Rick Ross - Ashes To Ashes Lyrics

Smoking and ride
And I ain’t trying to hide it
We will get high tonight
Cause I am hooked on a feeling (ah ah ah aaaah)
Yeah I am hooked on a feeling
It’s nothing but the best straw last drop
Make you feel like you can fly
Do you do you do you
Do you wanna fly tonight?

[Verse 1:]
Opa-laka airport talking G6
It’s me baby girl straight G shit
No disrespect but really you ain’t see shit
To your 40.000 feet with a weekend
I once got a chance to fuck a stewardess
Hit her from the back fly over New Orleans
She was gorgeous name was Dolorous
Father was a lawyer mother was a florist
Rose petals turned into YSL
So, ghetto but she turned me into jama shell
Bad bitch I am talking up in town
Couple nigger she always fucked around
But the bond that we share nothing would compare
When I bought my first beamer I swear that bitch was there
Side on the line say boy a couple stacks
Down payment and even all cover the tax


[Verse 2:]
It’s all or nothing not to kill niggaz
It’s a full time job not to kill niggaz
My bones so bless all the real niggaz
So, many houses stress fo' real niggaz
I was on when my haters turned to ashes
dead N gone, with her passion
Am I wrong? Never kissed no assses
With and one is the reason we run the streets and take care of your home
N niggaz betta put tee's first
Bad karma layer niggers put me on work
Fuck harvard N voulenteers that wanna appear first
Old charges, shorty she want it her titties done
With a certain doctor
New apartment in the innercity,smokin out
I'm gonna atlest gonna atlest smoke an ounze
I left this shit, niggaz not affraid to tell
Come and work for the boss,You know I am paying well


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Rick Ross Ashes To Ashes Comments
  1. Bobby Jones


  2. Tura Yaya

    2011 record sounds so present

  3. Abdelsalam Mohamed

    Good morning 👍👍👍

  4. Tura Yaya

    Found this in 2020

  5. LEO SHO724

    Bumping right now in 2020

  6. Braden Dior

    Here in 2020

  7. Rickey Lowe

    Seems like ross should've came out in the 90s wit the pacs biggies jay zs and scarfaces he just have that ora about his music

  8. jackfree man

    Rick Ross,ashes, the best that was made that year...you and I forever, damn this shit is cool bro.

  9. playstation3dunivers

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    و عندنا كمبيوترات متطورة و تكنولوجيا و لا في أحلامك يا عربي يا متخلف
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    و يبيعوها لكم بأعلى الأثمان
    عندكم في كل بيت شيطان
    اسمو تلفاز
    الي من عبدو ما فاز
    و بورتابل من عبدو ما تعنى
    و نحن بالأموال اللي تجمعها و الذهب
    تجهيز العبادة بها من جديد
    معكم ابليس العظيم بنفسوا

  10. Rashad Ahmad

    Beautiful music...

  11. Delon Thomas

    Hip hop last hope

  12. Sobobo Uromi boy


  13. Emmanuel Chidi

    God bless all the real niggas

  14. Gracia Fagon

    Who Laced this Track for Ross ‼️📣🔥SomeOne Please tell me🙌🏆🏆🏆🏆🏅

  15. Gracia Fagon

    Had to dig deep for this One ☝️📣🔥❤️Timeless 📣🔥🔥🔥

  16. Black ninja ph23

    Black exelence

  17. DreamAndFollowUp GANG

    "For me to move i need 50....i aint talkin 50cent neither nigga"

  18. CMort

    I’m wit Elise, so at least ima smoke a ounce🔥🔥🔥

  19. Michael Murena

    Mayback Music

  20. killeur 555


  21. Ruth

    Free 6ix9ine 💙💜💚💛❤

    Dale Winston

    Fk u and tht snitch

  22. Ja'Nelle J

    Grown N Sexyy

  23. Damari Moland

    Perfect song to listen with a shorty drinking champagne in the isles of Turks and Caicos 🇹🇨

    Don Bienve Rosario


  24. Byron Merricks


  25. Rathanak's Life

    Holy hell, 8 years and I've missed this gem. This blends right in to today, that's how you know the production was quality

  26. Roger Rush

    Rick Ross,is music its self,he's never in a rush to sing. (My best "G")

  27. Wesley Jones


  28. Warssama Mohamed Ibrahim

    Ismail sale éthiopien et kadra haid arrête pas

  29. Delon Thomas

    Ross best rapper of my generation mmg

  30. maero abolo

    Still feeling this jam

    Don Bienve Rosario

    Top notch shit

  31. Don Bienve Rosario

    2019 ... 30000 feet with the weed lit🔥🔥

  32. Young BossType

    Classic 🎶

  33. hank hill

    How the fuck this doesnt have a million plus views???? So underrated still bumping Nov 2018

  34. Slo 90z

    Tunezzz !!!
    Still Dreamin About My Maybach !

  35. Mabutho Radebe

    Boss so high...lol

  36. jory owad

    Good frenah fntastiak😍😍😍

  37. Mustafa Yusuf Ali

    This that ride out music, Lakeland, Florida in this bitch . ☉tribe

  38. sherrye s

    can anybody tell me where i can find this song I love it this is my jam

    AntiYuta ACAB

    sherrye s what do you mean?

  39. Asad Mehmood

    great music and everything but i dont understand why they glamorise smoking and intoxicants . really hard for someone quitting to enjoy the video

    Don Bienve Rosario

    Just quit nigga stop bitchin

    Dale Winston

    He dont make it 4 u


    Avoiding triggers is your responsibility, not a rappers.


    Asad Mehmood 💲🙏🏾

  40. Abdul Dixon

    40 thousand with the weed lit 🔥🔥

  41. Derek Evans

    Dude can ride the fuck out of a beat!

  42. Dragan Petreski

    Talkin G shit officer rickyy c'mon man fuck is went wrong with a hip hop nigguzz

  43. BlacKoxzFortnite

    Mouni Faro)Vi'và l'àngUletèRre
    né le:16/11/1989 V

  44. mciza lizwe andile

    sooooooooo bossssssssss


    i always come back to this gem

    Don Bienve Rosario

    CALIMAN he really kept them coming back!

  46. tarek djellab


  47. Justice League Entertainment

    Lol anybody else watching this like damn thats a lil ass blunt for a millionare tho he did call it a joint

    Dale Winston

    BRUCE TANK its a swisher. You only have to put a lil kill in those. Big blunts for backwoods

  48. Que Cortez

    Love this song... ❤❤❤❤

    Michael Murena

    Come to Miami I'll meet you there🌴🌴🌴

  49. Johnny Mayes

    This my shit!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  50. DatBoy Slick

    Ross should do a album eith kevin cossom, chrisette michelle, john legend, Dream on the hooks they lace him ip eith the hooks over the melodic beats.


    DatBoy Slick 💯🤛🏾

  51. Jonny Jones

    Nice song, hot beat but bad video. all these brands don't like blacks wearing their shit and what we do as black ppl we make them richer and provide free advertising. Smh

    Trevoy Lawson

    Jonny Jones dumb comment keep worrying about black or white and you'll be broke bet u would want someone wear your shit if u had shit


    Jonny Jones I mean yeah that’s true but at the end of the day who REALLY cares. Like fr.


    Jonny Jones 💲🙏🏾

  52. sherrye s

    I love this song do anyone what cd it’s on

    Jonny Jones

    sherrye s mixtape ashes to ashes

    sherrye s

    Jonny Jones thanks I’ve looked everywhere for it and can’t find it

  53. Tony Sunshine

    This was my smoking music. I played this song when it came home from school and work and roll up stg this was my shit back in 2011 or whenever it came out

    Tony Sunshine

    sherrye s yea the ashes to ashes Mixtape he title the track after the mishaps

    sherrye s

    Tony Sunshine thanks so much I’m about to look for it now do you know if it’s on iTunes or Apple music

    Tony Sunshine

    sherrye s it should be and no problem anytime i support it all from Gospel to Hip-Hop

  54. David Green

    "Bad bitch I'm talkin up and down"

  55. Crixus

    Classic chill maybach music. Vintage Rozay if you will. Heard this back in 2011 but will never stop bumping this 🔥🔥🔥

  56. Ric Ric

    this beat this dude always murdered these type this was a slept on record 🔥🔥🔥, I'm back 2019, and only 412k viewers really! Smh

    mac lee

    Ric Ric what album was this on


    mac lee was on the mixtape 'ashes to ashes'

    Twonesha Johnson-Hendricks

    Ric Ric agreed but this will always b my fav. and will always get play n my radio

    Ric Ric

    @Twonesha Johnson-Hendricks this a classic

  57. Gin Remi

    he is the worst


    Gin Remi 💲🙏🏾

  58. Baby Girl



    shit was one of his best to this day

    Ric Ric

    I'm back here in 2019

  60. Dreez

    Rick ross looks like Philip from The fresh prince of Bel Air

    AntiYuta ACAB

    Dreez jajaja word


    Who calls him Phillip?😂

  61. Chevy

    I was listening to this when I touched down at Opa Locka airport. You see the cityscape in the background. it's unreal how clean this shit sound. boss shit

    Queness415 allen

    Vezzo Devion BOSS!😄


    Queness415 allen 😅

    Sir. Zach Wilson

    De'Vion Luxotica word boss shit

    poloTv NumbrGang

    De'Vion Luxotica 💯✊

  62. Shazad Butt

    this is truly awful. videos about brands and commercialism are anti true hip hop.


    Shazad Butt

    terrance buckmon

    Shazad Butt you're an idiot

    Marc Althavan

    Evolve man, pls evolve


    Shazad Butt 💲🙏🏾

  63. Blessed Beyond measures


  64. Simon Petit

    Video was shot well

    Queness415 allen

    Simon Petit Ross be having the best directors

  65. Wiltiz L.M.B

    The Best !!

  66. Royal Kush Band

    24 k views? this is slept on.


    Looks like it's gonna top out at around 200-250k. Definitely needs more recognition but I'm glad the views went up.

  67. Blackstar 1000

    Grade 3 RAP !

  68. Purp Peezy



    Purp Peezy 💲🙏🏾

  69. Purp Peezy


    T Mack

    Purp Peezy Deeper! Yeah that shit nice


    Purp Peezy The deeper joint? HELL yeah that shit was incredible. “I had a bucket full of Mayballine” 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  70. bionicprince

    This song is incredible!

  71. jaap chill

    rick ross is tha boss!

  72. Rodmusset

    Ross taking over

  73. TheStevomac3

    Rick Ross just ant be stopped! he da best