Rick James - Gettin' It On (In The Sunshine) Reprise Lyrics

Give me my guitar

Alright now, just gettin' it on, in the sunshine
Everybody sing it out
Just gettin' it on, just gettin' it on now
Shine, I wanna sing
Just gettin' it on, feeling good at night, in the sunshine
Everybody sing it out
Just gettin' it on, just gettin' it on now
Save me a glass of that, please
Just gettin' it on, in the sunshine
Fire up that thing over there
Just gettin' it on, just gettin' it on now
Okay, that's all, give me a hit, okay?

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Rick James Gettin' It On (In The Sunshine) Reprise Comments
  1. Antonio Faltz

    Yo One of my All time favorite songs, So Beautiful and Pure!

  2. Bedford Taylor

    Bring it on wooooowa Just getting it on in the sunshine.. .....

  3. Hundred Swayze

    bout to sample this

  4. slytown


  5. Kernick Leon

    It's criminal how Rick still isn't in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

    Chris Jones

    Kernick Leon Johnny Taylor should be in it you. It should also be a movie about Rick James too. I wonder who can do it?

    lloyd johnson

    Damn Shame

    Ced Bigby

    @lloyd johnson aint it the truth

  6. Chris Jones

    It is some similarities between Rick James and Eddie Levert

    Ced Bigby

    I thought i was the only one who thought like that?

    Carlton J. Smith

    @Ced Bigby See my comments above!

    He definitely was channeling some Eddie Levert here?

  7. DJ Devinstation

    Genius! This song is one of the most beautiful compositions I've ever heard.

  8. Carlton J. Smith

    When he first comes in he sounds like Eddie Levert.

    Anyone else hear that?

    Jarrel Ely

    Carlton J. Smith Rick James always sounds like the o Jay's

  9. TheBfunky17

    Super Romantic Funk Genius!! The Best Time to Listen to this is Sunday Morning., and GNT, The Sun will Shine!!, Cause The Funk is So Divine!!!,,.

  10. durtysouththugsta

    Is anybody else on a Rick James marathon like I am?

    Jim Brow

    I want to hear All of his songs!

    Master E

    Really tho

    Deese Knutz

    Yeah - I have been on one since 1977

    Gregory Isom

    This song will make any Sunny Saturday morning give true spiritual meaning!

    Kelvin Fairwell

    Every Saturday morning!!!!

  11. Paul Schultz

    I wish the acoustic outro of this song was an entire song

  12. SkiMask Saxton

    this song is amazing

  13. Raphael Abernathy

    I'm salty cause I wanted more, he probably did that on purpose but it sounds like a prelude to the album ... I wanted to hear more funk

    Cedric Bigby

    Ha ha ha dude I was thinking the same thibg

    Miyoshi Okelly

    Cedric Bigby amen to that hny

    Miyoshi Okelly

    Cedric Bigby ha haa i was thinking same thing amen to that. aww godgod bless you mother of jesus

    Carlton J. Smith

    Raphael..Im not near y record collection right now..but if I remember correctly this WAS a prelude to the LP..I think there was also an outro using this vamp.

    Rick was channeling Eddie Levert!

  14. Barbara Brown

    This album was under rated.... Love me some Rick James....

    Barbara Brown

    @Cedric Bigby Amen to that. They don't make music like this no more....

    lloyd johnson

    One of his best Albums

    Pat's Gang Over Errythang

    Barbara Brown omg yess. One of his best! Young OGs know about this too!

  15. Josh B

    I love this song so much. Starts off so beautiful then gets super funky. Rick James has been such an underrated talent after the Chappelle's Show episode. He's almost become a joke but he's such a dope ass musician.

    Josh B

    +Josh B my girlfriend doesn't like it when I read her my youtube comments months after the fact. "I'm trying to do my school work" she says. yeah right.

  16. Albert Williams

    Rick the James, was a bad bro.

  17. MusicLover P

    This is such a beautiful piece by Rick off of his underrated Garden Of Love Album.

    MusicLover P

    @Cedric Bigby
    I KNOW and that's A damn shame LOL

    Miyoshi Okelly

    Cedric Bigby ignorant dopeheads understand this stuff though

    Cedric Bigby

    Miyoshi Okelly ha ha

    Cedric Bigby

    Miyoshi Okelly guess little Wayne to cuz he sampled this too

    Cedric Bigby

    Miyoshi Okelly guess a good ole blunt and u and we will git on in the sunshine 👙👠👗