Richardson, Calvin - Cross My Heart Lyrics

There's one thing I'm sure about
I can't live without your love
Believe you me, I've tried to before
But only ended up coming back to your door
Wanting more of your gentleness
The way you take good care of me
You're the best
I had to be unconscious
Trying to front on you
Lately I've been out pricing rings
So I can put one on you
'Cause it's long overdue

Cross my heart
Swear that I will love you forever
Through it all
I'll love you for worse or for better

There's one more thing I'm certain of
I lose track of time every time we're making love
Even after falling out we spend more time making up
Now what could possibly be better that waking up to
I want you to know that I have never met
Or known someone as beautiful as yourself
Starting with your heart
Moving to every body part
You're a work of art
Worthy of a precious stone


From here on out
It's all about me and you
Others have made it
We can too
Looming oh so bright
Is our future

[Hook (repeat to fade)]

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Richardson, Calvin Cross My Heart Comments
  1. Lydia Dixon

    Calvin,Calvin!! Truly,Truly underrated!! Love so many of his songs can't pick just one!! Keep doing what you do!!

  2. ryan riley

    The producer "MIKE CITY".

  3. Don Harling

    2:35 Is a classic album that will never get old 40yrs from now.

  4. jac5562

    club ballad in my eyes



  5. 251musiclover

    ♡♡♡♡♡ good ol music!!!

  6. Makayliah Clay

    I agree, my favorite song by Anthony is Charlene. My favorite song by Calvin is Worthy.

  7. Linda Jazmine

    I luv the words in this song thru it all I'll luv you for worse or for better! I loose track of time when we making love! I'm pricing rings so I can put one on you it's long overdue this is true!

  8. DaDopeStar

    more then a woman was on the movie deliver us from eva , he has such talent he's too underrated he's great

  9. Bridgette N

    For updates on Calvin Richardson:

    myspace . c o m / calvinrichardson


    calvinrichardsonsrss . n i n g . c o m

    (type all together)

  10. Maakk1

    izi derfi te'emti iya! really feeling this

  11. Zsolt Horváth

    Yes, the guy is struggling with mainstream r'n'b crap since releasing 2.35pm, that was his best album!

  12. erigirl08

    1. Love the fact that you're eritrean and love calvin richardson :)

    2. He has a new video for a song called Sang No More that's on YouTube.

    This is my song. I <3 Calvin

  13. EritreanG87

    yeah but the song "more than a woman" is one of my favourites too..i know he recorded it back in 2003 but i think it was his best release

  14. EritreanG87

    ain´t he?? :(