Rick Astley - Natures Gift Lyrics

Everybody needs a woman in their life
A mother or a sister, a man may need a wife
If you have a woman in your life
Don't take her for granted you'll regret it by and by

Don't use her or abuse her, or you'll lose her
She filled with emotion, strong as the sea
Deep as an ocean, and she'll always be
So high on her feelings, high on my list
She's everything, she is nature's gift

Give her the attention that she's worthy of
Show her some respect
And don't take advantage of the fact that she loves you

[Repeat chorus]

Mother nature gave us
Mother nature gave us this creation
Mother nature gave us
Mother nature gave us this creation
Someone you can count on,
She'll always be there whenever you need her

[Repeat chorus]

Weary from giving so much of herself
Never complaining, always seems
So high on her feeling, so high on my list
She's everything she is nature's gift

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Rick Astley Natures Gift Comments
  1. Andrew Flood


  2. Angel cortez calderon

    Nice Song, I loved !!!!

  3. Marcos Gananca

    Maravilhosa !!.. Uma das canções mais lindas do Rick Astley.. Uma das que eu mais gosto. :)

  4. A. Tiska

    Nakažlivá píseň.
    I can not do the words when they are not written but I sing the tones. They are contagious.

    A. Tiska

    Well, I'm dancing too. They should go to the discotheques here. It's also rhythmically contagious.

  5. A. Tiska


  6. Silvia Bravo

    sounds and lyrics . . . his voice, adorable. Great job, good boy ;)