Richie Kotzen - Paying Dues Lyrics

Maybe I'm just wasting time
Maybe I'm paying dues
Maybe I'm just one more lie
Maybe I'm just doing what I'm meant to do

I been locked up at the county jail
Been called a loser I should cut my hair
Been called unfaithful and I don't care
I've done it all but I'm doing nothing

Maybe I'm just wasting time
Maybe I'm just paying dues
Maybe I'm just one more lie
Maybe I'm just doing what I'm meant to do

I've been put down but my skin is thick
I may be small but my hands are quick
I lay in the cut and I'm in the mix
I'm all lit up I'm ready for you

Maybe I'm just wasting time
Maybe I'm just paying dues
Maybe I'm just one more lie
Maybe I'm just doing what I'm meant to do

I made a fortune and I lost it too
And I've been loved and I've been used
I'm undecided but I see the truth
I ain't had enough till I had you

Maybe I'm just wasting time
Maybe I'm just paying dues
Maybe I'm just one more lie
Maybe I'm just doing what I'm meant to do

I'm paying dues
Maybe I'm just wasting time
Maybe I'm paying dues
I got nothing to lose, yeah
Maybe I'm paying dues

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Richie Kotzen Paying Dues Comments
  1. Ivens Borba

    Richie, the best!!! Making our lives more happiness!!!!!! :D

  2. David Blaze

    awesome guitar licks of the best

  3. Edoardo Pascucci

    before this... he was a pianist

  4. Reggie Hall

    GEEZUS, teach me!

  5. Armando V2

    Jesus, forgive me for not being a subscriber. Uh... he's not Jesus? He's Richie? Well... point still valid.

  6. Susan Moran

    I think it's loud enough to please my neighbours.

  7. Harish Jahanmohan

    Richie Kotzen did it way before it was cool, i mean there's dave grohl, who isn't bad and there's richie, fucking virtuoso at almost all he gets his hands on. what a beast <3

  8. vegan__viking

    Guitar masterclass


    Kotzen eres un Dios¡¡

  10. veljko brankovic


  11. Gregory Fabrizio

    What a talented dude! I've been singing his praises for a while now, but damn, this is hot shit!

    Gregory Fabrizio

    I mean, he is his own power trio on this one...

  12. rich Newport

    all the rest is awesome too

  13. rich Newport

    wow!what a solo

  14. Moriz Reddig

    cant belive that almost 10% disliked that!! ... ur opening ma mind for music in a new way! thank u , awesome..

    Marc Brunengraber

    Moriz Reddig - he gets lots of dislikes by idiot Poison fans that dislike all of his videos because he slept with Rikki Rocket’s girl 100 years ago.

  15. Guilherme Viana

    i think that if rock was valued today, like in the begins of 70's maybe, this man would be a fucking god or icon of rock and music

  16. Steve Kutz

    Genius /Teacher

  17. Hellraiser357

    Damn, this song reminds me Deep Purple - Lay down, stay down. Still love Richie a lot, fantastic musician and composer.

  18. inho Hwang

    형 천재인건 나도 아는데...이렇게까지..

  19. Ree McLaughlin

    💋, mercy.....

  20. dogepi

    The look after the guitar solo at 3:00 - yeah suck it XD

  21. I. Kaminskiy

    love it!

  22. Marshall Dave

    epic timeing on the solo... was cosmic

  23. Pablo Agustín Cámara

    Always sends shivers down my spine while watching and listening to this! Top Kotzen!!

  24. daipaulig

    Toca pra desgraça essa filho da puta!

  25. Diego Alejandro MUSIC

    Es un genio y mi ejemplo a seguir

  26. Chris Davies

    It's just not fair, he plays the guitar like he's sold his soul at the crossroads and he can sing. Why can't the fucker at least be ugly FFS lol

  27. john blackshire

    The best?...Yep!

  28. john blackshire

    Are you [email protected]$king kidding me? NOBODY BETTER!

  29. globalmind43

    Are you f****** kidding me

    Damn you Richie Kotzen ! Just when I thought I'd seen it all

  30. John Bennett

    the man is diseased with Talent

  31. Debi Harrod

    Absolutely MAGNIFICENT!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  32. Peter Ustinov

    Great song!! thx

  33. john blackshire

    The f#$%in man!

  34. john blackshire

    nobody better.

  35. dahlia khoury

    Omggggg i m in lovee with thiss mannn !!!!

  36. Guilherme Lemke

    That time when Jesus formed a band with three other Jesuses

    Fernando Flores Pacheco

    good times!!!

  37. robert remkes

    Another Telecaster maestro. One of the most overlooked musical talents of our time, if not the most.

  38. Steve

    Hippy Kotzen. Great song!

  39. google eyes

    Most people would be happy to be born with the gift of an awesome singing voice. No, this guy had to be awesome at everything he points a finger at. Some people huh!  I fkn love this tho.

  40. omer aktas

    is there anything you are bad at, at all, Richie???

  41. Jon Myers

    Damn that solo. And outro shiiiiat

  42. edoardo fasiello

    on drums:Jesus Christ

  43. Pamela Owens

    it should be against the law to be so talented and damn good looking.

    Antonio João Schwartz Soares

    ha ha ha, I thought the same.

  44. Lalox Rosa

    He has it all. mtfcker , I hate him


    Right? Lol

  45. Hard Rocker

    Grande Richie

  46. Nevil Cora

    its a jesua crist video or and homles person video sining

  47. David James Smith

    Insane! Snare work, bass runs, VOCALS!

    Oh guitar ain't bad😳

    Nrman Echizen

    Did you see his dance man? Best part

    robert remkes

    No shit, Sherlock...:-)...

  48. LeeboProductions

    Maybe I'm just wasting time, maybe I'm just paying Jews.

    Michael Massey

    hahaha....I see what you did there

  49. james woynilko

    Kicking Ass!

  50. TrueBlueSue49

    Paying Dues (by Richie Kotzen

  51. John Smith

    I would like to state that I am not "blown away" by this.? I got long hair, facial hair, i can play bass, sing, drum, keyboard, trumpet, I can do them all ! ........ But I suck at most of them, hey...just sayin' !! Rock on RK!!

  52. Marco Henrique

    esse cara e muito foda!!!!!!!!!

  53. rolies boyd

    im agree with #Freedom Rocker

  54. Santiago Cànepa

    You´re a liar, you´re a fool and you think you´re paying dues
    Saying that you´re hopeless, faithless, but that ain´t true.

  55. Biboi Rich

    music intelligence

  56. FreedomRocker

    This is my new theme song!!!! Thnx RK.  Winery Dogs should cover this.

  57. Zan DeVoice

    Jesus Christ on Guitar! You God dude! Yeeah.. \m/

  58. 呂明儒

    this aint play like god shit, its play like richie my man.

  59. Ivo Stan

    Richie Kotzen is not only the greatest guitarist of our time but the greatest musician period.

    Arno Stephanian

    Wow.... It blew my mind!! He's definitely a genius musician!


    it's just good player, not the best


    @Ivo Stan one of the best multi-instrumentalists for sure...

  60. J-C. Loiola

    just awesome, there's nothing other to say. Only the guitar at the beginning is really out of tune.

  61. Pat C

    I LOVE this man!!!  Talent times ten!!!!

  62. ragmelo

    simply wow!!!!

  63. Todd Debodd

    Holy shit Richie!  Now your just showing off.... PLEASE DON'T STOP!!!  My gawd what a talent, gifted to say the least!


    I was thinking the same thing. Damned showoff!

  64. markyncole

    Ladies and gentlemen,playing ALL the instruments at once! Would you please put your hands together for mr. ....JESUSSSSS CHRISSSSSSSSSST!!!

    Dhika Yudha Perdana

    he comes down from the sky to give a message to people what good music is supposed to be

    Mitzi Valenzuela Castillo



    Biboi Rich

    +Dhika Yudha Perdana You're fu*kin' right

  65. Moar 61

    is there anything this guy can't do?

  66. Angelo Briganti

    oh oh...talking about doing what the F... u want...since he does bass and drums as knew he was great but this goes way beyond


    You wanna see him play the piano too.... not bad! 

    Angelo Briganti

    I don't know him personally but he seems to be a humble person...something you don't see much around nowadays...and in my book that calls for...respect!


    @Angelo Briganti I met him in England briefly once. He seems nice, humble, perhaps a little introverted too...

  67. Michal Lasota

    Kotzen ist zum kotzen

  68. Billy Milano

    hipster.. dude.. rocks.

  69. chello70

    Fucking multi-talented genius.
    One men band better than hundreds of 5 men band I know.

  70. Marker Music Show

    What a talent.. amazing guy

  71. jose fajardo

    Soooo good!!!!

  72. JoshMetal316

    Dat bass out billy sheehan ;)

  73. Fernando Andrés Cabrera Puente

    Kotzen is god!!!

    Félix Gonzalez

    yeah..... very good

  74. slb slayer

    nice,very funky and blues and awsemolly played

  75. Tony Powell

    How the fuck does he sweep without a pick? Insane talent...he is the best!

    Tony Powell

    Ah that explains

    Henrique Oliveira

    But nowadays he always plays without a pick...

    Tony Powell

    @Henrique Oliveira which is what I thought when I first posted my comment. Does that mean nowadays he can sweep without using a pick?


    I have seen him sweep live w/o a pick.

    Chris Rowe

    24 hours was the first album that he started using just his fingers.. everything before that was with a pick

  76. Tony Powell

    He is a god for sure!

  77. HoodRatKing90

    rock and roll Jesus rises again

  78. 70marco80

    Kinda looks like Jimmy Fallon lol

  79. R. Christopher Fowler

    Love the guitar tones!

  80. madgoldnz

    "Maybe I'm just paying Jews"

  81. Clayton139

    Richie Kotzen the one man band! This guy is good!

    Louie Malvessi Music

    Drums werent recorded by him!

  82. Luan Augusto da Silva

    The best

  83. jouse hendrix

    Se garante demaaaaaais!!!!!!

  84. dockaiser

    Holy shit ...


    @felix lara
    What do you think " Holy shit " means ..?


    lol learn some English brah


    Quien? tu padre o tu madre?

    Félix Gonzalez

    Shhhhhh shhhhh

  85. Zan DeVoice

    You god Richie!! \m/ Zan from Indonesia *cheers*

  86. Lucas Marodin de Paiva

    Jesus Christ of fuitar

  87. Mike Giz

    Great band that did their homework !

  88. Dimitris Antonopoulos

    Fuckin' genious!!!!!!!!!

  89. Kk Rech

    Richie needs no Dogs!

  90. 呂明儒

    Jesus: You need a band, I need just a man. ME

  91. not223

    Definitely "doing what you're meant to do"...and thank goodness for that! Fun video.

  92. icecakes

    I can watch this video every day. I'm pretty sure he's playing all the instruments.

    Louie Malvessi Music

    Drums Dan Potruch. Paying dues ;)

  93. Timi Herczeg

    i like your vocal collections, can't wait for it! :)