Richie, Lionel - Three Times A Lady Lyrics

Thanks for the times
That you've given me
The memories are all in my mind
And now that we've come
To the end of our rainbow
There's something
I must say out loud
You're once, twice
Three times a lady
Yes you're once twice
Three times a lady

And I love you
When we are together
The moments I cherish
With every beat of my heart
To touch you to hold you
To feel you to need you
There's nothing to keep us apart
You're once twice
Three times a lady
And I love you
I love you

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Richie, Lionel Three Times A Lady Comments
  1. crisis rongo

    thicc pickle man

  2. Juan antonio juarez

    Ill always love u lupita

  3. Sandro Dantas

    Mesmo nós tendo chegado ao final do nosso arco-íris,obrigado pelo seu tempo e por ter compartilhado meus sonhos . Vou sempre te amar

  4. Dr. killpatient

    My mother used to listen to this song over, & over, & over back in the late '70's. I always thought the song was kind of,,uhm,, over-stated, & mundane. But, I realize now that I'm 58 years old, that she was probably, thinking of her mother. ( who died in 1967.) Now, in 2019, my mother is dying of Alzheimers disease. The song makes me cry nowadays. For mommy, & for grandma.

  5. Dave Dallow

    Still gives me goose bumps after the best part of 40yrs.

  6. dhoha koussa

    Because of Tony Soprano's dream❤❤

  7. LaPortia Sumter

    To my future husband my twin flame I love you🤵🏿👰🏾💜💙

  8. Sophrine Wagoneka

    I love this song so dearly

  9. Lisa Valerie

    This song was about his mother; it was, I swear lol

    Southern Belle

    You're absolutely one hundred percent correct

  10. MassDefined

    One of his best!

  11. Ann Young

    In loving memory of my Gran who was 3 times a lady . Sleep tight Gran untill we meet again. I love you xx

    Ryan Wyatt

    Yeah. My gran died 30th September and she wanted this song

    Ryan Wyatt

    Ann Young RIP to your gran ❤️

  12. Ace FK

    Iam here because of Lionel Richie.

  13. Patricia P

    Once my best friend
    Twice my lover
    Three times my husband
    Yours forever

    Neil Cartwright

    Good night babe regards DJ smidnightcaller/Neil YouTube xxx

  14. Richard Hoosier

    I love Lionel Richie I love this song I’m getting married soon so I’ll dedicate this to him n i

  15. Underrated Gacha Girl

    *Real Egyptian Silk mmmmmmm*

  16. TEZ B

    Once - My Friend
    Twice -Lover
    Three-Wife I Love You 💞

  17. Chinedu Emmanuel

    Lionel, the best.

  18. xxcharmed1xx

    Its a long shot but if i ever get married this will be our song to dance to ❤️

    JohnC 67

    If you do then fair play as it was our wedding song 30 years ago and still going strong,go for it,take care 🙂

  19. colsome miah

    The moments I cherish...

  20. Mai Lê Thị

    Mẹ too

  21. Mai Lê Thị

    I love you too a càng ngày càng.....gớm lắm

  22. Evelien Lynn


  23. Benjamin K

    this song is so horribly dump, i reccomend this instead:

  24. Natan Barros Freitas

    Here because of the sopranos

  25. dwfindz핀

    kyungsoo bring me here :)

  26. Liane Cornils

    No i dont see why u let them take the credit for linzer going to my employer

  27. Liane Cornils

    No I'm not asking to be let in, Godcalready opened this door

  28. Liane Cornils

    My song from my husband of 40 years they can answer for it one day.

  29. Williams Mamudu

    Evergreen 👌

  30. alyssassy

    I miss kyungsoo because of this :(

    Neil Cartwright

    I'm always here I've been online 5 years regards DJ smidnightcaller/Neil YouTube

  31. alyssassy

    I'm here because of kyungsoooooooo

  32. Sanaa Qawasmeh

    انا بسمعها لانه رشحها كينغسو ... D.O وفعلا حلوه

  33. Kim Miyung

    Ilove you d.o exo my love

  34. Matthew Tourville

    Love and miss you aunt Mary this is your song trying to remember the good times before your short sickness I was by your side all the way love you missing you very I would take back tome to see you again love your nephew. Matthew 6/4/57 8/21/19 rip

  35. NOUNOU pearls

    D.o 😭❤

  36. Azize çelik

    Kyungsoo's taste>>

  37. 도하

    هنا بسب كيونغسو

  38. D 12

    EXO D.O my beloved Kyungsoo brought me here 💕💕💕

  39. Haleema Afifi

    we are lucky to have kyungsoo in our life ❤
    l can't stop imagin his voice when he make cover for this song

  40. Rasha Sy

    here because kyungsoo recommend

  41. Anika Bushra

    Are you here for Do Kyungsoo?? ❤️❤️❤️

  42. Ka Ka

    here because of D.O.

  43. Exo Trash

    I didn't know this is such a good song! Thank you Kyungsoo for recommending this song❤

  44. si anna

    Siapa yang kesini gara² D.O?

  45. Exo 1

    Exo do ♥️♥️

  46. Exo 1

    Do 👏🏻♥️♥️🔥

  47. Clarissa Yeollie


  48. sehun has the biggest nose

    I'm here because of kyungsoo

  49. Made Parwati

    Kesini krna recomend D.O 😁

  50. LFK

    Imagine Kyungsoo covering this. It suits his voice so much 😭

  51. Nour Ben Daoued

    Here because of kyungsoo😊

  52. Manar

    I hope EXO D.O make a cover for this song 😭😭❤️❤️

  53. L- 1485


  54. Chai Aragon

    Im here cause of Do Kyungsoo nice song

    Nely Abrego

    Who the fuck is kyundkoohg???

    colsome miah

    who is this person and where didhe refer this classic from the 70"s please tell me

    Jean Atian

    @colsome miah kyungsoo or known as D.O of exo. He really has a good taste in music and multitalented person. Search him, he's really popular specially in korea.

  55. Sri Lestari2911

    D.O EXO has been recommended this beautiful song to his fans


    I thought it was just one of his favourites 😭

  56. exo love shot me

    who's here because kyungsoo recommend this song? our man has great taste in music

    Nely Abrego

    Kagyo who?????


    Nah im here because i like REAL music 🔥

    Gwen Renee

    Not here because of that, but I listen to this song at times when I want and need to celebrate my Mom and the amazing 81 years that she has been with us. I think about my Dad and just change the words a little. Together they have have put so much into our lives/ I am the youngest of 4 and turning 50 in a month. So very Thankful to still have both of them.

    Epepz Dp Est

    No...just lionel richie...

  57. Vilma Lima da Silva

    Maravilhoso Lionel!!

  58. zk lumbantobing

    My Fav'songs

  59. A. Bern

    Beautiful song and I'm not even in love right now, but if Lionel Richie wrote this with his mother in mind then I dedicate this to my mom too she deserves it <3

  60. shiney cherian

    Ur lady is ur wife bro

  61. Muhammad Salman butt

    Lov you

  62. metalinl-a

    Thank you Tara,Venessa , Sandy, the 70s , 80s, 90s 00s .....And LAUZE MOST OF ALL 💕💔💔💘❤

  63. Line Pigen

    I have nothing to be sad about, like my life is great and I really haven't lost anyone... then why does this song make me so emotional.
    Love you Lionel, you really are filled with talent!

  64. Mohannd samtube

    Sopranos ?? Like !

  65. Cherryline Viloria

    thanks you tube

  66. jen jen


  67. Mizrahi chick

    Carm.....missing you so much. Rest in peace, my sweet sweet friend.

  68. lisa perinetti

    come here in 2019 cause of dharma&greg

  69. gimmiepig

    Yes Grandma, you were and always will be 3 times a lady. 💜💜💜

  70. Derick Lim

    ALI G brought me here

  71. California USA

    Lionel Richie is one of the most classy famous people , He is a treasure and a gift to all music lovers

  72. izwan fitry azman

    My late father’s song to my mom, they got almost break up but my dad sang this to her :’) very miss you dad. He passed away just 3 months ago.

  73. Davina Missick

    I pray one day someone feels this way for me

    Susanne Bals

    Oh my too!

    South Sea

    Its only a matter of time 😊 always remember,
    Good things come to those who wait 🤗

  74. Franklin Wescombe

    It's 2019 the Love of my Life.. FW LOVES FD !!! <3 <3 <3

  75. RevEvangelist JOHNSON

    What a great song and the lyrics are fabulous. A song conjures up memories.

  76. Paula Lietke


  77. KING ADM

    I love you Aunt Sharon.... I miss you so much.....

  78. Zaina Mhagrh

    For my lovely mum, Sammie xxx

  79. Lori Houp

    Just had this played at my mom's funeral in March. Love you, Momma.

  80. joleen wilson

    Great slow dance.lets do it.

  81. Lois Donaldson

    This will always be a fav of mine. I cry every time.

  82. WarPaint 47

    People may make fun of him but Lionel Richie wrote the most beautiful sappy love songs of my generation.
    Really talented and he does have a great voice.
    Deserves a lot more respect than he gets.
    Come on, people... It is not his fault his daughter is a cheap little whore who can't string a sentence.
    The only thing she ever did was fuck her way into TV.
    What an embarrassment to Lionel.
    I would sooner stand on a busy highway than dishonor the man who gave me life like Lionel's skanky daughter has dishonored him.
    Then again, I am from a generation that knew respect, dignity, decency and honor.
    These things are non existent today.
    I blame the shameless kids who fawn over drugs and pornography.
    Prohibit internet access to anyone under 30 and we will see better things.
    In fact, incarcerate anyone under 28 and keep them there until they can act like decent human beings and i can guaran-fuckingtee that there would be none of today's disgusting shitty "music".
    Let's try it now before it is too late.

  83. Karlton Limeback


  84. september simmons

    Always accomedate the one you love at all times. Keep a smile on his face.

  85. 12417637_Frances Kelleway

    Really? Dislike this song? Let's change that. This song he wrote this for his mom

  86. Hellwyck


  87. Lucie Horvathova

    Am such a old soul I can feel all the emotions back on those days

  88. joleen wilson

    Youre once, twice, three times a gentleman and i love you.

  89. chetan kardar

    Sopranaos brought me here. Oh how beautiful this song is. Smooth, soft and lovely. 😘

  90. Orlando Aguero

    I will sings this song 2 my future bride to be on our <#Engagement > party, best song ever…


    Papa Jackson brought me here

  92. Ralph Gapusan

    according to lyrics, the song about KPOP GIRL GROUP AND SAYING FANDOMS NAME AND GROUP BAND.

  93. rezdout

    Garden State

  94. alero fregene

    Today July 6th 2019. It's 4yrs today my first boyfriend repeatedly played this song in his car & he said he dedicated it to me. He was breaking up with me . Yes he did. & today for the first time, I said to walk down memory lane & I need to know what the fucking lyrics of this song is. & I just got it all. What I dont understand is, how do you love someone & still wanna leave them? If somebody loves you, wont they always love you ?😭😢

  95. Vino Patel

    Can any music lover help please i need notation this song to be played on Saxophone 07779585378 PLEASE HELP PLEASE

  96. tucko11

    Test dream

  97. Your joke are totally from the Internet

    Harith Iskandar, yea? Yeah?.

  98. SoniMarSponge 53

    When Ali G lost Julie D':