

    Annette Kastner

    It sounds like he's singing "I don't feel so strong tonight"

    Moe’s Melodies

    Patients often have a last spurt of strength and vitality before they pass. But I believe the correct term is I feel so strange tonight. This song was written by Judge Joseph Cornett of Kentucky folks believe it was written for his little girl who died in childhood.

    john shell

    interesting view wildwood. guess you never heard the body grows weak the spirit grows strong not one and the same

    Paul Rieker

    Roscoe Holcomb was recorded in 1962 using the word "strong". The liner notes to "High Lonesome Sound" cite the lyrics from a Baptist Song Book. Would anyone find the earliest printed version?