Ricky Skaggs - Hummingbird Lyrics

Got tired of livin' in that one horse town
When to the station flagged that hummingbird down
I didn't even call to say goodbye
I couldn't stand to see that little girl cry
Now I'm walkin' to the city gonna make my name
Those lights were callin' me to fortune and fame
I had to ride that hummingbird just let me ride that hummingbird
I'm gonna make it now just any day
I've got this guitar and I came to play
Lyin' here lonely knowin' what I lost
My heart keeps asking was it worth the cost
Now ain't it funny how that always seems
Once you're standing there and the grass ain't so green
Why did I ride that hummingbird why did I ride that hummingbird
Oh today she called me on the telephone
She said hey country boy you been gone too long
And now I'm standin' at the station looking down the line
Here comes that hummingbird and she's right on time
I'm gonna ride that hummingbird just let me ride that hummingbird
I'm gonna ride just let me ride that hummingbird

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Ricky Skaggs Hummingbird Comments
  1. bocephus maguire

    Always liked Ricky Skaggs but I prefer Restless Heart's version of this song.

  2. Pasquale Zito

    AAALLLLLRIGHT::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.................................GReat Boyyyyyyyyyy............................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. j.p. tewksbury

    Not a big fan of bluegrass type music,But I love Ricky Skaggs music!!

  4. richintalent

    Did Ricky write this or is it a cover?

    Joseph Allwood

    It's a cover of a Restless Heart song.

  5. Dave Wollenberg

    I guess Ricky chose not to let it end, but to fade out.

  6. Tony Ridlen

    Is Skaggs hit the original or did some other artist or country band release it on the country charts before Eicky did?

    Dave Wollenberg

    I know that Restless Heart co-wrote and recorded it, 1st.

  7. Jody Reeder

    Has me wandering, is the Hummingbird train, or bus?

    Bill Rodgers

    It was an L&N (Louisville & Nashville) passenger train.

  8. Aleph Omega

    Man this is some good ass music