Rick Springfield - Affair Of The Heart Lyrics

Heart in my mouth
Pulse in my head
Mercury rising into the red
The smell of your skin can
Light up all the fires in me

Hungry to touch
I'm eager to please
Out of control
And I hand you the keys
Every night I am burning
To make love to you

But don't try to tell me
you think it's all physical
It goes much deeper than that

You ought to know
It's an affair of the heart
It's an affair of the heart
It's an affair of the heart
Have a little blind faith, believe
It's an affair of the heart

When we make love
It's a passionate thing
You shudder and shake
Sink your teeth in my skin
I almost believe you were made
To be played by my hands

And you got the power
It amazes me still
How you play my emotions
With consummate skill
I don't have to look any further
Than into your eyes

So don't try to tell me
You think it's just physical
It goes way deeper than that

You better know
It's an affair of the heart
It's an affair of the heart
It's an affair of the heart
Have a little blind faith, believe
It's an affair of the heart

I'm the controller
And I want to touch you and seize you
And make you mine, hey, hey

Don't try to tell me
You think it's all physical
It goes much deeper than that
You ought to know
It's an affair of the heart
It's affair of the heart

You better know
It's an affair of the heart
It's an affair of the heart

You better know
it's an affair of the heart
Have a little blind faith, believe
It's an affair of the heart

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Rick Springfield Affair Of The Heart Comments
  1. Faith Hope & Love

    Synthesizers, vocals, lyrics. or Drums, guitars, Piano's, cowbell and metal. Those were both the choices. I loved them equally! The lyrics always meant something. Somewhere metal took a scream avoid of words. Shame. Scream equates to idiots. Guess they had nothin to say.

  2. Constance Barkins

    When videos had nothing to do with the song = 80s lol

  3. Steve Ferguson

    80s had. Sexy. Under. Wear

  4. Steve Ferguson

    Miss the. 80s. 80s. Had. Best. Music. Tv. Shows. Movies. Drive. Inn movies. Fashions. Every. Thing. Was. Sexy. In. The. 80s. Compare. That. To. Today's. Music. 80s. Childs. The. Crazy. Things. We. Did. Sexy. Under. WeE

  5. Anthony Marabito

    Love that guitar tone. Pickups run hot but not too hot. Has bite but also a thickness.

  6. maha77

    35 years later I decided I needed to hear this song again and I'm glad I did

  7. Holy Smoke

    I'm still trying to be like Rick 37 years later!

  8. 123 RaVeN

    My first famous crush!!!!!! Oh boy!!!! He is hot!!!!!!

  9. J Bro

    I'm straight but I think I'd go gay for Rick Springfield

  10. Richard Walker

    Paging Dr. Noah Drake!

  11. J K

    My wife and I saw him at a casino show eight years ago. Afterwards we retired to our hotel room and our daughter was born precisely nine months later. Thanks for the assist, Rick!

  12. Lisa Lentile

    OMG so sexy I was in love with him

  13. joe Pipe

    Funny these old 80s videos..

  14. teresa smith

    Rick Rick Rick. 80s rock.

  15. Chris Norwood

    Rick Springfield defined what the 80's were. Great music and singers making their own music.

  16. Russell Smith

    The 80s rock,They just don't make music like this anymore

  17. Jose Muñoz

    Rainning days...school ole days...love was in the air younger years 1983. MTV was born and sit to made better life with stunning and fabolous moments that filled my eyes and senses then

  18. Gail Spencer Choate

    2:49. MEOW.

  19. Vera Pimentel

    I had a crush on him ..always loved the voice ..and the looks ...xo

  20. 伊藤茂信


  21. Hiittingnote Nash Vegas

    Alien voice at 3:20

  22. Jim Hoffmann

    Saw RS at the Rosemont Horizon in 1984. He’s a great performer.

  23. Cindy Mcswain

    Springfield and Bryan Adams are the best in the 80's. Love them and their music! He was soo good looking!

  24. wheelmanstan

    sooooo 80's

  25. CJ Meiko

    Living life: 50 years old

    Listens to this song:

    16 years old again

  26. Angela

    One of my favorite songs from the 80's

  27. Joann Johnson

    Noah Drake is still sexy .This video drive me crazy Rick Springfield .

  28. Amy Jorgenson

    It's amazing how much I fell in love with you back in the day. You were absolutelly the greatest to me! Anyway, I wanted to be with you so bad!! Keep on keeping on! You don't seem to get old! Lol!

  29. Kerri Johnson

    God he was so gorgeous! Saw him for my first time concert! I was 9! Saw the Living In Oz tour later as a teen! Don’t remember much about the first concert but the second time was amazing!

  30. Lemmon Harris

    80's music was the shiznit!

  31. Melissa Enriquez

    Who else wish they could pull the sheet down for a sneaky peaky??? 😜😘😍

  32. omcn1259

    So sexy 😍😍😘😘

  33. Michael Colello

    WANTED: Very fast convertible, white blazer and satchel of imported powder for retro-futuristic joyride

  34. Kenneth Pizzi

    In the Eighties every man either wanted to look like Don Johnson or Rick Springfield. Both the epitome of cool.

  35. Marshall Lancaster

    What a great time to be a newly licensed driver. The radio couldn’t play enough Rick—3-4 different albums, all great.

  36. yester day

    This is such a well written song....so.....deep. He is so talented.

  37. RaginCajunAsian

    Still rocking this in 2019 (and beyond)...

  38. GVike

    And I just realized that is Tim Pierce on lead guitar. I have seen some videos in his YT channel...

  39. ducksliver

    Happy 70th birthday, Rick!!!

  40. clintjason macgyver82

    Happy Birthday Rick Springfield! He's 70 today.

  41. linda donofrio

    One of the most beautiful men ever

  42. Jason Nadle

    I've begun to think this may have been the first draft of the theme to the show "Hunter" which began the next year. Mike Post wrote the theme but it had a Rick Springfield vibe for 1984.

  43. Stack Britz

    He's awesome!!! But I have no desire to ever see him in concert...saw him 3 times while he was on top of it...As he's gotten older...not much of a fan....I like MY Rick Springfield....years and years ago....

  44. non yourbuisness

    I had forgotten all about this song. I am soo excited i was able to see him live in my town last month in the middle of a heat wave Rick was awesome

  45. Susan Puglife

    Loved this song. I think it was my favorite song on that album

  46. Connie Womack

    I can listen to Rick Springfield 24/7 and never get tired of listening to him
    Been a long time fan since Speak to the sky

  47. Luka B.

    Back in the day when singers didn’t sound like Stephen Hawking!

    Great stuff

  48. Jerrene W.

    I had such a crush on him in the early 80s! I loved singing and dancing while thinking about him and staring at his record. We played solid gold every weekend that was before MTV videos. Just watching this video again makes me just wanna kiss on him!💘 LoL I don't really remember this video but I still love him to bits!! Love you Rick and big 😘❤💋kisses!

    Jerrene W.

    His writing is so creative and really ahead of his time. Lyrics are way deeper than I realized when I waa younger and I love that about him, He goes deep.💟

  49. Joe O'Malley

    Sorry, but for my money, this is way better than Jessie's Girl.

  50. rex racer

    Tim Pierce on lead guitar ...top notch player that was very sought after in the studio and appears on many songs..
    The guitar solos on Bon Jovi’s “Runaway” and Crowded House “Don’t dream it’s over “ to name a few..

  51. Jenny Taylor

    Rick could sure rock a mullet!

  52. sharikoe

    2019 still listening, love it.

    Felicia Franks

    I still listen to to him

  53. Be11a2496 M

    He kinda gives me brandon flowers vibes but u know MUCH better

  54. Robert Nieves

    God, I'm old enough to remember when his career blew up while on General Hospital.

  55. Soila Cantu


  56. George MiLo

    And it did not take 48 songwriters to get this one done.

  57. Lori Gonzalez

    I love ricky springfield❤❤❤

  58. Gina Pileggi

    I’ve loved Rick since I was 15 and I’m 52 now and he still looks amazing!!!! Going to see him at the end of July here in Vegas!!! Can’t wait!!!!


    what the heffe Rick, you want to that i do blind faith or dont talk to the strangers, ohhhh its ditto, i love you jimmy

  60. Super Kyle

    So many 80's vids would have a quick, non-sequitur scene that seemed out of context with the rest of the vid, like there was no meaning for it at all and it made no sense. What's with the lady ironing with all the cobwebs around at 2:54

  61. The_Mynxie_One

    I love his music. I use to watch him on General Hospital (also when he made a comeback. Don't watch soaps anymore though). He is just to fucking hot!

  62. Tricia Star

    Saw him in Louisiana in March. Fun show. I was like a giddy teenager. We held hands...LOL.

  63. Alliem71

    Yummmmmm....this song was hot just like him! 🔥 🔥 🤤🤤

  64. John Mcconnell

    Best 80s music back in the day wow miss the 80s true true classeic song and video 😉😀😀😀

    James Vradenburg

    I agree John, the 80s were a great decade and I still play this stuff today.i will never stop either til the day I die!! 80s forever for me!

  65. UltraPrime

    Don't let the democrats steal your soul. Stay Strong !!!!!!!!!!! Love uPrime

  66. Bob Cummings

    This is still one of Rick's COOLEST songs and videos of all time!

  67. Conscious Gentile

    Billy Squier-- eat your heart out 🔥🔥🔥

  68. J Bro

    The most beautiful man to have ever walked this Earth

  69. Andy Jacobs

    I always wanted to know what was being said from 3:19 to 3:29. Never figured it out and have never found the answer. Also the way he sang the word, "baby" at 4:22 was my favorite part of the song.

  70. Amy Gale

    Rick Springfield was the first person I saw in concert. The 80s had some of the best music.

  71. richierich396

    '83 was a gr8 year in music! Got my license that same year and fortunate 2 cruise the boulevards in my old man's '83 K-5 Blazer blasting new Jensen stereo! Good times!

  72. RED PILLS42

    Omg! I remember this! I'm watching him now on Supernatural season 12 episode 7! Lmao!!

  73. Scott Kenny

    Rick is underated, he had some Jams, plus he was huge on general hospital, underated heartthrob of 80's, Rick the man

    Vickie B.

    I had the biggest crush on him & loved him General Hospital too. Had to relive some childhood memories because my 50th birthday is Saturday! (1969 baby) Glad I was a teen in the 80's. ☺

  74. Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl

    The man was a GIRL MAGNET. All he had to do was WALK IN THE ROOM....and he's got ALL to the girls. Without saying a word. Now THAT is magnetism. 😎

    yester day

    Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl
    THAT is a happy grin...twinkle in the eye and what verbally comes across as a beautiful forthright soul!

  75. E . Rama Enqvist

    Dam I miss the 80's  At  age  49 ...the music still  sound ....Awesome ...Eddie Arad Enqvist ..Thank You YouTube

  76. Nacho Coria

    Después de muchos años la vuelvo escuchar de nuevo......

  77. Patricia B

    Got to meet him a few years back in Massachusetts. Had a mug made with a pic of his dog, Gomer. He loved it. Nice guy!

  78. Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl

    Dude was a straight up CHICK MAGNET....he just had that magnetizm. Walk into the room...don't say a word...and PANTIES DROP. 😈

  79. cynthiadean19

    General Hospital Dr.Noah Drake!!😍😍😍

  80. Lewman

    I always thought this song was WAY better than "Jesse's girl".

  81. Lee Anna Reynolds

    Just saw him Saturday. He is still got it at age 70.

  82. laurie alexander

    In the 80's they were all really musicians!!!

  83. Gina

    I know this video was uploaded several years ago but Rick Springfield was my first concert in Nashville....He opened with this song in 1983. I can still picture it in my mind....swoon....

  84. Defph Clinch

    It's 2019 Rick Springfield..I love this song and love somebody❤️❤️

  85. Cindy Yanes

    I always wanted a boyfriend like Rick Springfield growing up in the 80's he is freaking Hot 💗😘😂💗

  86. A M

    He was such a hottie here- I crushed hard on him as a teen

  87. Michael Webb

    The instrumental at the beginning, for me, evokes an image of being in the woods at night and seeing through the trees, a red light pulsing at the top of a powerline tower.

  88. Saira Smith

    pretty good song and i cant stop listening to it tbh

  89. Lisa Trosclair

    Love me some Rick S.

  90. Andreas Bell

    Now I know where the ABC Australia tv ident music came from! 😋

  91. Melissa Enriquez

    I had such a crush on him 😍

  92. J Bro

    Hey! Does anyone remember a vampire TV movie that he starred in sometime in the late 80s? I think he played a vampire cop or something. Anyone?

    Sandra Sempek

    Nick Night

    Sandra Sempek

    Sorry, meant Nick Knight

    J Bro

    @Sandra Sempek OMG thank you so much!! That's been bugging me for decades!! Now I know. Thanks again 😄😄

  93. susie s

    I use to sit in front of mtv and wish I would see him walking down my street!! My guy friends would say he is gay them jealous asswhole 35 yrs ago dam!!

  94. Sarcastic Cat

    The group of women all singing "its all physical" is cynical..... Yup..... They know the truth... How many were there exactly? Lol!

  95. Uonder Kilkenny

    Whats an affair of the heart...

  96. Cory Gilmor

    80s music was much better than music today if you can call some of it music

  97. Julie Mellema


  98. rob yohn

    I remember him on General Hospital as Dr. Noah Drake. I loved that show back then. Soaps aren't as exciting as they were back in the 80s.