Rick Springfield - Bruce Lyrics

Doctor, doctor you gotta help me yeah
You gotta make it right for me
It seems this other man's name has been following me around
And it just won't let me be
You see I got this name and he's got this name too know
Well they're kinda close only a blind crazy fool
Would think I was him it's like saying green is blue
But let me tell you brother it started being a bother
When he made the cover of Time magazine

I was at this party in the wild-hilled hills
Just the other night
Her name was Shelly I introduced myself
She just smiled and said "all right"
Well we got talkin' and drinkin' wine
And she said she liked my music thought it was fine
She said, "Let's make love, your place or mine"
And in the middle of the passion I was on the borderline
When she called out a name but it wasn't mine

She called me Bruce, Bruce
I can hear her calling Bruce, Bruce
I can hear her calling Bruce, Bruce
I can hear her
My name is Rick I'm gonna stick it to ya babe

And there's this kid walking carrying a guitar
You know I told him that I played
He asked me my name you know I told him
I said it plain as clear as day
Well he seemed really, clearly, sincerely impressed
And as he pulled a piece paper for me to sign from his vest
He said, "I thought Born To Run was one of your best"
Awww wait a minute man, who do you think I am?
He answered, "Mr. Springsteen, you're a famous man."

He called me Bruce, Bruce
I can hear him calling Bruce, Bruce
He called me Bruce, Bruce
I can hear him
My name is Richard gonna hit it to you babe

You know my mama called me long distance yesterday
And as she got off the phone I swear I heard her say

Bye bye Bruce, Bruce
I can hear her calling Bruce, Bruce
She called me Bruce, Bruce
I can hear her
My name is Ricky gonna stick it to you babe

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Rick Springfield Bruce Comments
  1. Charles McLaughlin

    I remember he sang this in 1981 in San Antonio! He talk about how everyone confused his name with Springsteen! He had some fun with it but deep down I think it bother him!. But overall he did ok for himself!

  2. Johnny MFan

    Wow I am surprised this song made it to no 27 in the US. I never heard it. before


    Saw him twice. Once in Michigan, and he sang and danced all through the audience! Again in Vegas. So I knew his routine. When he danced my our table, I asked him to sing Born to Run. I think I got a smile. I know I did. Bruce who?

  4. Jerry Lee Kersey

    This is from 1978. I have the album.

  5. charlesbender66

    Must have really sucked to be
    Rick Springfield

  6. mark saad

    Rick Springfield - Bruce

    Beautiful Feelings
    Mercury 1984

  7. Steve Manner

    Errrrr. So if you ever ask me who is the more normal personal in this competition. The award goes to Rick

  8. rdietz68

    1:11 - I've also been in the "middle of the passion" and she called out another NAME! LOL....

  9. Melissa Wesco

    I have this record and I love it! It's Rick Springfield for crying out loud! The man of my dreams since I was 12 years old!

  10. Richard Whereat

    So, is the Hulks name Ricky?

  11. Fratelli d'ItaGlia

    1984 version is this

  12. TheBeautifulBernice

    Wow I have this stupid record lol! Got it for free when I purchased the Hard to hold album lol

  13. mielr

    This is the 1978 version, the '84 version has synths at the beginning.


    I wondered why it sounded different.. thankfully you clarified why. Geez.

  14. qman66

    Steve Somers brought me here

  15. Colin Sanders

    entered Billboard Nov 17, 1984 ..reached #27

    Abinash Mishra

    Colin Sanders but it was recorded in 1978...3 years before Jessie's Girl

  16. James Edgar

    This is funny stuff.

  17. John Macom

    Rock on!

  18. Kari C

    Lol I love this song.

    shiva umesh

    Kari C Me too!!

  19. horndogrob

    He totally just sang he was going to have sex with his mother because she called him Bruce, right? Did anyone else get that? These lyrics.

    James Edgar

    No, each verse is a separate encounter with the name mix-up.

    Andy Jacobs

    I have no idea what you're talking about horndogrob.

    Joseph Rubas

    I banged my mom for calling me Bruce. Bitch couldn't walk right for a week.

  20. Sandra Noneofyourbusiness

    This guy was good looking and he obviously had a sense of humor, too


    He still has a sense of humour and as far as I'm concerned he is still a good looking man for the age of sixty-seven.


  21. Joe Rubas

    Guess it really bothered him.

  22. Joe Rubas

    Love this song. I found a pin in a thrift store circa 2007 that said I'M NOT BRUCE.

  23. Donna Van Wie

    One of my slideshows...

    Shane Jones

    Funny... this song came out in the same year Springsteen dropped the Born in the USA mega bomb that blew this one hit wonder back to Oz. ;)


    Rick had 17 Top 40 hits in the US---hardly a "one hit wonder"...lol