Richie Kotzen - Can You Feel It Lyrics

I'm just sittin' by myself
Tryin' to find somethin' else
Ain't nobody gonna tell me...
How I'm meant to live my life
How I'm gonna fell alright
I know I'm gonna gonna make it through this...
I'm not sayin' that I'm desperate
I'm just lookin' for someone
Who makes me feel like living
Oh... got a feeling... I can feel it... oh...
Got a feeling
I'm tired of sitin' by myself
I guess I need somebody else
Who can keep me up all nigh what I'm thinking
I've been wasting so much time
Thinkin' waiting all my life
For a little understanding...
Then I wake up next to you
I feel I found the truth...
Ain't nobody messin' with my life...
Can you feel it? I got a feelin'...
I kind of feel you're gonna make me love again
I really mean it O' can you feel it?
Cuz I got a feeling
You know you make me feel alive again
I really mean it O' can you feel it?
I know you can, i know that you can
I know you can baby baby I come home
You greet me with your smile
And when you say my name, you know
I feel just like a child
I never knew how it could be
To have somebody righ
Maybe I'm just somewhere else and
Love is on my side Then I wake up next to you
I feel I found the truth ain't nobody messin'
with my life...

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Richie Kotzen Can You Feel It Comments
  1. martin pierrat

    Oh my god you chopped off the best part of the song you animal

  2. Lore Delfín Vlogs

    OMG! The voice ,the riff, the ability,the groove,the feeling! There’s a lot of great artists but Richie rises above all plays all,sings awesome OMG!

  3. Mark Dunham

    Shit hot riff

  4. Juan Carlos Lazarte Ruiz

    man ....I feel like I dont know anything about playing guitar

  5. Steve K

    Love this song. Wailing and raw.

  6. VonHoganSchmidt

    The Best

  7. Edwin Burgess

    great tune

  8. Clayton139

    Love this !!

  9. dfifty2

    -------> Pat Travers !!


    ... the beginning ... in the style of

    Herbert Perry

    dfifty2. What does Pat Travis have to do with Richie Kotzen.

  10. Simone Rattazzi

    Sticazziii questa canzone ha un riff da urlo...

  11. Andrey Ivanov

    what a rifffff!!! great!!! 

  12. The God of Hentai - Guy Fieri

    yes i can =D

  13. Layla LinQuinto

    Go Richie, hell yes ...

  14. Sharine 0710

    Wow!! this song is soo good! He is the real deal alright!

  15. JsHolgersson

    This is pro musicians at it´s best.

    Love Richie and the gang

  16. Simone Gobbato

    Grande Richie,UN FENOMENO!!!

  17. oldschoolmetal

    this is my favourite song once i started listening to his young guitar DVD...great solo...

  18. Jamie O'Donnell

    This is fucking brilliant