Rick Ross - Money Maker Lyrics

It don't make sense, if it don't make that money
It don't it don't make sense if it don't make that money
I'mma take that money, i'mma take that
I'mma imma take that money, i'mma take that
I'mma imma

Fuck a judge prosecutor
Fuck a judge prosecutor
Fuck a judge
Fuck a judge fuck a judge prosecutor and the district attorney
Where I'm for ah couple kilos ere thing gettin murder
Its survival of fittest all these young niggas killing
Slidin ina new chargers
When they pull up they hittin
I got kilo
God gave ya life but we can repo
Slidin day and night with my people
Red lazer on my tazer and the home invasion
It ain't no mother fuckin grazin
Head shot head shots
Seen them 26's so she gave me headshots
It ain't about money
It ain't about shit
Momma made that money nigga cause it only make sense


Where that blue gotti driver?
Where that big booty diver?
Where that rocky roller rocka?
Where that new body slider?
Where yo new body benz?
Show me yo re up nigga
Twice ah week I'm at the jeweler tryna re up nigga
Got my money up, I got my fitted low
You got the 45 that's at 1054
I'm in the 57 sittin on 26's
You need ah 36 just hit ah nigga
Digits I gotta 7 tray
Got over 80
In it it got a cooling system
You'll think mercedes did it so where yo new body benz?
Show me yo re up nigga def jam 5 mil
And time to re up niggaaha


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Rick Ross Money Maker Comments
  1. Mtl Menace

    one of my favorite song off rozay he killed that wish he could do a money maker part 2

  2. Munir Mohammad

    It got a cooling system, you think Mercedes did it.

  3. BAMBO

    2019 in this bitch THE BOSS

  4. Baron Dizedi

    2019 still a heavy hitta

  5. Lila Maestas


  6. Ben Buller

    Fuck the Judge.

  7. Osvaldo Núñez

    2019 and I still here

  8. Ana perdomo

    classic 💯💯2010 for me fresh outtta acoma

  9. Byle Buzma

    He floated on this shit

  10. David Kiehlmeier

    Then u get life...

    Alex Ces

    David Kiehlmeier 😂

  11. David Kiehlmeier

    F da judge ...

  12. Antonio

    Still banging in Twenty 19

  13. Everett Tanner

    2019 I’m here

  14. SuperTEXASBOY

    Riding to 2019 BANGING THIS........................

  15. Jalen Johnson

    It aint about Money? It aint about SHIT 💯💯💯

  16. Fritze Aphiliated

    2018 I’m still here

  17. PrnmlBlacKoxz

    de PpàRrke maitre à Ppàko Ràbànne)Vi'và l'àngUletèRre
    né le:16/11/1989 intèRrieure:Màn'ni et l'à blonde d'àns le SsèRr'kle

  18. Shawn Yarrell

    love the visuals in this video

  19. Mia Ward

    Fuck em one by one

  20. Caleb Bechwa

    i LOVE this song

  21. Alin Marian

    Respect for those who still listen this in 2016 , November !


    fututi rasa matii si aici te gasesc nu scap de tine cand vreau sa ascult si eu melodia asta in liniste

    Alin Marian

    @Jupanul fuck a judge prosecuto


    You could look in his eyes and see he ain't no fake nigga. I'm just saying. 💯🔥

  23. Michael Williams

    come sweet Barbados and do a video wid pricks ,fuck u rick ross

  24. Pape Papalape

    czech respect boos

  25. Junior Dan

    Rick Ross Boss

  26. Ruben Brugel

    thnx fo this