Richie, Lionel - You Are Lyrics

Baby you'll find
There's only one love
Yours and mine
I've got so much love

And needing you so
My love for you
I'll never let go
I've got so much love

All I want is to hold you
Let me show how much I love you baby (show you)
I don't mind and I don't mind (loving you)
Girl I love you
There's no one above you

You are the sun
You are the rain
That makes my life this foolish game
You need to know
I love you so
And I'd do it all again and again

Tell me it's true
I can't believe you do what you do
I've got so much love
And my love you'll see
We'll stay together, just you and me
I've got so much love

Only you (know me)
Tell me how to love you baby (show me)
I don't mind and I don't mind (tell me)
Girl, I love you
Always thinking of you


I know you know the way I feel
And I need your love for always
Cause when I'm with you
I fall in love
Again and again and again, baby.


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Richie, Lionel You Are Comments
  1. Amanda Paixao

    Música show, top das tops!

  2. Ms2cme

    What a great Love to experience ❤

  3. Wang Chung

    Fuel for my time machine

  4. LifeLearner45 Lloyd

    January 2020 - whose listening?

  5. Clinton Fischer

    2020 !!

  6. Real Justice

    Greatest love songs of any generation

  7. Tonia N

    Who’s listening in 2020💃💃💃💃

    Roney Ngala

    ... 🙌🏾✋

  8. ahmed aden

    Who's listening 2020

    Robert Garcia

    Listening to it as I type

  9. Bes

    who's listening in 2026?

  10. Ahron Veldad

    Still listening 2020!!

  11. Juanita Buron

    12/31/19 5:31pm Grad signs what does this mean? Fr.BL

  12. Christopher Carlson

    Barb I dedicate this song to you babe!

  13. Richard Clifton

    Still rockin in Sydney Aus classic

  14. Gejuanica Johnson

    Great music to relax to forever 🧡

  15. Mthokozisi Thabethe

    The Dlamini brothers were playing this song on their Records at KwaMakhutha Township they were my next door neighbours

  16. wambugu muchine

    Greatest hits of all times

  17. Cecile Povich

    Nothing holding me here.

  18. Cecile Povich


  19. Eugene Jacquescoley

    Listening en 2020.

  20. Huda Omran

    Woohoo you need to know I love you so and I do it again and again , Lionel you are legend ❤️

  21. Charlene Nixon

    If I should diie before I wake you need to Kno w your the love of my life

  22. Christy S

    I wish Lionel would do a residency in Vegas. I would so go to see and hear him perform all the beautiful songs he composed. 💖

  23. Adora Nae Beloved

    I love this song one of my greatest collections...❣️

  24. Keluarga Sri Utari

    This song me relaxing

  25. T. Jackson

    My mom favorite song I have not heard in 36 years until today it made me cry thinking if her she'd loved her some L.R

  26. Lorena ll.

    Let go you dont love me. Tell me!!!😢😢😢😢😢😢💔🌷🐶😢😢😢💔

  27. Jonathan Kawina

    This song reminds me some of good old Memories....

  28. Jose Casas

    🚪🛋🎛🗣🎙I'm reminiscing back when classic music had a realistic poetic meaning and was made
    SO BEAUTIFULLY 💋🌷⚘❣💕☁️

  29. jubai12345

    One of my favourites of Lionel Richie.

  30. jubai12345

    R.I.P Carmen & Tanya

  31. T. I. N Mateus

    They just don't make such music today, go enjoy your egocentric prick the Weekend who sings on auto tune.80s forever. Today's musicians just emulate the 80s big musicians. No personality, nothing.

  32. Mercedes Nada


  33. Mercedes Nada

    Beautifull song yes

  34. Reinier Burgemeester

    This sounds so good in times of very poor music. And than you see almost 900 disliking this....what a lonely suckers that must be!

  35. Christine Greene


  36. ChaBrenda Coney

    You need to know I love you so

  37. ChaBrenda Coney

    I love you so

  38. Katsu Tsuchiya


  39. Youssouf samassi

    The best for me

  40. Doobie1975

    I wish Lionel Richie did more uptempo songs like this, "All Night Long (All Night)", "Running With The Night" and "Dancing On The Ceiling", I felt he was at his best on these songs than he was on the slower love ballads.

  41. Neil Cooke

    Magic x

  42. Rhonda Ro Strickland

    I don't mind and i don't mind, even in 2019... Anyone else??

  43. Tammy Leeder Whitaker

    Love this song♥️

  44. Felipe Peñaloza

    Voz previlejeada que perdura en el tiempo.Gracias.😙

  45. Ivan May

    19 year old Richard Marx on backing vocals

  46. Carlos Chavarin Jr.

    This came on yesterday after I'd not heard it for a long time. My mood changed for the better.

  47. Kimber raven Whalen

    This song played when Eric asked me to marry him yrs ago

  48. Keluarga Sri Utari

    Me love this song love love love

  49. Foreveryoung Foreveryoung

    Eternity 🔝🤙

  50. Hamid Adam

    memories made of this

  51. Blue Eye Bandit

    Own this Cd still sealed !

  52. abishek hustle

    Who is here after F.R.I.E.N.D.S? S3 e8

  53. kao allen

    good song
    thanks for sharing

  54. Keluarga Sri Utari

    This song me relaxing

  55. Aaron Bautista

    It looks like he copies michael jackson with the cover pictures. This one looks like the human nature photo

  56. Shammang Fredrick

    The best for all season.

  57. Joseph Miller

    If a classic from the living legend Lionel Ritchie wasn’t enough, I recently found out the fantastic Richard Marx was one of the background singers! He was on “Inside of you with Michael Rosenbaum” recently and told a great story about how that happened.

  58. Bernard Patinet


  59. Buford Manning Esq.

    Just saw him perform this live last night, magnificent

  60. Jeffrey Hermann

    My girlfriend just texted me this song and I shed a tear. I love you Kim! 😁

  61. Diane Reed

    Lionel Richie is Amazing but Kenny G should be playing his sax in this Song!
    Luv it! ... luv Kenny G Saxy Sax lol
    You two would sound Awesome! Lol

  62. ZuuZ Sh.

    Uhhhhh 💓
    The golden days

  63. eveline becker


  64. Cameo Sika

    That's what I'm talking bout. Strolling the mem lane baby

  65. Sam Smith

    Me great xxx

  66. Kim Pannell

    I remember as a child living in New York,my father loved this song and I have loved it ever since❤❤

  67. Rozane6 Oliveira

    No ano 70e 80 era difícil você ter um cantor favorito, todos eram muitos bons, até aqui no Brasil.

  68. Faith Fatnowna


  69. Caroline O Connor


  70. Linda Kinnard

    I love this song and Richard Marx is even singing background vocals!!

    Duriel Roberts

    also Kenny Rogers


    Totally awesome!! Didn’t know that. It’s cool when you see big names collaborating like this and they don’t care if they’re not the “headline “ guy right now. True artists

  71. KoolCat !

    Fantastic song. Ok time for another Useless trivia moment: On the Billboard Hot 100 pop chart, this song spent two weeks at number four in early 1983, peaked at number two on the R&B chart (behind "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson), and spent six weeks at number one on the adult contemporary chart.  It also features a young Richard Marx singing b/g vocals 5 yrs before he became famous.  Richard also sang on Lionel's later hits "Running with the Night" & "All Night Long".

  72. Christopher Carlson

    Barb this song is you babe!!!

  73. jyh kmh


  74. LGKids

    The fact my boys helped me sang this to my crush on playground back in the day! Peace!

  75. gustavo algusto do nascimento

    Linda música perfeita saudades desse tempo que não volta mais saudades

  76. Eduardo Everton Rios Borges

    Alguém do Brasil ouvindo o grande Lionel ? Viva os anos 80s

  77. shamrock1961

    I'm 60 and I played this song on the radio a lot. Or should I say spun it cuz we were using vinyl? :-)

  78. Curtis Schatt


  79. My Phuong Huynh Thi

    R u sure? Act to show yr love

  80. Weston Perkins

    Friends brought me here

  81. Adriano Mwikalo

    Nice music

  82. Sergio Rivera

    Lionel Richie
    "You Are The Sun"
    #4, 1983.

  83. maryan said

    I never get tired to listen this song ❤

  84. GospeL WeeD420QC

    I think he wear the Ned Flanders Suit 😂😂😂😂

  85. Eric Hawkins

    The arrangement by James Anthony Michael makes this song super special!!

  86. Vikki Smith

    The music of the 50s 60s 80s 90s and some of the 20s are the best that will makes dance even if you don't have legs.

  87. Amenhop Afen

    Am so happy to have you my lovely brother whom used to play this song on his stereo remember me dancing along dreaming to see liinel Richie. I love all his songs.✌💖

  88. Dan Rowe

    I'm here ...sounds like a Jr high school love affair...early 80s Lionel.awesome

  89. Kay b

    I'm 17. Ive always loved this 😭

  90. Ken Flood

    My favourite Lionel song reminds me of the apartment it seems like only yesterday lol

  91. Andrew Andy


  92. le Black Square Productions

    Can't believe this song slipped my song. I remember hearing it on smooth jazz 107.3 cleveland back as a kid. Still love this song.

  93. Jim Carben

    `  ̄ ̄🐬 ̄O  ̄. ̄ ̄ ̄
    🐳 。 o  🐟 *
    ┃╰╯ ┃╰╮╭╯
    ┣━━╯ ╰━╯┃
    ...HEAR MY VOICE.... 👑👑 ♥☆. ☆.(¯`♥´¯) ...☆...(¯`♥´¯)...☆(¯`♥´¯) ......☆..`.I LOVE, EVES MUSIC WORLD(•.¸.•)❤² .☆.   ..`(•.¸.•)❤²  .`☆(•.¸.•)❤² 👑👑