Richardson, Calvin - Unreasonable Lyrics

Baby there's something that I need to say
Put your purse down and let's talk for a while
Can't shake this feeling of slipping away
If I'm wrong girl please say it's a lie
Now I don't spend much time thinking bout all I've done
But it sure seemed one sided to me
See I really don't mind that you want me to lead
But you're supposed to stay right next to me
Your love seems to paint in colors that fade away
My love is like a mountain solid strong it's right here to stay

It's just unreasonable
How much I love you girl
I give all my heart and soul
While you shut me out your world
It just don't make no sense
How one man can give his all
To someone whose heart is cold
It's just unreasonable

Used to make love anytime day or night
Thats the longer you'll cry all the tears
When your girls gone you go running clean out of side
You got time for everything but me
You're the girl that I pray for
You were my missing piece so mature when you walked through my life
But I kept giving giving giving
And you kept taking taking
You know god damn well I'm right
If it was any other girl
I'd probably say I'm through with you,
I'm so through with you baby
But this damn love I'm feeling,
I would die, I would still die for you

Its just unreasonable
How much I love you girl
You are my heart and soul
You shut me out your world
It just don't make no sense
How one man can give his all
To someone whose heart is cold
It's just unreasonable

I'm not a man who begs and pleads, cause I got my pride
But girl I need to know are you still down with me
It's an anomaly, remarkable, I cant believe I've gone this far
No restrain, a place on earth, that I won't go to show my worth
Me and you, show me girl attitude
You'll never find, you know it's true, a man to love you, like I do

It's just unreasonable
How much I love you girl
You are my heart and soul
You shut me out your world
It just don't make no sense
How one man can give his all
To someone whose heart is cold
It's just unreasonable

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Richardson, Calvin Unreasonable Comments
  1. Kassidy Carter

    I think I’m in love after hearing dis😭💜.

  2. Glenda Campbell

    klove his music..

  3. Jarvis Kemp

    Hey this song is what I love

  4. joy harris

    I am such a fan ,love it

  5. Tina Martin

    I have this on repeat! So beautiful!

  6. Mon Demese

    This song reminds me of lays potato chips, I can’t just listen one time...Repeat..Repeat!!!

  7. Ebonee P

    Concert me please
    In 2019🔥🔥🔥

  8. Ramona Jefferson

    I dedicate this to my love that just passed away 12/20/19🙏 "Holding on I can't let go of youu" R.I.L P.J ❤❤🤞

  9. Diva Cookn

    Beautiful lovely song

  10. Justrynamakeit Real

    I feel this song all in my bones.....

  11. Andrea Carr

    This favorite song❤️🖤

  12. Josten Bornslater

    Visualizing me and my mate dancing away to this song.. bringing in the new year's


    I love this song.

  14. Aliesha Williams

    After being with my boyfriend for 5 going on 6 wonderful beautiful blessed years i know he is my lifetime partner. You ever get that flutter in your heart when you're at a disagreement with your loved one. I cant let go.. and i dont want to

  15. Nakia Jones

    Who else lives in Arizona 🙋🏽‍♀️ my soulmate lives in Arizona 🌵

  16. Ramona Martin

    I love this song

  17. Michael Nelson

    Still jamming back to back lol

  18. Lysia Z

    I just dont se how anyone can not like this song....even my grandson played it once....hes 5

  19. Crown up with Ke Slay queen

    Love this song omg on repeat

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    Mf music here❤❤

  21. Wonderfully Made073

    Lawdy Miss Clawdy🔥

  22. Jamonica L.

    One of my Snapchat friend’s was playing this song and I had to find out who sung this song. It’s just sound so beautiful!!!!!

  23. Anita Baker


  24. Anita Baker

    This my SHIT!!!!

  25. Tot Boo

    What a pretty song.

  26. Shomona Lofton

    I love my husband thinking of my baby❤️

  27. Ashia Jackson

    I played this for my daughter funeral dec 6 2019 it was so beautiful thanks

  28. Melinda Jackson


  29. Za'Riah Bealer

    This music is lit mr calvin

  30. Kevin Wynn

    I can't let go of Keisha Wynn love you all ways your man Kevin 💯👅

  31. Jermayne Smith

    Wow what a true sound

  32. Lamont Woods

    Can't stop playing this song🎶🤷‍♂️🎶

  33. Brit Brit

    Omg this song gives me my air to breathe 😩💕💕👌

  34. w.raya

    I've been playing this song NONSTOP I TELL YA for the last 3 weeks! "I'm so in love! Guess I'm going to Arizonaaa!"

  35. Terrell Barrett

    My wife got me listening to this joint. It's a good one

  36. Monike Wiley


  37. Monike Wiley

    I love this song

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    My mama put me on this 👌🏾👌🏾

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    I love song😋😋

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    Brother you did this song bumping

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    Im 19 nd I absolutely love this song 💜💜💜

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    This how I felt about husband!💔R.I.P. BARRY!! I miss you so much!

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    Man I love this song so much ❤️😭

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    This song will be played at my wedding for my first dance with my husband 🥰

  48. Matthew McCoy

    I can't let you go

  49. Jeff Baker

    This song is the truth and we need this type of music for this generation. One love. Salute

  50. Ukima Lane

    Omg Calvin Richardson where have you been all my life

  51. Marvin Bowie

    This brother is Real he's one who knows what time it is when it comes down to singing the right words to make people feel like they are in it for what it means I thank him for inspiring me to continue to sing and write songs the way that I do

  52. shirley reid

    Yessss when I think about you [email protected]!!! Love this song!!! Can't walk around with thought ya!!! Holding on, I choose uuuuuu, Yessss!!!❤❤❤🥰🥰🥰✌✌✌♡♡♡

  53. Barry Robinson

    Making a baby to this 2020 like if you feel same way

  54. Ronald Nesbit

    Saw on FB had to hear it again

  55. Erica Jones

    love this song

  56. Mariah Robinson

    This give me life

  57. Bryant Williams

    Have you ever felt the the stars was at your feet and the sun shined on you because of this person and as much as you know that she's not meant for you so you continue because you can't let go...

  58. Hollis Simmons

    i really think this is the shitttt ya heard me!

  59. Nesa J

    Dedicated to me💜💙💛#Classic, and his song Treat her Right

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    I just love this song my first time hearing it was on Facebook and I fall in love with it

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  62. Latasha Travis

    This man ...... 😩

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    he knows he can sing love his voice.


    I love this song🥰🥰

    Like my comment if you love it also

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    I love this song

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    The melody😘

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    I heard this 2years and yous are just founding him out now he's so underrated such a good soul singer man

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    Great job!!!!

  84. Billy Kennedy

    I love this song it in courage me to do better in life

    Billy Kennedy

    Like my heart the rythem about to change with out u form mount of the one I love I can't walk around without you the way it beats taping on my mind holding on I can't let go of u but if I had to choose money and u it would be I rather be holding ur body yeah the rythem about to change

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    I love this song alot this reminds me of my dead auntie I saw her right after mothers day and she is gone the next day and I am only 13 I can understand everything I loved her and always will for ever by my heart

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