Rick Ross - MC Hammer Lyrics

Whoo (woo,woo,woo)
Whoo (woo,woo,woo)

My gun dirty, my brick clean
Im ridding dirty, my dick clean
She talk dirty but her mouth clean
Bitch I'm MC hammer.. I'm about cream
I got 30 cars, hole lot of dancers
I take them everywhere.. I'm MC Hammer
Started selling dough, I'm too legit to quit
When its hammer time, I'm pulling out the stick

Im at the car lot, I'm going broke
I pay for 5, they find a couple more
I take them home, like I do my hoes
I dress them up, I buy them clothes
Glass slippers, I gas's hoes
Now she's acting brand new on you assholes
Limousines, I did that, two door coops boy I live that
My top back, I'm circumcised
I pull it back, just to go inside
She thinking folic, I'm thinking wings stop
Feening lemon pepper, I got my thing cocked
Black bat mobile, its only new Ferrari
Its called scaglietti one button like a Atari
Im just advising, my profit is rising
Niggas buying stocks any nigga like a verizon

My gun dirty, my brick clean
Im ridding dirty, my dick clean
She talk dirty but her mouth clean
Bitch I'm MC hammer.. I'm about cream
I got 30 cars, hole lot of dancers
I take them everywhere.. I'm MC Hammer
Started selling dough, I'm too legit to quit
When its hammer time, I'm pulling out the stick

I got the porche, I was so ecstatic
100 grand a day my operation is so elaborate
Credit card sqeems, that was for the faggots
Mother fuck window shopping boy I gotta have it
Now my shit be booming all across the atlas
Puchi puchi money long now we call him alex
Had to move from Davie cuz that shit was local.
Picked up the mansion and I sat that bitch back down in Boca.
My badest bitch is latin but they call me loco
Till I fuck them in the ass out in Acapulco
Im thinkin money every moment thinkin money
I bust a nut then I'm back to thinkin money
My wrist froze my mind blow I'm off slow my eyes closed
You gotta judge a man by his principles
Teflon don, I am invincible

My gun dirty, my brick clean
Im ridding dirty, my dick clean
She talk dirty but her mouth clean
Bitch I'm MC Hammer.. I'm about cream
I got 30 cars, hole lot of dancers
I take them everywhere.. I'm MC Hammer
Started selling dough, I'm too legit to quit
When its hammer time, I'm pulling out the stick

Diamonds moving on my chest, wanna Hammer dance,
Seventy grand make my jeans sag like some Hammer pants,
Ambulance, ambulance, 911, 911,
It’s Gucci Mane, yea that’s my name, I’m going dumb, going dumb,
blowing up, blowin up, blowin up, blowin up,
I’m like MC Hammer, I put that on my grandma,
I ride through East Atlanta, in my new Ferrari,
It’s a 458, if you don’t have one, sorry,
I’ll let you borrow mine, I think I’m MC Hammer,
I never borrowed jewlery, I’m tippin naked dancers,
It’s an occasion, a celebration, at Central Station,
With Haitian hoes and Jamaicans, I’m trynna make it,
Old school, wanna race it? We can test it,
I’m flexin, I’ll leave a sucker eating dust for breakfast,
So expect the unexpected,
I’m well connected,
I’m MC Hammer 150 on the guest list,

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  2. Eddy Del rio

    Fuck liedee


    #RICK®️#RO💲💲 - #M#C#HAMMER

  4. AMJYfetdStGoroHSBSilerdocPuertoKetjen TajockacCkcWK

    I Am Not A Star Smackin People Silly

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    That old Rick Ross " Still beat

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    2020 Lex Luger beats hot asf

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    December 2019🔥🔥🔥🔥.. Boss

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    Teflon Don is the second classic album dropped in 2010 this is a fact This put Rick Ross on GOAT CONVO

  15. Jay MGTOW

    Here In 2019 I'll be back in 2020

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  20. Velly Vel

    @cyhq wait a minute, you actually edited out the word "faggot". But your cool with the killing, drug dealing and paraphernalia and gun talk???🤔🤔.

    If you are reading this please don't get it twisted Ross is my nigga and I love this song and all of his music. This comment ain't about that. It's about these dickheads who are so into OUR CULTURE and love us using the "N-word".....talkin about killin our own.....drugs and money......bitch this and bitch that....twerking........death etc etc etc. But wait the word FAGGOT is "crossing the line"?! GTFOHWTBS!!!! #staywoke

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  36. Tiger Woods

    My dick clean

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    Still Fire and listening to this with POM2 this weekend, here in Summer '19!!! UFC 241 Tonight!!!

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    Anyone here from Supa Hot Fire?
    I just saw that meme on half the videos I watched on YouTube so I recearched: “OHHHHH meme”
    & I found that 30M video but Supa Hot Fires Theme was cool so I researched it and I found dis.

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  83. Jean Pierre Desir


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