Rick James - Summer Love Lyrics

Winter's gone
And like the seasons
I'm changing for reasons
I can feel your summer love comin' on
So warm and hot girl
I beg you don't stop
Could this be love that I'm going through
I can feel it
I can feel it
Could this be love
Summer love and you
Sitting in the park
Playing you love songs on my guitar
While the sun shines on your face like an angel
And with your eyes touching mine say it's time
This must be love that I'm goin' through
I can feel it, I can feel it
This must be love
Summer love and you
Could this be love I'm goin' through
Warm as the sun soft as the mornin' dew

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Rick James Summer Love Comments
  1. Champagne Hec

    Give it up for the KING on his B-DAY!
    R.I.P. ✌🏾😎🍷

  2. Ray Gentry

    44 Dislikes. Did we listen to the same song? RIP Rick James Miss you

  3. Marilyn Burroughs

    Somethin different period

  4. Vivisn Ferguson

    So warm and hot, girl I beg you don't stop. DAMN I CAN FEEL IT, I CAN FEEL IT BABY.

  5. hirigoyen dominique

    pure joy

  6. olskool71

    This whole album is top notch. This and Don't Give Up On Love are the slow jam standouts on this

  7. Felicia Stewart

    HOW can I get All his music?

  8. Felicia Stewart


  9. Marilyn Burroughs

    Ive love him Every sinse I can Remember

  10. slimmee22

    I love this song !

  11. Manny Sanchez

    His best album to me. Has a special feel to it where it feels more genuine and passion filled. I have the cd too!

  12. kevin mcdonald

    Making luv music

  13. kevin mcdonald

    R.I.P.S.I.P ICON

  14. Steven Coldicott

    Just love his songs, I wished I could of met him, and got him thru,he had so much talent, I love him,

  15. Eric B

    Brings tears to my eyes. So good. SLick Rick Freaky James

  16. Mark Edwards


  17. Douglas Hunter

    To be considered a "Legend", one of the things you gotta do is create a distinctive, noticeable sound like no one else has. Not only did he do this, but Rick James created a whole new category of music, "Punk Funk". No one else had played anything like this before. Another thing you must do is be able to sing a slow jam along with your "Burners", or funky ones. Rick could stand up with anyone or band doing these things. And, like all the truly great ones (Isley Bros., EWF, commodores, Temptations), you KNOW who it is before they even sing a note, (except maybe the Tempts, only because they didn't play instruments, but they are the exception to not only this rule but a lot of others!!). Rick certainly was in this category, but even more impressive because he was playing a style that he himself created, a lot like the Isleys. But to make a real long story short, Rick had a LOT of underrated mid tempo and slow jams that didn't' get a lot of radio airplay. That's part of the joy of listening to the whole "album", discovering jams that others pass over. Long live the King of Punk Funk!!

    jaime gutierrez

    You aint jiving,along the lines of clinton and brown.

  18. Summer Breeze


  19. Cameron Mosley

    probably rick james most underrated album. this album did not do well on the charts but i cant understand why cause this a great album

    Just Timm

    Because they were looking for funk, and didn't appreciate Rick's expertise as a great balladeer.

  20. Champagne Hec

    The KING of FUNK. ✌😎

  21. Chai's Room

    never heard this before but I like it...RIP Rick James

  22. Cathy Acosta

    Rick James one of the best funk n roll singer around,love his music always will play some rick...

  23. Marcus Reeves


  24. A B

    nobody says baby like Rick. He makes where no one can remake his songs

    Chris Jones

    A B true even though his music is heavily sampled but someone singing his songs like this one it can happen with the right singer.

  25. Henry G. Thompson

    boy i love with monster [email protected]

  26. x AquaneeseBbyx x

    Love Rick James!!!!❤️❤️❤️ R.I.P sexy man

    Arnold Rivens

    rickjames rickjames

  27. Albert Williams

    Rick the Slick James.

  28. Albert Williams

    Rick the Slick James.

  29. Henry G. Thompson

    deep bass line

  30. Henry G. Thompson

    one of the best slow funk jams ever made RIP rick

  31. mike 6270

    dave chapelle brought me here

  32. illlmatic 4 life

    A great track from the late Rick James.

    @Vee Owens @New Israel @Andrew Tobias @Jonathan Meeks @LivingForce @BJP Ugly Duckling @jay cee @Mckayla Chenel @illestboi syndrome

    jay cee

    I like this track, you can't go wrong with Rick James

    Remnant One

    @illlmatic 4 life Does anyone know if Jodeci attending BET Awards this weekend?

    Beard Gang

    This the Shit

    Summer Breeze

    +Beard Gang INDEED!!! 🔥🔥🔥

    Marilyn Burroughs

    @Remnant One rick james dance wit ne

  33. Tracy Agnew

    my sh....

  34. ronald antoine


  35. olsoulboy

    This track is a great testament to the quality of RICK JAMES....the album .GARDEN OF LOVE was panned in 1980...mostly by the musical press...but his fans loved the slow grooves as much as the stompers.......old school magic...from a legend .


    olsoulboy What you said about critics and his true fans is a serious testament to why it's important for people to go out and buy whole albums and listen to them from front to back by themselves, instead of being a sheep and listening to critics.

    ce hayes

    olsoulboy I ❤️ Garden Of Love over Street Songs !!! Garden was played heavily when I was shorty & I’m glad it’s on CD 💿 finally !!!

    ce hayes

    BEVERLY HILLS COP, MIAMI VICE I agree with you 💯 percent on this statement !!!!

  36. lloyd johnson

    RICK JAMES ONE OF A KIND....................

  37. Dawn Armstrong

    Luv it!

  38. RPMaster71

    I've had a clean digital rip from the original vinyl of this album for a couple years but hadn't listened to it until recently. I missed this one back in 80' so all is new to me (except Big Time). I was BLOWN AWAY by this track. For many years, Fire & Desire, Dream Maker & Make Love To Me were my favorite ballads from Rick but this is rapidly becoming an all time fave. Anybody notice how similar the arrangements are for this & Make Love To Me from Street Songs?

    Marques Travae

    Indeed, this is still one of my fave RJ ballads. I only heard this LP when I was completing my RJ collection in 1983. I had read over and over that it was a departure, experimental album so I kept passing it up. It's actually a pretty good album. Funny thing, I still don't like "Big Time". "Make Love To Me" one of those songs I could listen to in repeat mode over and over. The beginning instrumental is simply incredible with sax, keys and strings.

  39. kevin lane

    ilike this song summerlove by late great rickjames in1980 signkevinlane

  40. Jerry Hill

    Their will never be another Rick James Rip RJ!!!

  41. Rain Love

    Summer notes* * fun and funky

  42. NewWorldRob

    THX, W.H. Glad someone sees it

  43. SofaKing_Gee

    Bring back music from this age PLEASE! Back when the baddest playas use to sing love songs like Rick James and still get all the chicks without callin em bitches an hoes like today's bullshit music

  44. Chuan Wong


  45. Chuan Wong

    Rick was a very good artist and a bad ass bass player One of the best musican of his time.

  46. dogscatselephants

    it was the summer of '80.
    Fire It Up came out in late summer '79.

  47. Jeff Cottman

    Rick James went off on this one!! my favorite one by him! wish I was a teen during this time. But still sounds crisp, grab a drink and let this ride and u will feel me!

  48. Timmie Russell

    great song first heard it i was in germany mind tht song kept up .

  49. J'Hue Casey

    Why do I always feel like Rick James is like an inch away from being off key so much? Like, it is, but it isn't.

  50. Hunter60FMCW

    Where can I buy this?

  51. JAIMEEL1

    rick james was so ahead of his time he was the reason we have a prince and a d'angelo

  52. NewWorldRob

    He was really creative...much of what people dub "Prince"...was all done by James first. ..especially song concepts, writing + funk vocals and vocabulary antics.

    The Prolific Network

    NewWorldRob where you think Prince learned it from he toured with Rick James

  53. B Taylor

    @mrnaturaloicu812 All the White Boys in the house give me a Yo Ho..... YO HO...


    Words can not express how much I appreciate all of Rick's creativity, No one will ever replace him. Man I miss his genius so much, I'm getting teary eyed as I write this. Thank you so much Rick, Miss you Sooooooooooo much. RIP.....

  55. knightfall79

    Summer/Fall of '79 my fist real job in the Miami heat, reconnecting with my high school love, blasting this in my car............ makin' it hot !
    Thanks for postin' this Klassic joint.
    Hey Babaay ! LOL

  56. Andre Brown

    ok for those people who try to figure out the midpoint song for SOS Band/Rick James episode of Soul Train this is the song they played

  57. lutollo


  58. summerbabetoo


  59. Stout Stitty

    rick was part of an era in black music unlike the fanfare of black music now but extremely creative and auromatic magic the funk era of the late 70Ss and early eighties ilive by this stuff a infinite reserve of inspiration

  60. ednoroirika

    Hey fam, I heard yall wasn't ready for this album when it came out. That's the best part of listening to something in retospective, you don't have the sign of the times in your way. I love this album. check out I'm Rick James the definitive dvd. He does this song on some show. Peace and Funk!

  61. Champagne Hec

    This kind of music is for the GROWN & SEXY. This is another one of RICK"S songs with that SEXY SASSY SAXOPHONE. From 79-83 NO ONE made better music or sold more records than RICK JAMES. In 1984 Michael Jackson broke out. Nothing against Mike ( I am a fan). but RICK JAMES should have been bigger. It;s just that "white people" weren't feeling him or his music. Oh well, it's their lost. R.I.P. RICK

  62. hotvision

    why isnt this on CD!!!!????

  63. PeekaPeep

    Yay, this album's FINALLY comin' out on CD this month!!! Can hardly wait...

    Cedric Bigby

    PeekaPeep I didn't know

    Miyoshi Okelly

    i didnt knw omg goodness im gonna go buy this

  64. Cornelious Turner

    One of my favorite Rick James classic albums including the single Big Time... Truly a classic summer hit... KING OF FUNK

  65. ronkeith69tx

    my feelin 4 rick r just as those dat i have 4 my father,i never met him person,but i have through his music.u just kant miss me on anything about rick's music 4ever a punk-ffuunnkk lover!!!! 4ever rick. RIP

  66. oldaverich

    This song turned me into a 19-yr old father. Never as big as some of his other albums, but damn I loved it...check Don't Give Up on Love

  67. Opinions Animation Studios

    Note to FireitupBedford:

    And....this jam is a *prime example* of the **Hit-Single-That-Shoulda-Been-But-Wasn't**...

    All for a lack of promotion on Motown's part...

    So thanx fer givin' us this UBER-MEGA-ULTRA RAVE-FAVE of mine from an *excellent* but **highly underrated** album, m8's...

  68. Jeffrey H

    Shit, if Garden of Love is out of print?? They need to print a new 100,000 copies just for GP, this isn't Kanye West o.k. This is Rick.


  69. Jeffrey H

    Yeah, man summer 79' in the Army and Rick's new one "Garden of Love" just dropped. No more needs to said. When Rick was healty and nice, could not fuck with Rick. They don't know, they only think the do. This is for everyone who has all of Rick's albums.


  70. B Taylor

    Ahhh but do you have the Kickin' album?

  71. B Taylor

    This never came out on CD and the tape and album is out of print. What ashame to IMO this was a great album.

  72. blackgold63

    hi there could i have a copy of bustin' out, fire it up garden of love and Reflections .. that should complete my collections of his stuff. how are you doing this? email? or sending a copied cd? Many thanks

  73. B Taylor

    This album never got the credit that it should have.

    Could this be love, (Summer Love)that I'm going thru.....

  74. Angel Face

    Rick James most Celestial song...better than cocaine.

  75. speezo81

    hey do you have rick james bustin' out(1979),fire it up(1979),garden of love(1980),throwdown(1982)? don't want to seem greedy but i would really appreciate it

  76. speezo81

    hey do you have rick james bustin' out(1979),fire it up(1979),garden of love(1980),throwdown(1982)? don't want to seem greedy but i would really appreciate it

  77. speezo81

    hey do you have rick james bustin' out(1979),fire it up(1979),garden of love(1980),throwdown(1982)? don't want to seem greedy but i would really appreciate it.

  78. Luis Cabada

    This is a GREAT album!!!! was sent away to Peru when this came out and this is one album that i had to take.True it was his sleeper album.Music's like memories........I look forward to all the memories to come.

  79. Angela Walker

    Thank you so very much for having this... it's my favorite song by Rick James and very hard to find!