Rick Springfield - State Of The Heart Lyrics

It's just the state of the heart
I'm waiting here for you
In the state I'm in

I know your name, I told you mine
We've stopped and passed the time of day
You work in town, I work at night
That gives us six until seven to work this out

If I seem a little strange
It's just the state of the heart
I'm waiting here for you
In the state I'm in

You are the moon, I am the sea
You pull me in and gaze on down at me
I was alone, I thought I was immune
It's good to know
The door can still be open wide

If I seem a little strange
It's just the state of the heart
I'm waiting here for you
In the state I'm in

It's just the state of the heart
I wait in the dark
In the state I'm in

We get closer and closer
To falling out or falling in
I go over and over
But I can't change the state
This heart is in

If I seem a little strange
It's just the state of the heart
I'm waiting here for you
In the state I'm in
It's just the state of the heart
You know I wait in the dark
In the state I'm in

It's the state of the heart
The state of the heart
The state of the heart
The state of the heart

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Rick Springfield State Of The Heart Comments
  1. Yoana Fuentes

    Ahora estamos todos viejos..😭😭😭😭

  2. Ghost Tongues

    "Tao" is a great album start to finish. He never got the credit he deserved as a songwriter.

  3. redstang5150

    This video was directed by David Fincher!

  4. amanda davis

    Of all of Rick's hits, this is the ONLY one I don't really like.

  5. Stephen Key


  6. Jeff Wright

    great song

  7. Carmen J

    😊👍bm clasificado

  8. Gwendolyn Hall

    I.love ricky Springfield songs

  9. Margaret Kelleher

    He is so beutyful.

  10. Luke Waters

    Who's listening it in 2020?? :)

  11. Ernesto Moran

    Ohh...remembering the crush on a girl who didn't know how much I loved her. I still think about you after all these years.

  12. Nicholas Yochheim

    2020 and still jamming <3

  13. Lee Bruce

    Corey. Hart
    Chris. Isaak
    Great musician

  14. Sharon Augustin

    I USE TO WATCH HIM ON GH! I BELIEVE MOST DID!!! NEVER THE LESS NO ONE CAN DELIVER THE STATE OF THE HEART LIKE RICK... I appreciate the way he does every movement deliberately to convey the seriousness of the moment. Let's not get so deep but in truth he rocks... blessings


    Q lamentable q no vino a chile


    Teemazo de los 80' recordando en la máquina del tiempo


    Un 12 del 12 19'

  18. John Hoebeke

    1 of the best singer songwriter ever ❤️🌍
    So many good songs En still counts

    Darius Karvelis

    Its not his song, but he perfomes it perfectly

    John Hoebeke

    I know 👌

    John Hoebeke

    Mondo rock cover

    Darius Karvelis

    @John Hoebeke But cover is better for me, than original

    John Hoebeke

    @Darius Karvelis yessss indeed 👌❤️

  19. Autism Awareness First!


  20. KathyD Marbert

    hello, Mr.Rick Springfield,:) Very Awesome music video & Total Album! I've got Every One Of Them!:)

  21. Samuel Morado

    Saw him in Lubbock Texas.QUARTERFLASH opened

  22. James West

    State Of The Heart is my favorite....God I wish I could hear it live......

  23. Saed Khaled

    22 years old and I’ve been hooked on this song all year I’ve heard so much amazing music in my life but I can’t explain what it is about this song that makes it so special to me it’s just a feeling anyone who was able to experience this first hand when it came out man id do anything to feel that honestly

  24. Stephen Key

    The boy looks so different yet equally handsome ever y time
    ... I'm Bi so if we were the same age and he too was Bi I'd never ever let him go..... Ever!!!! 🤣 😂 Bunnies beware😅😅🐇🐰

  25. synthman 831

    drum machine or acoustic drums?

  26. Gustavo Herrera

    Great song and great solo guitars!!

  27. Julwiez de Ghorz

    Watching this song as one of my childhood hits, and now its 2019.

    Mike Smallwood

    I actually missed this one. I heard it years later after it was a hit. Now I love it.

    roman alcantara

    En mexico esta cancion fue un cover por el grupo matricula 2 ... se llamo loco por ti... exelente adaptacio me encantaron las 2

  28. Julie Hoff

    One of my all time favourite songs ever , 💕💕💕💕💕

  29. SnapCraft316

    It took me 34 years to realize this song is a cover??? (Mondo Rock) Well Rick improved it 10 fold.

  30. Wiola Zurkowska

    Happy Birthday Rick

  31. Veer Chasm

    Anyone that wants to relive the 80’s has to live through the crappy 70’s to appreciate it

  32. isabel cristina ramirez

    Summer ‘85..❤️❤️❤️❤️

  33. flavia sarto

    Amo essa música. Springfield é lindo até hoje. Muito boa essa época

  34. ics 22

    Love it nostalgic retro 80'S ...what does the difference of his 2 songs AFFAIR OF THE HEART and STATE OF THE HEART?

  35. Edyta Gajewska

    Piękna piosenka o miłości ...Najbardziej zapadła mi w pamięci 😘

  36. Julie Hoff

    Love him , like fine wine and all that , xxxx💕💕💕💕

  37. jeffski79

    The soundtrack of my life...all the good guys are not gone...we are still here.

  38. David Conejo

    Alguien sabe quien canta la versión en español?

  39. Stephen Key

    Who said The Perfect Boy don't exist???

  40. Stephen Key

    Still a Boy then 😨

  41. kenslizzard

    This is one of my Favorite song's that he did!! People always think of Jessie's girl. I hope they explore his catalogue a bit more, the guy had some Awesome song's!!

    Stephen Key

    Check out Lana del rey vast catalog.... The big songs like video games and blue jeans don't do her justice

  42. achmad arwien

    who's listening it in 2019 ?

  43. Amran Noordin

    This is a cover by Rick Springfield. It was a hit in Australia. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State_of_the_Heart_(song)

  44. Bob Cummings

    Rick made some cool music videos in the 80's. Timeless ones too! You don't see NOTHING like this no more and it's a shame!

  45. agnelanna heavens


  46. agnelanna heavens


  47. Meschelle DenBeste

    Very hard scanning
    Sing to a heartbroken soul moving on

  48. agnelanna heavens


  49. Chocolat Mint

    I love this song🌸

  50. 레토스칼


    Stephen Key

    Yep.... Handsome boy from down under 🦘🦘🦘🤣😂

  51. Uwe Helming

    Mit love somebody und Jessie's girl Das schönste Lied von ihm.. 👍👍👍💖💖💖

  52. Cindy Yanes

    I remember watching him on Mtv when Mtv was Mtv not this crap they show now 😵

  53. Sergio Burgos007

    And you're trying to make me change this jewel for Sheeran????? Please mr. music producers...!!

  54. Julie Mellema

    ❤❤😍😍Good song!!

  55. BIG C Bartee

    Great GREAT GREAT SONG! I’m old enough to remember when this guy had his own cartoon show. Called “Mission in Magic.”
    Rock on Rick✊🏾

  56. norm paul

    i am 49 and this mite just be me ,but when i hear all the songs i grow up with i start to think of all the dumb and crazy stuff i did . it like a flash back to see what a screw up i was at time s lol how many girls i blow of to go stake boarding , flash forward the one girl who wanted me , is now a perfect 10 rich and amazing but her man is a dick and i still skate . LOOOOOL i got to grown up ?

  57. Jeremy Mair

    A great cover from Mondo Rock's classic ballad. Ross Wilson wrote this.

  58. CallmeToddy

    How would your life be if you'd have grew up with the music of the 80's ?

  59. Per4alltid


  60. Mark Martin

    great cover version of the tune ...originally done by Mondo Rock, of Australia..

  61. Vyh Freitas


  62. HellonHeels

    This man needs to be inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame.....people go vote...i did =)

  63. Máximo César

    Qué recuerdos de adolescente

  64. Cristina Lexy Reef Tank

    Great song!

  65. Mr. Eighty

    I'm sure this would have 1 million plus views by now if only people especially 80's loving millennial's knew about. Like me...

  66. Stephen Key

    He changed his sound alot in this since Jessie girl.... He was moving with the time 😉

  67. Roberto Mercado

    The best in all times,the for you music

  68. Stephen Key

    what kinda shoes is that boy wearing??!!!!

  69. James Tan

    Old time favorites

  70. Sylvia Polina

    Rick Springfield is my favorite singer of all time. His music is so good and I never get tired of listening to it. ❤❤

  71. Eli M

    Rick Springfield has everything , talent, charisma, great songs , a very good looking guy , and he is part of the 80's decade that was the best ❤😍
    Lucky all the people that saw him , I live in Buenos Aires and I won't never to see a Rick concert here 😔 like many others 80's bands

  72. Maritza lasaghe


  73. Sandy Jimenez

    Omg could listen to this over n over its just the state of my heart love this song

  74. Andy Rock

    ΤεραστΙΟ ΕΠΟΣ!

  75. isaias martinez

    en mexico hay una version de un grupo que se llama matricula 2 escuchenla gringos

  76. Donna Blyth

    He looks like a baby here. ❤ still a sexy

  77. Llamas Pierangelo

    I love to be forever young.

  78. Jannah Bint Al Yusuf aka Jannah225

    Beautiful Rick Springfield......emotional and full of heart ❤️ This song encompasses his lovely spirit.

  79. Gisela Grufi


  80. greekvoice

    The original song song is from Modo Rock an Australian group

  81. Jamila Andersson

    What Amazing Great Beautiful Fantastic Music We Had In The 80s! Woowww Love It
    Like This Amazing Song With Great Awesome Rick ...
    If We Could Have Music Songs Like This Now Days...
    Miss This Excellent Music. ..♥ ♥ ♥

  82. Tracy Mallon


  83. Julio Cortés

    Del LP TAO, para mí uno de los mejores álbumes de Rick! Fue el primero que compré de él.

  84. ernesto sanchez hernandez

    No me canso de escucharla una y otra vez por favor si alguien tiene una maquina del tiempo necesito volver a los 80s

  85. Angela Braunsdorf

    Just a beautiful man with a beautiful voice.

  86. Luciano Jannuzzi Carneiro

    I vividly remember when that song came out... On a rare occasion, it was lauched here in Brazil virtually at the same time as in the rest of the world.

    One point always made me curious, though: in the original LP, there's an "intro" to this song, like a synth/sampler experiment, but when I first heard it on FM radio, there was a voice, like a narrator, clearly down-sampled to sound like an 80's "monster" or something (the creatures from the movie "Labyrinth" came to mind...).

    Question is... Does anyone remember that at all or is it just me ? ;-)

  87. Karen Olson

    Omg, I'm so happy we got to meet you on the 80's cruise Rick, it made my week, your still sexy as ever😙🖤

  88. Tony Wilson

    Back then we knew how to treat our girlfriend, and make sure she knows she is only one! Such a lost now.

  89. Sam C

    Almost everyone that commented is a woman. Yep he gets more ass than a toilet seat.

  90. James West

    One of my all time favorite songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I play this song over and over and over endlessly

  91. Deanna Duncan

    I lost my husband in 2016...We were soulmates since the age of 17. This was our favorite song! Special thanks to Rick Springfield for lending his beautiful voice to this awesome piece of music that had a hand in my one time happiness. Best music ever💕

  92. Jorge Luna Cantante

    I like more Matricula 2

  93. outerlimits2000n2

    When I was 17.

  94. Ramon Llaras

    Grande rick escuchando tu musica volver los 80 que buenos recuerdo con éste tema ramone rock

  95. Julie Keenum

    Beautiful man, beautiful decade. #childofthe80's