Richie Kotzen - Go Faster Lyrics

I've been racing ever since I was 15
It ain't nobody ever catch me
Yeah, I was hustling and taking that money
We made it look so damn easy!

You can't slow me down, slow me down
I only got one speed
I'm gonna ride until I can't see the ground
I just wanna keep goin' faster
I'm gonna fly and I ain't coming down
I just wanna keep goin' faster
Baby, let's go faster!

Yeah yeah yeah
Here's what I gotta do.

I was so many times and never been busted
I don't remember how to lose
You're always saying I can't escape justice
How many times I got to tell you?

You can't slow me down, slow me down
I only got one speed
I'm gonna ride until I can't see the ground
I just wanna keep goin' faster
I'm gonna fly and I ain't coming down
I just wanna keep goin' faster
Baby, let's go faster!

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Richie Kotzen Go Faster Comments
  1. Susan Moran

    I am so glad to find this. It rocks greatly.

  2. robert remkes

    Rock on, Brother....Sammy who? He got left in Richie's dust...

  3. AKA Trio Band

    Come check out our instrumental cover of the song.

  4. 8.7.8ŮŞĆH

    Richie ALWAYS been a PIYOMP

  5. T Man

    Dayum....Rockin my Shit with this tune.

  6. Scott Waszak

    Said it before, I'll say it again... Freakish talent.

  7. Raul Raul

    the return of mh, is the better album of mr kotzen for me...

  8. Pamela Owens


  9. james woynilko


  10. Mae Clavecilla

    Anyone know what overdrive pedal he uses?


    +Mae Clavecilla : It's a Tech 21 Fly Rig RK 5, Ritchie Kotzen Signature :)
    Saw it here : on pages 10 and 11


    for this album he used Sobbat driver
    it was or

    Martin Abouttone

    lots of other overdrives and a good tube amp will do the job too ;o)

  11. Osha Venema

    Ooohw, yeah!

  12. Margus Linnakivi

    This song rocks my balls out of the window!

  13. Clayton139

    WOW! So Good !!  A Touch of Blues with a Big Rock Punch !

  14. Viking62

    Chris Cornell eat your heart out

  15. Juan Pablo Cafiero

    yeah yeah yeah!

  16. TheGroumpfy

    That's what she said.

  17. Facundo Cerviño


  18. NorielWong1994

    @kmisi1 still a good song :D

  19. ivanuskakozovie

    oh my goddddddddddddddddddd yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
    u´r the besttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  20. kmisi1

    @guitarzan73 what? i can't thumbs up my own comment, especially not multiple times. please don't be so offensive, just watch the video. thank you. good bye.

  21. guitarzan73

    @kmisi1 Suddenly thumbing up your own comment a couple times in the past few hours after having none for 2 months for the ultimate fail

  22. kmisi1

    @guitarzan73 yeah, everyone failed. no one noticed it.

  23. guitarzan73

    @kmisi1 Fail. Nobody thumbs up

  24. 17drumhead

    Great soulfull rock voice, great guitar playing, stage presence, this dude's got the goods!!

  25. 17drumhead

    @nicolascage09FAN And I'm sure YOU can play and sing circles around him, right? Who are you touring with and who have you recorded with? I'll wait.............

  26. kmisi1

    thumbs up if you realised that the chorus is the same as the chous of mother head's family reunion

  27. AmeseyPop


    I just checked it out.....NIIICE!!!! Great voice, really tight musicianship. And I would definitely shake my ass at one of your gigs.

  28. Rockingboy8

    @nicolascage09FAN Haha thanks xD

  29. Rockingboy8

    @nicolascage09FAN Why?

  30. Francesco Marras

    grande chitarrista e grande voce!!

  31. Jamie O'Donnell

    Type in 'hot rails go faster' This is my bands cover of the song, we would appreciate any feedback! thanks

  32. hangingrock57


  33. Writer432

    @bloobear1 modern music i was replying to a previous comment

  34. shofimu

    I interview him, i will uploading that

  35. DirkjeA

    I would like to have a coffee with him in the early morning (after) ;-)

  36. SeekSnypeShoot

    that rocks

  37. shreddingjoris

    @jckbac9 crap sells

  38. Antonio Panzone

    Es un genio!!!! este tipo es todo un musico!

  39. Writer432

    i have and its pish

  40. Miguel Heijnen

    GREAT SONG!!! Never listen to this in a fast car, it's too dangerous!!! I LOVE IT

  41. DirkjeA

    Oh boy, he is so cute, I wouldnot say no would he ask me softley,

    He goes right into my favs, together with Rory Gallagher, Jimmi Page, Jef Beck, Peter Green, Jack Bruce, Gary Moore, Vinnie Moore, Phil Lynott and all the great musicians I forgot to mention now, Richie Kotzen deserves a place among them in my opinion.......

  42. Writer432

    i completely agree

  43. Kevin Z

    because people in general have no music sense.

  44. Writer432

    why isnt he a household name like hendrix or evh

  45. texbls

    love this song, solo is great

  46. Tony W

    This dude Can Jam....!

  47. cnmaster01

    best guitar player/vocalist

  48. abbibbulo

    pop? lol
    i prefear him now

  49. element1988

    he was better in his younger days, before he went all pop :S

  50. Niraham

    Doyle Bramhall II

  51. pptguru99

    yeah, without the shred!!!! sing me the song and then mock up a little coupla measures of lead guitar playing....get back to the killer song plz......

  52. pptguru99

    id say Nuno and Joe Bonamassa might disagree. I think RK is awesome though!!!!

  53. tornrbro

    wow descent

  54. Tony W case you guys didn't know this...but this guy is probably the Best Guitar Player since Stevie Ray Vaughan. No one playing better than Kotzen!

  55. Tony W

    Killer Jam Song! Like to see this go Live!

  56. RidvanDuzey

    I love his voice!!!!

  57. Lorenzo de Mauro

    lo visto a roma... da brividi

  58. Maury Wonka

    lo trovo veramentye eccezionale.. Di certo non si puo'dire che quest uomo e' ripetitivo.. i suoi dischi sono sempre ben riusciti! Continua cosi Mr. Kotzen.GO FASTER!

  59. Renzo Centofante

    Ecco, Shawn è più... "naturale".

  60. shredfusion1

    beh dai nn esageriamo...a me piace anche sotto questo aspetto...xro il mio preferito è shawn lane

  61. Renzo Centofante

    Però ha rotto i coglioni co 'sto cazzo di blues. lo preferivo nei dischi da classical guitar hero come l'album d'esordio o in tandem con Greg Howe. Comunque, sempre grandissimo.

  62. shredfusion1

    richie è davvero una bestia...legati molto complessi

  63. mudshark jones

    its just not fair .looks voice and ability beyond all but the very best in the world .if there is a god he really likes Richie and fuckin hates me .

  64. Ali Duman Pak

    damn! song-write-machine! amazing talent!

  65. Emaretta

    <3 yeeah