Rick Springfield - Just One Look Lyrics

Just One Look and I felt so all, all, all
In love with you oh, oh
And I found out just how good it feels, feels, feels
To have your love oh, oh

So you will will be mine, mine, mine
Forever and always oh, oh
Just One Look and I knew, knew, knew
That you were my only one oh, oh

I thought I was dreaming but I was wrong yeah, yeah
But I'm gonna keep on scheming 'til I can make you, make you my own

So you see, I really care, care, care
Without you I'm nothing oh, oh
Just One Look and I know, oh, oh
I'll get you someday

That's all it took, yeah
Just One Look that's all it took, yeah

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Rick Springfield Just One Look Comments
  1. zack zaki

    Greetings from Singapore.🇸🇬

    I'm fan of Rick Springfield.Still have his vinyl record "Beautiful Feelings" which includes "Just One Look".

    He sang this song beautifully with his soul.Enjoy listening to all his songs.Amazing voice he has.👍

  2. MeanGreen

    Pisses me off I can't find the '84 version of this album anywhere, just the '78 one.
    Still... awesome cover of the song with either version, anyway.

    Kimberly Loveless

    but rick is better

  3. barozra

    I love this song! 

    Kimberly Loveless

    @barozra i love it too wtg rick