Richardson, Calvin - You're So Amazing Lyrics

I done been to the river
Swam up the stream
Stood on the mountain top I swear it leans
Like Martin Luther said girl "I had a dream"
But I never stopped loving you girl ooh
You're so amazing girl oooh

I've only had one kiss
There's only been one girl that I miss
The only one to make me feel like this
And that's you (girl)

You blew my mind like the wind
Haven't felt this good since (I don't know when)
You can put your load on my back
This love is real so ready to tack

I done been to the river
Swam up the stream
Stood on the mountain top I swear it leans
Like Martin Luther said girl "I had a dream"
But I never stopped loving you girl oooh
You're so amazing girl ooo

Baby we're so close
Like the pocket on your hip
You do me so good
Let me take you on a trip
Around the world won't be long enough
If somebody's waiting on you they can give it up

I won't be letting go
This love is so good you make me say Oooh (oooh)
So if you're listening now you know (yeah)

I done been to the river
Swam up the stream
Stood on the mountain top I swear it leans
Like Martin Luther said girl "I had a dream"
But I never stopped loving you girl oooh
You're so amazing girl ooo

And if I lose my sight today (girl)
In the pit of your eye I could still see
The grace of your wow
That beautiful smile
When you come to me
If loving you is wrong (I don't wanna live here any more)
I'd rather be gone (you see)
I will be the evidence that's wrong
Please listen to the words of my song
My song, my song ooh ooh

I done been to the river
Swam up the stream
Stood on the mountain top I swear it leans
Like Martin Luther said girl "I have a dream"
But I never stopped loving you girl ooh
You're so amazing girl oooo

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Richardson, Calvin You're So Amazing Comments
  1. Curley Washington

    Calvin you’re amazing I love all your songs

  2. Cathy Coleman

    Show Nuf Grown Folks Music
    Thank You For Bringing This Sound
    Back To Life 💯💯

  3. Ty House

    One of my faves Calvin😉

  4. ineway

    This song and video is soo precious to me. I imagine my late husband singing this to me. It takes me back to the days of deployment and waiting for my Marine to come home. It takes me back to Jacksonville, Camp Lejeune, NC and Charlies on Fridays. I miss you Dra So much... R I P baby

  5. Linda Spivey

    You're sof amazing

  6. Ramyah's

    Feeling this

  7. Henrietta Parks

    DAMN CALVIN THAT LAST SHOT!!!!!!! BOI !!!!!!!!

  8. Max Capone


  9. Keenan Williams



    Keenan Williams 🤣

  10. Nicholas Harris

    Adrainne Denise Medlock I never stopped loving you

  11. Michael Frailey

    2019 and this is still that love jam.

  12. Suga Mama

    You re an amazing singer Calvin

  13. Sarahyah Yahudah

    😳SELF HATRED IS REAL! SOME BLACK MEN ARE MENTALLY SICK AND THEIR THE WEAKEST LINK! What kind of khooning chucking and jiving is this? I'd never support this BS🤣 FOH!

  14. Ms. LaTonya

    I'm still listening 2019


    Ms. LaTonya me too

  15. adventist228

    Real music 2019❤️❤️

  16. Siobhan H.

    Omg I love this man!!! We need more of THIS!!!

  17. Novel Maker

    This song ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!!

  18. Carlton Sims

    Bad ass song smooth as butter

  19. parijuana1


  20. Desiree Greene


  21. Latrice G’hadiyraa Ibrahim Jackson

    Why she touching my man


    Latrice G’hadiyraa Ibrahim Jackson our man 😂

  22. dirtycasper

    Next time have a real Marine get those ribbons right

  23. Nun Yobiz

    Bad ass truck

  24. King Kang

    This guy 👍👍👍

  25. LB Mc Knight

    His voice is amazing, but this video is trash. Love me some him though❤❤❤

  26. Brent Thomas

    This song and American Dream lite up the sky

  27. Indigenous WOG

    I NEED YOU PaPa... 😎

  28. Allen Watkins

    This dude is so under rated

  29. Linda jemison

    Mr.monroe i love for you to sing on my birthday next year.Love u calvin

  30. Linda jemison

    Hello mr Richardson my birthday coming up on july 12,1969 i I'll be 50 years olds.Calvin are you're going to perform on that day.Let me know keep me in touch

  31. Linda jemison

    Calvin in video his that her father or husband?

  32. Linda jemison

    Calvin you are so amazing.

  33. Lorene Satran

    Love me some him!!!!!

  34. Ms Jae2U

    I loooove me some Calvin Richardson and Love this song😍😍😍

  35. Carlos Chenault

    Calvin Richardson is the truth; perfection. Love this man's music so much.

  36. Angel Boatwright

    The only reason he sounds sooooo good is because God gave him that gift 🎁

  37. Nicolette

    Music for matured ears ♥♥

  38. Joy Manning

    Love this song by Calvin, but I think I'm more focus on they way he smiles in this video.. He is so amazing!

  39. Letrell Hardin

    2018 you're So Amazin!!!!!!

  40. Latasha Davenport


  41. Mula Cox

    My bf sing this to me all the time 🌹



  43. Zee D

    You can blow my brother!

  44. Nikhchan's Gaming

    Here I am...I heard something that sounded similar to this and for a briefd moment my brain threw up a brief melody of this song...No idea what song , Words , video etc...But I held onto it..."you're are beautiful... you're beautiful girl, Black guy you're beautiful...what was it...You're so amazing? Google You're so amazing girl...BAM! here I am. 7 YEARS LATER! Back to find my comment. I think I had found this song while looking for romantic songs to forward to my college crush on FB...XD 28-01-18.

    Please check out my latest vid!

  45. Adora Nae Beloved

    So cute
    So sexy
    So talented
    So Amazing love it

  46. yetta jackson

    I love this song so much😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  47. DeEtta Parker

    Something about Calvin Richardson......yes Sir

  48. Deloise Snowden

    Come on Calvin and team, could you get a sister in some of your videos, you do know we exist right? IJA

    Ann Ann

    She's black! Fair complexion.

  49. Paris Brooks

    Calvin Calvin........!!! So lovely 🌹🌹🌹

  50. Kim Young

    Soo...underrated this guy is IT!!!

  51. Kim Young

    This man here... unrecognized,underrated

    Sarahyah Yahudah

    Nah he right where he belong and he not going no further! Amen😂


    Sarahyah Yahudah Sis thats bs and you know it. Give credit where it’s due.

  52. Lee De'Clouette

    Black or white we all Gods children

  53. Sharonda Castle

    This is grown folk music !! Enjoy 😊

  54. Kimberly Fallin

    I absolutely love his music! He is the truth! ♡

  55. Yita Dee

    We in the pool,I have my nice bob hairstyle, one dip in that water and out comes Don King....

  56. Mary Joe

    Calvin Richardson is so fine but omg the uniform 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 lol. He's not credited enough for his music which is crazy to me! Humble Prince of Soul, he's like a bottle of cognac just smooth...

  57. Karen B

    Beautiful song still jamming to it....

  58. nwilczyn

    'you can put your load on my back' lol this lyric could go horribly wrong in the wrong hands

  59. K.Renaa


  60. ernest mickens

    These words describe my emotions when I saw my wife for the first time. Love at first sight. She made me a believer.

  61. Sheila Hawkins

    The different styles of music keeps you so sexy. and well rounded. I love this beautiful man.

  62. Joye Smith

    this song is so amazing 😱


    damn he fine ass hell!!!!!😋😋

  64. Fiskgyrl2

    This video ruined the song for me :(

  65. Jessica Wheaton

    i seen calvin richardson at zoo blues 2017 he is so amazing😘😘

  66. Tiffany Mauldin


  67. Shamara Mitchell

    You better saaaang!!!

  68. Ken Jeter

    I dedicated this song to the Latina soul sisters..........from k.j. da 903 👑

  69. Donna Parker

    never get tired of this song

  70. Acqueline Riley

    she loves you Calvin

  71. Walter Raines

    what happened to this style of r&b. soulful and right on time. it's sad record labels keep pushing music with no substance. we need more of good music like this.

    Sarahyah Yahudah

    We need more good music but most importantly we need more men who are loyal to the BLACK WOMAN!! 💪🤜🤛

  72. latia Mabson

    I love this man and his voice !!! This my kinda music ❤️❤️

  73. Ma'Chaela Scott

    If R&B was to die tragic, this brother could resurrect and give c.p.r. back to it.

    Juliette Boulware

    Tony Dewayne Scott You soooooooo right!

    Sarahyah Yahudah

    This song and video is wack and he can't sing lmaooo 🤣

  74. Gloria Perry

    i love me some Calvin Richardson music

  75. Dorothy Smith

    one of my fav. songs amazing. .yes,yes

  76. Crystal Chambers

    I love this

  77. sam white

    this is grown folks music

  78. Doziér Dynasty

    His dancing reminds me of my dads lol 😂

    Leah Mack

    love you Calvin.

    Leiah Crane


  79. Angela Challow

    Now that's "Forever Music" a voice that tugs at your soul. From Bobby Womack, Charlie Wilson to originals ~you are an old soul with songs with meaning & messages
    Thank you Mr.Richardson



  81. Kim Oliver


  82. shawn spaulding

    I liked that. You look just like a soldier!

  83. msbrowneyes always smiling

    This has to be my favorite song, just love it

  84. Janelle Speaks

    his voice is from heaven

  85. Jeff

    this kind of beat and harmony is what is called music to my ears.

  86. Molashia B

    So beautiful

  87. Olivia Carter-Ford

    This man does something to me !

  88. Gwendale J Dukes

    I will never stop loving you,you told me you want me to fall in love with you,don't fall out of me,please ,please don't put me down, I will give you your space,,I had a talk with God,don't know what happen

  89. Lucy Faaumu-McBath

    One of my favorite songs by Calvin :)

  90. Shay King

    Well , at least we know her type of man.. lol.

  91. Dorothy Bostic

    "You possess my body baby, it's rain in the summer". Calvin you have those good lyrics. Love this.

  92. Ms. Dee Thornton

    Beautiful song! Great Artist.

  93. Willie Russell

    He is a good sihigr and the sour is good calvn

  94. J. Flair

    This reminds me of da good ol days when i lived in the south, Family, Soul Music and some good ol cooking..Still Texas in ma heart!!!

  95. Willie Russell

    Why did calv with girl ulg

  96. Stephanie Dillon

    He's wanting to come back.... 2nd chance. Ummm

    Cool Breeze

    His latest album is nice.

  97. Brian Trice

    Love yr so amazing song

  98. Action Reaction

    Dont understand why they always get bright skin or white - like women for theze videos...smh...where are the chocolate natural sistas at?

    Sarahyah Yahudah

    @Iron Lungs yup and?

    Kevin bond

    @Sarahyah Yahudah wow...what a stupid comment. Find a life.

    Sarahyah Yahudah

    @Kevin bond gtf off my comments IDGAF what u think! Tf?

    Kevin bond

    @Sarahyah Yahudah nah imma stay right up on your stupid as comments. Keep that silly shit to yourself .


    I disagree. If you think black women are just one color, you need to take a different approach. We come in different shades, Bro. Stop the self hate