Ricky Nelson - Violets Of Dawn Lyrics

Take me to the night I'm tippin'
Topsy-turvy, upside-down
Hold me tight and tell me what you sish for
There is no one here around
You may sing song my sweet smiles
Regardless of the cities careless frown
Come watch the no-colours fade
Blazing into petal sprays of violets of dawn

In blissful wonderments enchantment
You can lift my wings softly to flight
Whirling, twirling, puppy-warm
Before the flashing cloaks of darkness gone
Come see the no-colours fade
Blazing into petal sprays of violets of dawn

A prince charming I'll be, on two white steeds
To give you dappled diamond crowns
And climb your towers sleeping beauty
'Fore you ever know I've left the ground
You can wear a Cinderella, Snow-White
Alice Wonderland gown
Come watch the no-colours fade
Blazing into petal sprays of violets of dawn

But if I seem to wander off in dream-like looks
Please let me settle slowly
It's only me just staring out at you
A seeming stranger speaking holy
I don't mean to wake you up
It's only loneliness just coming on
So let the colours fade
Blazing into petal sprays of violets of dawn

Like shadows bursting into mist
Behind echoes of this nonsense song
It's just a chasing, whispering trail of secret steps
Oh see them laughing on
There's magic in the sleepiness
Of waking to a childish sounding yawn
Come watch the no-colours fade
Blazing into petal sprays of violets of dawn

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Ricky Nelson Violets Of Dawn Comments
  1. joseph lemko

    Thank you for playing this song. I have never heard this version of Eric Andersen's classic tune. Ricky Nelson once again proves how talented he truly was.

  2. Roy Thomas-Erhard

    Check out John Denver doing this song with the Chad Mitchell Trio

  3. Michael Nivens

    great song

  4. Gwynn Evans

    Great Eric Andersen song. He does a great job. Don't include Rick in those pretty boys who has little if no talent. The man could play and sing. Loved the Stone Canyon Band - highly underrated!

    Steve Roberts

    You kiddin' me dude. Rick Nelson was one of the all-time great singers and songwriters. Elvis Presley was one of his biggest fans. I loved him to death. My mom and dad loved him and so did my friends who had any musical understanding. Great cover of Eric Andersen's classic song.

  5. umberto meneghetti

    all video are fantastic !! grazie


    Happy to share :)

  6. beanie928

    Great song, great performance,great guy--best ever!

  7. motomichi okura

    I like this Rick very much. At The Troubadour in Los Angeles in 1969.

  8. Dave Rucilez

    Rick was one of the kindest and humble guys I have ever met. I loved his Stone Canyon Band as well..Allen, Randy, Pat & the great Tom Brumley!

  9. JeneeneB

    very beautiful

  10. jesmelric

    @tenniscollector Hi, I have posted it, please check my channel. If there's anything else you'd like to hear, let me know and I will check and see if I have it. Hope you enjoy!

  11. tenniscollector

    Thanks. "Life (single version)" would be good to hear as I have the "Rudy the 5th" CD so will be interested to hear the difference. The two utube video's of "Life" are from a tv show but with different lyrics.

  12. jesmelric

    @tenniscollector I do have Perspective, is there any songs in particular you are interested in? Also, I don't have Playing to Win but I do have the 4 cd Legacy set which has some songs from that Lp, what songs are you interested in, and I'll check and see if I have them.

  13. tenniscollector

    Interesting I never heard it. He recorded a folk album which has been re-released on CD called PERSPECTIVE. You got that one ? Also, If you have 1980's PLAYING TO WIN could you pa-leeeeeze upload a few tracks for us? ! ??

  14. jesmelric

    @nina1823 sorry about that, the song writer is Eric Anderson.

  15. jesmelric

    @nina1823 This is from the Live at the Troubadour album recorded in 1969. The songwriter is Tim Hardin. It's one of my favorite Rick Nelson songs.

    Roy Elmo

    jesmelric eric andersen wrote this song.

  16. Nina Garcia

    Didn't like this the first time, love it the second time around, did Rick record this?