Richardson, Calvin - Come Over Lyrics

You know sometimes when I'm home alone
I just don't feel like sleeping by myself that night
I think I'm gon' phone in, I'll call the one
That I really wanna be with is you, baby
Please don't leave me by myself tonight

Girl, can I
Come over to see you tonight?
Oh, I'm so lonely and I am in need
Of only your company tonight
Picture this

Just like a beautiful cup
That's left alone in the cupboard
You can't but help feel
It might confuse you
But it can't give nothing
To someone this thirsty

I need your love
And hope you need my good lovin' too
I'm singin', ohh, oh

Oh, baby
Oh, lady
I need you like stop-light need a checker
Like a roller-coaster needs a hand
You might understand this

I need your love, girl
And I hope you need my good lovin' too
'Cause everyone need the kind of love
That they come running to, yeah
And tonight my body desires
To be with only you

Oh, oh, oh, ohh, ohh, girl
My body is sick right now
And you are the only medicine that can help me, girl
I gotta a fever
'Cause, baby, I need you
Hold me in your arms tonight

I need your love, give me, baby
And, oh, I hope you need my lovin' too
'Cause everyone need the kind of love, yeah
That they come running to, yeah
And tonight my body desires
To be with only you

Baby, let's give it a chance
We don't need no romance tonight, girl
All we need is each other, girl
We can let it take on love
Baby, all I need is your love tonight, girl

We can be on it
(Baby, come over tonight)
Burning, baby
(Come over tonight)
Such a lovely
When my body's on the floor

I don't wanna ruin this
(Baby, come over tonight)
Ruin it, oh, girl
(Come over tonight)


(Come over tonight)
(Baby, come over tonight)
(Come over tonight)
Come on, baby

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Richardson, Calvin Come Over Comments
  1. CharliesAngel Jonnson


  2. Rashonda Oliver

    Girl can I.... 😩😩😩😩

  3. Rashonda Oliver

    Wooooo 😩😩

  4. Pow wow Hill

    Love you 2

  5. Alix Griffin

    Which door?

  6. Shirley Stanford

    Calvin Richardson, come over, yes

  7. Kisha Higgins

    Glass of wine, lights off and headphones on blast and giving this man permission to take over and elevate me. 🔥🔥🔥

  8. Mz. Scorpio

    This Song Is Absolutely Beautiful !!!! 😄😄😄

  9. Delphine Bloodworth

    I just so I can play music without falling apart I still have my moments where I just 😢 cry for hours I never love again

    Mz. Scorpio

    God Bless You Ms. Delphine Bloodworth 😇

    Delphine Bloodworth

    Thank You 🙏🏾

  10. Tyrone norfleet Norfleet

    You Can Tell his MOMMA was a BOBBY WOMACK FAN....SEE hear the INFLUENCE...Real Soul SINGER

  11. Tori Wynn

    A brother singing from his heart about love&life experiences....🙌🙌nothing but SOUL MUSIC🎵🎵🎵💯

  12. Carmen CaBoom

    I lovvvvvve this song!!!! Yes!!! I feel this in my soul! 🗣Sang it, Calvin!!!

  13. youssoupha fall

    Top Classe HD

  14. Crazy-Sexy-Cool 4life

    I think Im in love....❤❤❤

  15. KJo Hughes

    Just WOW! ❤️

  16. Ann Roper

    Sing it baby


    I luv me some calvin richardson yesss!!!!

  18. Angel Dogan


  19. Kisha Higgins

    One of those kinda nights💜💜

  20. Linda jemison

    This song is beautiful you're bless mr.monroe.

  21. Jada Katt

    Ain't no way you that damn handsome lord Jesus and sang like that . You got to be married. Google hear I come because this hear has me confused you doing me like Beyonce do me I mean the chills I get all in my soul🤦

  22. Kamar G

    North Carolina has some strong singers even in this generation. Jodeci, Calvin, Fantasia...the list goes on. Strong southern church rooted vocalist from the south seem to always demonstrated God given vocal talent. The newer generation lacks that


    Anyone who gave this a thumbs down .Has never wanted to come over. And not sleep alone at night

  24. The daily life of ME

    I love this song! Oh yeah, but not as much as I love Calvin Richardson 😍😍😍 mess around get myself pregnant on this #1!!!

  25. Steffie Hickey

    Best r & b singer ever.......such a unique voice😍

  26. Orlando Brunt

    Come over Nice song 9012403978🎁

  27. Carla Washington

    Come over 😘🗝

  28. Theresa Miles-Brooks

    Yes my love, only you., come over.

  29. Aquita Tillman

    I love him this song is so amazing

  30. Jessica Wheaton


  31. seenita long love

  32. Morrio Pace

    What ! do it boi u help a brother out when he is looking 4 tha right word 2 give 2 his women! Thanks homie !

  33. nesha goodlow

    yesss u can come over lordddd

  34. nesha goodlow

    yesss boo sing ittt


    I saw this man in concert for the first time last night and I'm in love!! His body, his soulful voice! OMG!!

    Bertha Mcclure

    Chris Stapleton

    Rona Love

    Where? Recently? Is he currently touring?😱 I'm about to Google him right now?

  36. Alfreda Herndon


    Bubi Bubi

    Alfreda Herndon I love it my darling and I will be your write friend sweet honey. Do you like it tell me darling 🌷🌸🌷🌸

  37. Rowena Mayo

    I love all your music. Your videos are great. Your singing voice sound really good.I hope I get to see you one day in person. Keep up the good work, and I love you always 😉😚😊☺😎

    Ann Roper

    Rowena Mayo yes

  38. Roosevelt Leblanc

    I had some one I felt like that about it brings back good memories

  39. Yolanda Duncan

    cool ass sing the shit out of them songs I love it laid back melody...keep pushing we gone keep listening😎

  40. La'Gent's Entertainment

    I absolutely Love this song. Amazing and Talented Artist..

  41. Sheila Hawkins

    you are, Amazing, I want to clone you.

  42. A W

    This is 🔥

  43. Michelle Thomas

    This has always been my jam from the 1st I heard it!!

  44. Lachisha Hall

    Calvin Richardson got me through some hurtful lonely nights lord have mercyThankyou

    Tawauna Jones

    im going thru something now.

  45. Aeshia77

    Love this so much it's on repeat play. Calvin Richardson is too sexy

    Franck Webber

    aeshia newtonien

    Tonya Knox

    T. Diddy.... U sho rite, he's SEXY as HELL!! Cn him n person s few yrs back and TRIED to TOUCH him... What a HUNK,,!!

    Freda Lawson

    aeshia newton yes is he too sexy

  46. Ella Brown

    This is the true meaning of music!!!! He can sing to me anytime!!!!

  47. Leanna Ruddle

    Calvin Richardson speaks to my soul!!! I love his music

  48. Tracy Garcia

    So Handsomely Handsome💯💯💯💯on

  49. A blunt

    he's Bobby Womack nephew.

  50. Cindy Scott

    o my o my......Calvin! u don't even have to ask...

  51. Diva 504

    He just so smooth with them runs. Gives me chills.

  52. Gwen Terrell

    Yesssssss ❤

  53. esmeralda branca da costa koller

    Eu precisava tanto da tradução dessa música. Alguém poderia me informar como obter? Obrigada.

  54. esmeralda branca da costa koller

    Que bela música!!!

  55. Leanna Ruddle

    OMG I love this song! Calvin Richardson is 100% the truth!!

  56. Gladys Brown


  57. Squeeky Damon

    like this brother here he reminds me of a young Bobby Womack

    R J

    I agree. That's why they chose him to do a Bobby Womack tribute Album. Have you heard it?

    Vicky Neal

    Yesssss ... MY HEART MELTS

    Tierra Latrice

    Squeeky Damon yasssss

  58. Aquita Tillman

    This song is so beautiful!!!!

  59. Aquita Tillman

    This song is so beautiful!!!!

  60. Aquita Tillman

    This song is so beautiful!!!!

  61. dreddi72

    It's a Calvin Richardson type of night...Love this 1 #repeat

  62. sis and bro forever channel

    good music

  63. Joanna McConico

    I absolutely love Calvin Richardson & this song only makes me love him & his music even more!

  64. Rich B

    this my shit!

  65. King David

    This is my shit

  66. Tiffany Len

    My, my, my, my,my my my!

  67. Antoinette Floyd

    Love it just love it

  68. Sjolanda Eglin

    Love this man true RnB New School Blues

  69. Makeup By Denerion

    Nothing but a true vocalist.

  70. Kuntry Baby

    luv dis

  71. MegaMoe7

    I remember the Tom J. Interview TruSoL takin us to ChurcH!!!lol!!!

  72. J. R. Aaron

    All I can manage to say is, This dude...

  73. tequila johnson


  74. MsMusicAddict76

    HEAVY ROTATION - true!!! Been on a C Rich binge lately trying to wait patiently for his new joint to drop.

  75. OfficiallySaniT

    .::My Favorite Song Right Now!!::.

  76. tykeyra lewis

    this song make me fill so young and cute

  77. Juliette Boulware

    you can hurt yourself to this one.... mmmmmm or put it on while driving in the car and forget where u

    Juliette Boulware

    still love it!!!!!!!!!

    Katina Miller


  78. tykeyra lewis

    he can sinnng

  79. tykeyra lewis

    i fell you he can sing he put the patchen i my heart i listen to hem every day every morning..

  80. Vickie Adams

    O-M-Goodness! This is the song to slow dance to. This man is the stuff! My goodness Calvin, you're fine and I love the voice. You remind me of my ex-husband (looks wise) without the drama.

  81. Markie Dee

    This song makes me MELT... Come on over Calvin!!!

  82. kyrielle simile

    This man is soooooo bad. He can sing to me anytime.

  83. yayo0422

    Because baby I need ya!

  84. yayo0422

    I gotta fever!

  85. MsPatW

    @Keemiey012 I totally agree with you.

  86. Linda Jazmine

    This song makes me melt everytime I hear it Dam Cal!

  87. Linda Jazmine

    Honey I need ya cause I got a feva! Come Over!

  88. Jodie Thompson

    Shit I Need A Smoke After Hearin This Song!! lol And I'm Not Even A Smoker Damn!!!!

  89. Karrington

    @71juicey no huney to me
    not you :(

  90. Junior Stanfield

    @mwgalloway78 yes he did...

  91. Larry Wade

    omg..... I love this guy... He is ssoooo good. This is what music used to sound like back in the day.... Keep doing what u doing brother......

  92. RouF15

    Aïe Aïe Aïe ... Un orgasme auditif. Ce n'est d'ailleurs pas Floan qui me contredira !

  93. Linda Jazmine

    I really love this song I can relate to it 100% if you're not sexing the one you really want to be with and enjoy being with it's a waste of time! Luv U Calvin!

  94. mwgalloway78

    calvin did the thing on this song......its sad that he is so underrated....this is what u call real it!