Richie, Lionel - Brick House Lyrics

She's a brick house
Mighty might just lettin' it all hang out
She's a brick house
The lady's stacked and that's a fact,
ain't holding nothing back.

She's a brick house
She's the one, the only one,
who's built like a amazon [pronounced am-a-ka-zawn]
We're together everybody knows,
and here's how the story goes.

She knows she got everything
a woman needs to get a man, yeah.
How can she lose with what she use
36-24-36, what a winning hand!


The clothes she wears, the sexy ways,
make an old man wish for younger days
She knows she's built and knows how to please
Sure enough to knock a man to his knees


Shake it down, shake it down now [repeat]

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Richie, Lionel Brick House Comments
  1. Sarah Evans

    i hope to catch it this time
    regardless of my health he's my all time favorite i got to see at least one show in my life time

  2. Doug Antelman

    Give him a dry shirt!

  3. Beatnik 66’

    This was my nick name back in 77/78 and later.

  4. a a

    Nobody knows He is a saxophone player in this song😂


    Stoped all, comeback now.

  6. bdr5518

    This is a classic 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

    Lorie Gardner

    Hell yes timeless

  7. Kemper Boyd

    I always liked "I can't hear you"

  8. Brick House

    Named our boat after this one!!!

  9. Billy Pigati

    Drummer.. chill on the embellishments you lose the groove ever 7 seconda

  10. rondmc44

    Atrocious. He can't sing it like Clyde. Very atrocious ☹

  11. Slick Mic

    when is this concert and what year fantastic I would have loved to have been there I think he sings his version of The Commodores song just fine especially being in the crowd having 6 or 7 beers in you

  12. Candida Hernández Hernández

    Su música llega a nuestros corazones y no llena de a legrias nostalgia por eso le pido que nunca dejé de tocar de cantar de escribir canciones de amor por qué cuando ya no esté nadies vas a cantar como Lionel Ritchie

  13. aimee ward

    I was laying in the middle of the night and my bf and I woke up and out of no where I said brick house and it was all over with I had to listen to it. We were trying to sing it but couldn’t remember all the words so I had to get on here and who else better to hear sing it than Lionel Richie. Love this song. Lol

  14. sparkle light

    He's a brick house 😂

  15. Jolanta Barcik-Czaplicka

    BRICK HOUSE( NOWY ORLEAN FESTIWAL 2006). .....świetny utwór jazzowy, żywiołowy,barwny w swoim wykonaniu.....wokal super, muzyka genialna....❤❤❤👄

  16. praise music

    Great job Lionel

  17. Hunter Fagan

    Is he the original singer?

  18. panama MCWB

    My feet my hips😂😂😂🙏🏼

    panama MCWB

    She's urs💜

  19. asianaxeman

    motherfuckin' SWAG right here mang

  20. Hunter Fagan

    I just picture my fat, mean, teacher walking down the hallway with her ass cheeks going up and down

  21. Isaias Erco

    Lionel Richie legendario casi un inmortal

  22. Cynthia Correa

    me encanta ❤

  23. Teresa Ashby

    Come on Lionel, sing that song now...... um hmm oh yes, I love you and always will!!!

  24. The Dude

    True funk. Amazing song...

  25. The Nagual Zone

    Frickin brilliant! what a band he's got behind him!

  26. Joca Jocajhonny

    Bons tempo onde funk era musica e não apologia a drogas,alcool e crime.

    Marcos David

    Joca Jocajhonny - Totalmente de acordo. E escuto esse tipo de música desde os meus 5 anos!

  27. Benjamín Gaete

    10 years ago

  28. Maria Galdina Guimarães Mendes Pereira

    Wonderful...forever Brick House!!

  29. EmpressOfWyoming58

    Who is the guitar player at :59?

    David Howard

    +EmpressOfWyoming58 ... or Jon Bon Jovi 😀


    @David Howard Thank you. I looked him up. I see that he plays with Lionel, has his own solo work, does session work with many big talents.

    David Howard

    +EmpressOfWyoming58 Yes , he is a bonafide musician who is extremely talented in his own right.

    Nicholas Cabral

    David Howard yeah I thought it was Bon Jovi

    Leyla F

    He’s still playing with Lionel today, saw Lionel on yesterday and his bands still the same (wind and guitarists)

  30. Manuel Marmol


  31. Hayden Godfrey

    OMG that tenor player is hilarious when Lionel goes up to him. Love this performance!

  32. cinnaplid

    This song = instant happy feet. Great performance!

    Maria Silva


  33. Stonedog23

    Walter Orange's classic vocals on Brickhouse sound better than when Lionel sings it.

    lawrence worrell

    +Stonedog23 agreed but at least Lionel can pull it off whereas Walter sounds mega horrible trying to sing the Commodores classics that Lionel sang lead on which is near all of them #JustSaying


    +lawrence worrell True definitely. But it's ironic that the group's biggest star didn't sing lead on their biggest charting song. I have no ideal why Lionel and the remaining Commodores won't give us one more tour. Only one died, right ?

    lawrence worrell

    +Stonedog23 yeah and Thomas, Ronald & Lionel have reunited quite a few's William that's still holding the grudge.....btw..."Brick House" is not their biggest charting song


    +lawrence worrell William King, huh, that's unfortunate Walter would be on board, I hope. My apologies, I was thinking the song white people grabbed a hold of was the biggest across the board. My ticket is bought when it happens.

    Cory 182

    That's why Lionel didn't originally do it

  34. Diana Cunningham

    go baby

  35. Jamilah Gillett

    I love him 👏👌😍

  36. PrinceOpana

    He turned that saxophone into a SEXYphone.

  37. Сергей Яковец


  38. Heather Keylon

    This is my jam yo!

  39. Cheryl

    One of my all time favorite songs from the 70's..................Lionel's a brick HOOOOOUSE!!!

  40. Becky Duque

    ahh okay...
    good to know.. -- wtf--

  41. Becky Duque

    ahh okay...
    good to know.. 'wtf???'

  42. Becky Duque

    ur stupid..
    wtf... 'he hasnt 'acted black?"
    What the HELL does that mean?

  43. Conceicao Rodrigues

    lindo de bonito

  44. mousepad49


  45. Mojay

    3:12 A bit of Ohio Players there :P

  46. 925lexi

    Don't beat around the bush, what does it mean to be black?

  47. 925lexi

    What does it mean to act black?

  48. Robbie Beaman

    I wish I still had my Brick House! That's okay I still love dancing to it..

  49. Ruben Alsaker

    is it true that lionel invented the chikka conaw because they did not have enough money to play the song several times in the studio when guitarist fainted? if it is true. respect dude. my band didnot have those problems :O we got free studiotime up to 7 houers a week

  50. TLiu


  51. Peyton Johnson

    this sax solo is sick!

  52. Aimee

    I could eat that man with a spoon

  53. Quest4Redemption

    only one thing missing from this song... the COMMODORES!!!! but still a great song.

  54. Dina Sherifa

    guys what's this saxist's name plz?

    David Howard

    Dino Soldo

  55. Janice Miller

    SOLVE THIS EVERYBODY: 'Riddle me this..riddle me that..what was in 1911..that youtube in 2011 has but, will never have'?? ....!...HINT: it's a 6 letter word that needs to be accompanied by a short explanation!..... Answer it now or,on the vid for the riddle that is in my uploads titled 'Solve This Riddle'

  56. popomczowzow

    @omardw123456 that he is

  57. Kenny Papara

    Woah, this was our song, brickhouse 4eva...

  58. Kenny E.

    That saxophone was mighty. Lionel at his best.

  59. crivero02

    Buena musica para escuchar y soñar

  60. Pixelated Ṉinja

    @popomczowzow but he can sure hit them drums like a motherfucker

  61. amanda cambell


  62. Irie Triumph

    @Uruguayheart This concert was in 2006, he's 61 right now, so 57 - 58.

  63. Patrice Legagneur

    this sounds so good on stage

  64. popomczowzow

    that drummer is either a very effeminate man or just about the most butch lesbian I've ever seen

    David Howard

    That drummer has more bitches in one day than you have had in 10 of your lifetimes.

  65. PnoyGamur24

    that solo was on fire
    just listening make me run out of breath

  66. Sahara SelaznoG

    To me and my mother, a brick house has always meant a woman who is stacked and built(meaning curves in all the right places, not some skinny minnie w/ nothing). Oh yeah, we're both brick houses by the way. Hee hee.*

  67. LittleMario 64

    im laying this song for my jazz band at my school

  68. trailrider5

    HE'S a brickhouse. Sexy in that wet T-shirt1

  69. Kathryn Burgess

    Great video. Lionel still has it! :)