Rick James - Don't Give Up On Love Lyrics

When you turn your back on love
It's like turnin' off the light
You're in the dark and you're all alone
To deny yourself of feeling
It's like looking for a candle
In the dark of night when there's a storm
To enslave your inner feelings
Of your heart and soul and mind
Will cause you just pain
In a matter of time
And to lock in all emotion
'Cause your heart has just been broken
And expect your love to come
Then you're wasting your time
Give your love
Give me more than just a minute
Put your heart and body in it
And give me all your love
Give your love
Make it last forever
Tell me that you'll never leave me in a day
Don't give up on love
'Cause if you do, if you do,
Love might just give up on you and you'll find
That your life will be lonely, lonely
When you tell me love's a game
And you only play to win
And expect my heart to gamble
Then you're wrong again
When you love just to possess
Losing touch on tenderness
Then you call yourself a friend,
Then you just pretend
When you're makin' love to me at night
And something there just isn't right
When the lovemakin' is through,
I wanna talk to you
When we talk of love as the bottom line
Between two sheets when the love is fine
Then when out of bed
Can't relate from the head
Give your love
Give me more than just a minute
Put your heart and body in it
And give me all your love
Give your love
Make it last forever
Tell me that you'll never leave me in a day
Don't give up on love, no, no
If you do, if you do,
Love just might give up on you
Don't give up on love

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Rick James Don't Give Up On Love Comments
  1. Kay Money

    🔥🔥🔥last of 2019

  2. Deahra Shelton

    Jackpot 🎰😎🍷💋👅

  3. Just Timm

    My last two wives we could definitely relate between the sheet in the bed(best sex ever), but could not relate from the head. This song is the real McCoy. Rick was deep with his music, and a great balladeer.

  4. Della Boufis

    I’ll always love rick James my best love boo he put those lyrics out ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Summer Breeze

    Undeniable talent from the Love songs to the funk Rick has it for you .. RIP

  6. jeffrey conyers

    Very under-rated as a romantic lyricist.

  7. michael ward


    michael ward

    i mean yeahhhhhhhhy!!!

  8. Barbara Jackson

    Rick James🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Charles Shepherd

    "I want to know when are they going to make a movie about Rick James?😎

  10. Kelvin Fairwell

    As an original Rick JAMES fan I was shocked when I found out that his Garden of Love album wasn't his biggest selling album. His versatility and genius is evident through out the whole album, with the exception of (and I'm personally speaking) Merry Go Round, which was kool cause his arrangements, but Rick didn't write the song. It seemed that what ever Rick touched became magical!! He is not given enough credit for his ballads, as I heard his brother say in a interview. Rick could sang!!!! Rest in power Rick!!!

  11. Donald Walls

    I think this is one of his best songs and there are so many ones love it.

  12. Steven Coldicott

    Love rick always

  13. Bethany Casimir

    I've had this tune stuck in my head for days but couldn't remember the artist. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Steven Coldicott

    What do you all think about urban rapsody,❤😎🤟🤟♥️👄

  15. Steven Coldicott

    It was 84

  16. Steven Coldicott

    I loved when he won r and b in 82 for throwin down I think, and his dog ganja ,he looked so on the one then, I miss him

  17. Steven Coldicott

    In my all time top ten rick ballads,class 🥂

  18. Joe Montoya

    Thanks Kiwanis Hinton for the response now time to hear some slick Rick let's do this

  19. Damon Russell


  20. Chantell Brown

    #90sbaby loving this 😍😍😍😍😍

  21. Joe Montoya

    Remember the days couldn't wait for new album from Rick there I was waiting for record store to open my idol Mr Rick R I P

    Kiwanis Hinton

    yep i remember them days

  22. Kendall McCard

    If doctor 👨🏿‍⚕️ seen teena home were she died in her sleep 😴 thay seen me home I lost twice to thay drop out I am tied of doctors and housen and government bull thay not sh it there to blame thay pay too f you

  23. Mike Jr

    20 dummy's gave up need counseling for disliking this 🔥

  24. Earnest Johnson

    To those who are a true Rick James fan, may he live forever in your heart ❤'s. Love song's. 🌹🌹🌹🌸💐🌸🌷😎.

  25. Cool Hand Lou

    Here it is one cold hearted mofo then met his match and now in his feelings trying to convince this PYT it's cool...I got you! #GangstaShit

  26. J Zapp

    this shyt go harrd

  27. Cathy Acosta

    don't give up on love, this jam I played over n over love t music n t lyrics, hey slick rick love you always....

  28. Champagne Hec


  29. Mark Edwards

    All I can say is

  30. 313 equal7mile

    this whole album trash i see why the street song album sound like prince he stole prince equipment

    RipCity Drummer

    313 equal7mile huh

    lloyd johnson

    you dont know music this album is a classic

    Chris Jones

    313 equal7mile you're a moron


    Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit wise tale !  He snuck & used Prince's Oberheim synth for "The Garden Of Love " album, not Street Songs, & he  didn't steal it idiot !   Street Songs sound nothing like Prince, you fuckin liar, go get your goddamn ears checked, or at least clean them out !

    Louise Botos

    MrInnervisionz Rick did take Prince's synth...Teena Marie and others said so themselves. He gave it back after he'd finished with it.



    Cynthia Brown

    CINDY GARCIA February 1, 2018.

  32. Summer Breeze

    What a musical GENIUS!!!! #LOVELOVE!!!!

  33. Robert Faro

    such a great song

  34. mrinnervisionz

    Happy Birthday to THE King of Funk "Rick James", I love & miss you bruh !

  35. Eric Kinton

    one of the most underated artist ever ....he was isleys,Smokey,marvin,lenny Williams, with the funk of g,clinton ...no other artist had more versatility than he and was his own image...no suit no corporate control him


    word son word

    Mark Edwards

    I certainly agree Brotha!!

    Cynthia Brown

    Eric Kinton February 1, 2018.

    Just Timm

    Eric Kinton
    He had perfected Eddie Levert as well. I don't care for Rick as a person; but in my opinion he was the coldest singer of love songs ever!!!!!!
    Hakuna Muhimu

    Just Timm

    Eric Kinton
    Prince did not play no 39 instruments. That legend talk in reality he played 5 or 6. The brotha(that's you) was not talking About playing instruments when he said Rick was the most versatile artist ever; he was speaking on the different ways Rick could sing. That is why more famous singers did tunes with Rick more than any other artists because the brotha could jam; and was also a legend as well.
    Hakuna Muhimu

  36. ronald antoine


    Cynthia Brown

    ronald antoine February 1, 2018.

  37. Albert Williams

    Thanks Jake Hudson for turning me on to this album back in 1981, At subi Japan... Al Williams.

    Cynthia Brown

    Albert Williams February 1, 2018.

  38. B Taylor

    Rick James and Teena Marie Live video 1981 Fire and Desire --> Rick James and Teena Marie Fire and Desire Live

    Ronald Robinson

    B Taylor I

    Ronald Robinson

    B Taylor Swift just

  39. Elijah Pryor

    This song makes me want to get high for real lol.

    Cynthia Brown

    Elijah Pryor February 1, 2018.

  40. jsunn woodard

    love the way it starts.. sounds a slick, fancy ass doorbell!!

  41. TheBigdaddy45able

    One of the prettiest songs that the king of punk funk ever recorded,RIP Rick James.Should have been a big hit.

    Cynthia Brown

    TheBigdaddy45able February 1, 2018.

  42. Rain Love

    Most 'Mazing

  43. Timmie Russell

    great song

  44. Aaryn Green

    This my favorite song from Rick

  45. BF6ct

    Now this is a nice joint. Too bad it didnt get more airplay than it did.

  46. blackfu Jones

    im telling you..this song is just incredible

  47. blackfu Jones


  48. nicholas lopez

    One of the best songs ever recorded by Rick.


    how in the world can love give up on you? LOL


    LOL.....rick james was on some shit when he did this song. using a woman's broken heart to get into her drawers. I used to have this lp back in 1993 and now that I look back and listen to the lyrics of this song, this was one stupid song and I see why my uncle used to laugh so hard at me playing this lp.

  51. nicholas lopez

    One of Rick's best jams ever.

  52. howiecricket52

    I love this song! I haven't heard it in a long time!

  53. Morrisman Smith

    just love Ricks arrangements!!! what idiot dislike like this jam!!

    Jessie Bland

    Rick James and Stone City can't be Fucked with and I ain't talking bout that radio shit y'all played to death

    Jessie Bland

    Rick James was a genius

    Cynthia Brown

    Morrisman Smith February 1, 2018.

    Summer Breeze

    Undeniable talent!!! From the Love songs to the Funk. I can listen to Rick for whatever mood I'm in. He definitely has it for you.... Thanks Rick for leaving this your musical talents with us... Miss you. RIP.

  54. bronxchica777


  55. Morrisman Smith

    This was my jam I learned to play bass just to play this song. I LOVE YOU RICK!!

  56. alkhall123

    This was written for 'us pussy tamer's' .......Play on forever Rick!

    Felicia's Place , Welcome


  57. peady64

    This album was an all around treasure. Big Time, Summer Love, Island Lady, Mary Go Round,this jam..... raw, unadulterated, 100% pure sexy. RIP King James and Queen Teena.

  58. le schelle

    Where have I been all this time to have slept on this it's superb

  59. le schelle

    I'm just in awe of this song so floored this man had a depth untold

  60. Champagne Hec

    From 79-83 nobody made more hits or more records then RICK JAMES. In 1984 Michael Jackson broke. Nothing against Mike (I am a fan) but RICK JAMES should have been bigger. The problem was that "white people" and the world weren't ready for RICK. For all of you who were there and know what I'm talkin' 'bout...throw it up!!! R.I.P. the KING of FUNK, you will always live in our memories and through your music.

  61. Sandra Basket

    not too many people was ready for rick..but i knew i was loved him dearly missing him like crazy

  62. Victor Johnson

    finally got album after all these years remember my father had this album back in 1980 when it was a plesure to buy music... what happen

  63. Duwayne Tyree

    Damn boy was dope!!!!!!!

  64. monaj3lisa

    @Georgesxxxxx please don't make "re-mixes" : D

  65. alkhall123

    This is about straight 'Pussy Tamin'! RIP Rick

  66. alkhall123

    This is about straight 'Pussy Tamin'! RIP Rick