Ricky Blaze - Wifey Lyrics

I just wanna know, like if if we talkin or dealin with each other, is something real nah mean. Like I don't wanna play these games, so if he not being real to you, and you feel like I'm being real to you, fess up nah mean.

[Verse 1:]
Girl give me 5 minutes
Let me tell you the business, I want you to be real
Seee, got this little problem, my head is filled with drama
I just need you with me... yeaaa
I can picture us, doing a lot of stuff
But you don't want it to be... yeaaa
Myspace is where we meet, I like you an you like me, but you got a man and it's real
But anyways

Girl turn around and look into my face
Tell me what you see, a man
That wants you to be his Wifeyyy
Baby eh eh eh eh eh eh, yea eh eh eh eh
But anyways eh eh eh eh eh, yea eh eh eh eh eh

[Verse 2:]
Sitting here dreaming bout meeting the peoples havnt those bowed little sexy sequels
And it's driving my mind insane, and your the one to blame
Can't believe a girl like you got my mind lost
I don't know what to do it's my heart
If I'm dreaming wake me up, cause if love breaks me then I guess I'm stuck

[Chorus: x2]

I just wanted to let you know how I feel you know. I'm just keeping it real babes. So I hope from here on you'll know what you wanna do in life. U got 1 life to live so live it. Peace

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