Richie, Lionel - Just For You Lyrics

Golden days
Night was play
Pain was all a world away
We went to school
We learned the rules
We trusted all they had to say

Then life took a turn
We all had to learn
And we cant go back again

And my heart is breaking
Just for you
Just for you
And my arms are open
Just for you
Just for you
Just for you

God was God
And dreams were dreams
Life was all cake and ice cream
Truth was true
And lies were lies
And we thought love would never die
But the world moved on
My illusions gone
And I don't know who to blame

And my heart is breaking
Just for you
Just for you
And my arms are open
Just for you
Just for you
And these tears I'm crying are for you
Just for you
Just for you

I'm looking for protection
Give me shelter from the storm
I just hope this light inside me
Keeps me strong

And my heart is breaking
Just for you
Just for you
And my arms they're open
Just for you
Just for you
And these tears I'm crying are for you
Just for you
Just for you

Just for you
Oh my heart is breaking
And my arms are open
Oh these tears I'm crying are just for you

Oh yeah

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Richie, Lionel Just For You Comments
  1. Vincenzom93ITA

    Spot omnitel Italy 2000

  2. Sergio Aloisi

    2020 with Lionel Richie

  3. Dávid Váczi

    2020 🎧😊🤗

  4. leyla ndiaye

    Love You lionnel Richie

  5. Rena Hamilton

    I love this beautiful song Lionel you have written every single song that deals with any type of a heartbreak first time love or even a loss you're incredible artist and you should be proud of your work I will call you a teacher of the Arts I have been listening to your music since I was 14 years old and I still listen to your music to this day God bless you Lionel and your beautiful family I hope one day I'll be able to afford when you're concerts and meet you for the first time I would love that

  6. Carol Bryant

    I just love to listen to Lionel Richie's songs they just bring out the best feeling in my heart and that song he sings just for you is so beautiful to me

  7. spengel katja


  8. Ольга Вихарева


  9. Marcelo Rodrrigues

    Perfect ❤️

  10. Silver Sand

    Monsieur Ritchie quel talent. From the Commodores.....Just for us..?

  11. sharron taylor

    You are strong my friend.

  12. sharron taylor

    Change address from phone or put like in. Get in but goes to phone book. Or Yahoo. I will change

  13. Lourival pires Silva

    Eu sou mesmo um cavalo não vou ouvir caneta azul azul caneta kkkkkkk

  14. Randy ThirdSun


  15. sharron taylor

    So confusing . Really is but life takes sudden turns and tears. I don’t understand lyrics and feelings sometimes. This can be heartbreaking.

  16. David Craik

    My goodness this track is off the scale. Lionel blows everything away with his consummate story telling. The incredibly beautiful black model that is his girlfriend( Lionel she is so out of you league!!).She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen......JESUS...God is good.....Thank you Lionel...............!! You are INCREDIBLE........

  17. eunice swai

    Thank u Lionel Richie ..Mikedady I will always love u...

  18. Juanita Buron

    12/6/19 we thought love would never die and i dont know who to blame😭😭oh just 4 u. Keep us strong18:35

  19. Joma Awad

    Am love this song thanks Richie Anyone in 2020 like thanks ...

  20. Becky Knight

    He is a great performer. A good man.

  21. Ahmed Boudjema

    So magic.. thanks Mister Lionel. You are always great !

  22. Dominic De Iure

    Festivalbar ‘99 🥰

  23. Kat Meow

    Just for you ...

  24. Flavio R.S

    Top brasileiro tambem gosta de coisa boa

  25. Sarah Male

    He’s one of the most iconic musicians ever! Love him

  26. Namitala Milly

    2019 hit a like

  27. Ulrike W

    Lionel Richie ein ganz grosser Sänger 👍👍👍👍👏höre seine Lieder immer wieder gern das sind solche Sänger die immer bleiben auch in der heutigen Zeit einfach super😘👍👍👏🤗👌😍

  28. MB league

    im here because of running man (gary)

  29. Madaga Diop


  30. Kelley Gordon

    Just for heart is broken...much love

  31. Andrea Barzetti


  32. Mihail Mihail

    2004 - 2019

    Robin G

    yes! And 4ever.

  33. Daniel Ken

    Never gets old, love every of songs a brilliant God given voice..much love all the way from Papua New Guinea✌😍

  34. jonathan hudgens

    A true rarity gem in comparison what trash songs they throw out today.

  35. egyptnz27


  36. Abraham Lambspring

    Is Lionel Richie a divine being?

  37. Karin Bertato

    Meglio il tamburellamento piuttosto del maledettelo fischiettare do cacca Meglio Togliere via il fischiettare definitivamente e Meglio sbarazzarcene da cHi fischietta Entro oggi
    Eliminate immediatamente cHi fa sforzi di vomito in trasporti pubblici e x strada Entro oggi.
    Togliete cHi soffre mal do mare dalla circolazione e non fateli mai piu uscire da casa e vietategli a cHi soffre mal mare di uscire da casa definitivamente.
    Eliminazione do cHi fa sforzi do vomito do cHi fa avances do cHi ci fa gli sforzi do vomito e cHi fischietta da chiedere entro oggi. Vietategli a tutti tutti tutti Quanti assolutamente Entro oggi definitivamente Proprio di far sforzi do vomito in trasporti pubblici e in generale x Sempre e Toglietee Togliete cHi fa sforzi di vomito da qualsiasi posto Entro oggi e Togliete cHi fischietta da qualsiasi posto entro oggia cHi soffre mal do mare deve essergli vietato do uscire proprio definitivamente da casa x sempre Eliminate le Bastarde delle donne che sono magre le Bastarde coi capelli rossi e le carogne delle donne che sono magre e tutte Quante quelle che sono Magre Cancelliamole dal pubblico dalla circolazione Entro oggi assolutamente adesso

  38. luciana volpato


  39. Lucas Nuñez

    Siempre lo mejor de todos los tiempos

  40. Desre Williamson

    So lovely! Music for the soul!! Thanks Lionel Richie 😍

  41. Rabi Anwar

    Why the dislikes?? Just why

  42. Volvo Power

    This Song goes into my Heart..😌

  43. leticia vivien diaz benites

    Amo casi todas sus canciones Mr LIonel Richie

  44. Amor Vincit Omnia

    Truth is thruth
    Lies were lies
    We thought love would never dies
    But the world moved on,
    my illiusions gone... 💔

  45. Cyrus Kariuki

    My all time favorite Lionel Richie's song.

  46. Elżbieta E

    Bądź silny!

  47. Lisa Browne

    Still fantastic!

  48. Nadia Rossong

    Just for you Lionel Richie lol always cant wait tu sing this at choir?????

  49. Amor Vincit Omnia

    "I'm looking for protection
    Give me shelter from the storm
    I just hope the light inside me
    Keeps me strong"

    You are so damned right Lionel... 😔

  50. didier constant

    How do when her Heart was broken too.

  51. Amine auto khouribga

    2019 be like

  52. Teresa mendoza

    Love Lionel Ritchie. Every song. Love his voice

  53. Stéphanie Payet

    Beautiful song but so sad that some use it to break heart of women

  54. Tater

    I can listen to this song all day!!

  55. leticia vivien diaz benites

    Amo esta canción

  56. peter papadimitriou

    I love his music

  57. Lacey Lee

    I'll be your shelter in the storm

  58. Scofield Salvador jw

    Anyone in 2019? Hit the button

  59. Kanyunyuzi Harriet

    thank you Richie

  60. Ronny Behncke

    greatings from germany ... !!!

  61. Kristof Kulczycki

    Amazing song
    and positive vibrations

  62. Grace Clermont

    2019 still lessening and love it.💕 he also acts very well on the videos.Amazing.

    Lourival pires Silva

    Eu sou mesmo um cavalo não vou ouvir caneta azul azul caneta não não não kkkk aí Brasil

  63. Miriam Pitana

    Linda musica

  64. Rutherford Mbele

    What a classic....

  65. Udo Dinsing

    Suuuper !

  66. Lee Ann Miller

    HBD love you!! 💕😘✌

  67. Lacey Lee

    You can be with me or not I am choosing to to stop waiting for a man that says he loves me but never gave me a moment of his time from 2003 to 2019 love id not just words it is tangible action that speak more loud then words. I have had this conversation with you many times but you choose time and again to not hear my heart

  68. Fidelio The Shitbird Catcher

    This Is A Song For All The Ladies - Just For You. ❤❤❤

  69. AbdullahYaquob El

    Doctor : you have only 4 minutes to live
    Me : Alexa , play *Just for you*

    Todd Adams

    I could live with that!! I'm looking for protection, give me shelter from the storm. I juat hope this light inside keeps me strong.

  70. Loreana Giannone

    I love Lionel ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  71. Rimas Haji

    After 9 years listening again

  72. ChamanJ Amarasekara

    Lionel the King 🦁.
    This is one my most favorite tracks. A song to pick me up any time I'm down.
    What "MAGIC" Lionel.
    - Your fan for life!!!

  73. Carmen Blachere

    Sublime chansons

  74. rose bud

    Just for you Mr Lionel Richie Legend

  75. MrJacobrabbit

    Nice first song on the CD

  76. sheniwest

    ❤️ from Sri Lanka

  77. Glyn Payne

    Lionel Richie at his best.

  78. Lizl

    I 💜 it!

  79. Fábio junior Junior

    Pra marcar os corações dás mulheres 🥂🥂

  80. Marnie Sykes

    I come back here to listen...just for you ❤❤❤

  81. Roswitha Koeppl

    ist the best song ever

  82. sharon m


  83. Anne Reynolds

    Every Now N’ Then, some really will tell the Truth. We Love You Lionel Richie.

  84. Micah

    He makes white music lmao

    aj w

    1000 IQ 😭😭

  85. maria aparecida

    Linda música!🌷🌷🌷

  86. Ronaldo Deco

    South Africa- Ann Lou Supermarket- Linda

  87. Rickey Engle


  88. Helen Jackson

    Just For You.

  89. Ingrid Akkermans

    Betifol song love it thanks jou ingrid akkermans

  90. Lorena ll.

    Can i sleep in your arms? Plz?🤗😔😘🌺🌷🍃💗💗

  91. Haya

    March 2019 anyone?!

  92. Noura ،،،

    And my heart is breaking 2019

  93. Gagan Negi

    Just for you..

  94. jim power

    Awesome!!.Lionel...keep it up.....”faith”

  95. Momo Momo

    Love this song

  96. Amar Manoj

    2k19 anyone?


    Just for us...just for 1 angel