Richie, Lionel - Angel Lyrics

I just want to tell you all the things you are
And all the things you mean to me
You've been with me forever
Through the changes in my life
Through all the tears and laughter

When I find myself believing there's no place to go
When I feel the loneliness inside my heart

You're the answer to my prayers
And you're with me everywhere
You're my angel, miracle, you're all I need tonight
Give me shelter from the rain
You breathe life in me again
You're my angel, miracle, you're all I need to know, tonight

Life is just a moment
We're blowing in the wind
We're trying to find a friend
And only time can tell us
If win or if we lose
And who will stand beside us

When there's darkness all around me
You're the light I see
When I need someone to ease my troubled mind

You're the answer to my prayers
And you're with me everywhere
You're my angel, miracle, you're all I need tonight
Give me shelter from the rain
You breathe life in me again
You're my angel, miracle, you're all I need to know, tonight

You're all I need tonight
All I need tonight
All I need tonight
You're my angel

You're the answer to my prayers
And you're with me everywhere
You're my angel, miracle, you're all I need tonight
Give me shelter from the rain
You breathe life in me again
You're my angel, my miracle, you're all I need to know, tonight

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Richie, Lionel Angel Comments
  1. Tracey Falconer

    Happy valentines day everyone ❤🌹

  2. Noorjan Hashim

    Babe came to hete i waithing tono misd yoi so nuch.

  3. Juanita Buron

    22:53 2/4/20

  4. SuzukisWoody

    Allways LOVE Dóra....

  5. Noorjan Hashim

    My darling last night in my dream I did not let go. My dearest man.

  6. Carlo Lombardo.93

    2020 anyone?

  7. sharron taylor

    Angel. One special word.

  8. andytheboi


  9. Di Bn

    Love is a drop of wine from the Heavens..

  10. Lemea Nkipnee-Akada

    Cool and calming.

  11. Kathy Short

    you are my angel .beautiful.

  12. Michelle Castillo

    ❤️Love this song❤️

  13. Dylan Dixon

    Heard this song while I was in jail for Thr first time, its good shit lol

  14. Jorge Sanchez

    Y love song

  15. Che che Hinay

    I miss u soo much baby 😭


    Alguém que curte essa música sensacional, deixem um like aqui...Ok agosto/2019♥️♥️♥️

  17. Venoms House

    Was mine and my gf's song... I miss her ❤ love you linda

  18. Robert Kelly

    Love songs still rule

  19. Niha Sana

    Brought back so many memories 💖

  20. Deric Dias

    It’s never old .......2019 n more to go ...

  21. moreblessings wisikesi

    Benedict Ncube❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️my miracle

  22. donna br0wn

    So beautiful☺️☺️❤️💕🌹💋He is number ONE ROMANTIC singer.Thanks Lionel🌹🌹😇

  23. ken78shin

    looks like he didnt aged

  24. soleiman al garousha

    I love songs like these... french songs really are the best, arent they?

  25. soleiman al garousha

    who is here in 2020 lol

  26. Ami Contreras Barrutia

    Very nice style and colors on the video. Beautiful song.

  27. Che che Hinay

    You are my angel babe my jhon baby I love you so much

  28. Angella Miranda

    Adoro as musicas do Lionel especialmente essa

  29. Kevin Bandara

    I like black boys

  30. Marthe Ngoli


  31. Anchal mohit Aggarwal

    I sing this for thee my lord i love i surrender

  32. kartik kedare

    This music for those nearest to once heart and the song is amazing dud

  33. Simone M.

    Jesus, I Love you!

    Rachel Meyers


  34. Aurelijus Baranauskas

    Who's listening to this song 2019

  35. George Michael learns to rock

    You are the answer to my. Prayers.....
    You are my Angel..

  36. Margaret Kamundia

    2019 !!! Signing the ® register

    David Solomon

    When there's darkness all around me, you're the light I see.

  37. Antonella Arciuli

    Great song !!!!

  38. Wissam Baghdady

    One of my best songs

  39. Terry Tee

    who is here in 2019

  40. Roshan Mashoor

    Great song ! Brings some good memories

  41. Hazrat Ali Shaikh

    Anyone listening song 9 jan 2019

  42. Rob DeVolld

    2019 anybody?

  43. Soegeng Moelyadi

    Memories. So many memories 😘

  44. Martin Weber

    Who is 2019

  45. Ngxazana musa Gumede

    Man I love the 80t songs

  46. Natalia Yadira Rodriguez De La Rosa

    Esa canción es chulísima, no me había percatado de que el la canta 😱😍, gracias por subir la

  47. Saint Michael

    Remembering the olden days of true love and not lust of nowadays ❤❤💋


    Omg my tuneeee 12/14/18 love love this tune I request this to my beautiful daughters mummy loves y’all❤️❤️❤️❤️

  49. Wendy McDermott

    You are loved and I hope your days are blessed with peace , love, and people who support you.

  50. Phillip Dawson

    You're my angel..My miracle..

  51. Gewoon Astrid

    You're my angel

  52. Jay Brown

    I need my friend
    The beautiful body to talk to

  53. Jay Brown

    I'm so lonely and depressed

  54. Stephanie Heinz

    Ich liebe diesen Song. Dieses Lied verbindet meinen Mann und mich seit 16 Jahren. Es war der Song zu unserem Hochzeitstanz. ❤

  55. Antonella Arciuli

    La vita è un soffio di vento........

    Blasfemix Blasfemix

    Antonella Arciuli vero

    Antonella Arciuli


  56. Hazel Abella

    i will always remember you.. cause youre my ANGEL...

  57. Rynn Tlor Joshua Ngoma

    "You're the answer to my Prayers , and you're with me everywhere "

    David Solomon

    I just want to tell you all the things you are and the things you mean to me.

  58. Anna Vella

    When you listen to this song is like being in heaven

  59. Logan Griego

    Let the future generations know about the best artists from the past; Lionel Richie.

  60. Miranda G

    Beautiful song

  61. George Michael learns to rock

    Exactly.true. u don't even no...U my angel

  62. George Michael learns to rock

    You are the answers to my prayer s

  63. Tina Connors

    Only time will tell us if we win or if we lose and who will stand beside us 👌🙌🤞😜😘

  64. Ingrid Akkermans

    mooi nummer top succes blijf luisteren ingrid akkermans

  65. Roger Ribeiro

    Good old songs are the best to listen❤

  66. Abimael Cruz

    I haven't heard this song since I was a kid I'm glad I found it. I remember some of the lyrics and that's how I was able to find it

  67. Catherine Kearney

    dedicated to my wonderful husband. Johnny. X X X

  68. Catherine Kearney

    this is my funeral song.

  69. Ashleigh Bateson

    Love this song

  70. Buhle Sithole

    took me back 15yrs ago

  71. Luciana Caluianu

    Sei un grande Lionel. Ti amo tanto

  72. Vick nav

    Who’s listening to this 2018?

    Graham Hatton AOR Guru

    I'll be listening to it in 2019 :-)

    Piotr Zaleskiewicz

    Whitney hiuston

  73. Xennial Hipster

    One of Lionel's best songs. I think it would've been a massive hit if it just came out in 1999 (perfect for that millennium party pop atmosphere) but by 2001 it probably didn't seem as modern anymore so I guess that's why it flew under the radar.


    JPMcFly1985Two #FeelTheBern I think you are right.
    Songwriters Paul Barry, Graham Stack and Mark Taylor were responsible for this signature millenium pop sound (Enrique Iglesias - Bailamos, Cher - Believe, René Froger - Crazy way about you for example).

  74. Livingstone Kagonye

    The best ever wish i cld trn bck hnds of tym

  75. Cristian Reches

    Excellent, my best regards since argentina, im cristian

  76. Darlene Krause

    Love this song I have angels in Heaven

  77. manuel silva

    Good song Lionel i love it :)

  78. Norman Cooper

    Lionel is one smooth dude!

  79. Blackthorne P

    Fantastic song.

  80. inga

    I love it

  81. William Chao

    Brings me back to 14 years ago.

    Stephen Cheng

    William Chao Likewise. It's a beautiful song.

  82. Peter Kalonga

    reminds me of the good old days

    Nancy Crockett

    Love & Live for those great " "!

    Cheryl Powell

    @Nancy Crockett mou

    Cheryl Powell

    @Nancy Crockett etta james

    Nancy Crockett

    Love My Etta Lots too & Aretha & all good R&B😁

    Tracey Falconer

    Yep 🌞

  83. Mr. Chip

    lionel needs more plastic surgery

  84. Anjali R

    A blessed singer...

  85. Renee Panucci

    I love this song

  86. Maryanne McTonic

    Love your songs 💌🌹

  87. Andrea bánfi

    Hmm... Imádom ezt a dalt! -I love this song!Lionel Richie-Angel

  88. Benny B.

    Ur my angel miracle ur all i need tonight, i love that part

  89. Jacki Jackson

    love grandaughters name is miracle!

    Benjamin Peterson

    +Jacki Jackson I'd probably nick name her Miracle Whip, if I knew her.

    Chris Larimore

    Sienna Miller dumbass


    Sienna Miller stfu dumb bitch

    Abh Ghu

    Beautiful name

    castor Troy

    Sienna Miller lmfao hahahahaha


    I LOVE My friend

  91. Iwona Szymanska

    Milego Dnia zycze.:):)

    Iwona Szymanska

    @*****  dank je ik wens je een fijne dag :)

  92. bánfi andrea mariska

    Lionel Richie-Angel Imádom ezt a dalt! -I love this song!

  93. alessioberti85