Rick Ross - Diddy Intro Lyrics

Yeah, see
Every ten year, is a return
Of one of the greatest
It’s about that time
You know what it is
So all you bitch ass niggas pack your bags, time’s up
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah (y’all know what it is)
It’s the stick-up motherfuckers, game’s eyes
So this goes out to all the street niggas that’s out there getting their grind
Still being fly, doing what they do, anti-hate niggas
Niggas that’s worried about getting theirs
Not worrying about what another nigga’s getting
Yeah, we back motherfuckers
And we’re here to uplift you
Here to take you to a place where the motherfucking air is thin
And the water’s pure, and the bitches is fine
And the green is motherfucking choke like you never choke before nigga
Gimme that shit that’ll freeze your face off
You know what I mean, yeah, check this out
We dem niggas man, motherfucker handle it
We was born to be this way man
Some niggas trynna come in the life this way
They try to motherfucking, try, a motherfucking life story
This shit was destined, this is God’s word man
And as we proceed to give you what you need
Together nothing can stop us man
Check this out man, I’m trynna be nice about this shit
But you know, you and your bitch, you can take that
Like there POW! with a dick in your mouth
Motherfuckers, let’s go
Albert Anastasia, the saga continues, Teflon Don
It’s a national gangster holiday motherfuckers
I don’t give a fuck what you think, what you feel
Motherfucker going what you know
A lot of niggas talk about it, but the numbers don’t lie
Motherfucker this number one is right here
We don’t play with you motherfucker
We make the fly shit, do the fly shit, fuck the flyest bitches
Living the fly shit, fly the flyest shit
Yeah nigga they call me Puff Daddy
That nigga is Ricky Ross
Nigga handle it, feel how you wanna feel about it
It ain’t gon’ stop our day
Nigga we gon’ keep on getting’ money, fucking them bitches, smoking that smoke
Yeah, take that
If you ain’t catching I’ll take that, take on of ya POW and I’m out bitch

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Rick Ross Diddy Intro Comments

    It’s 2019 and I’m still claiming this as the best intro ever 🔥

  2. My name Lil' Darryl

    This shit still rides hard as hell.

  3. Red Johnson

    that beat though...

  4. Red Johnson

    will I know that.

  5. brent p

    Best hardcore intro ever. I'm ready to tear up shit at the gym after hearing this!

  6. Red Johnson

    one of the coldest beats I ever heard before enough said

    Luis Martinez

    Red Johnson Scarface. Tony's Theme. you can thank Giorgio Moroder lol. great sample by Rick Ross and Maybach Music.

    Heed The Greatness 313


    Luis Martinez

    Heed The Greatness 313 I didn't watch scarface for the first time until 2013. First time I heard that intro music I got instant chills. Still do to this day. One of the most powerful intro themes ever. Giorgio Moroder should be in history books for his contributions to disco/electronical music, use of synthesizers, and integration of the vocoder aka the talk-box. This man singlehandedly revolutionized the music industry and is still doing gigs in his 70s. You should check out Giorgio by Moroder by Daft Punk. Giorgio speaks a monologue before the track starts. And the track is a sample of Tony's theme, which is the sample used here.

    Danny Bouche

    Luis Martinez Giorgio Moroder changed the game.

  7. Red Johnson

    one of the coldest beats I ever heard before enough said