Richard Marx - Wouldn't Let Me Love You Lyrics

I'm standing here paralyzed
So helpless right before your eyes
And all that you can seem to do is look away
I know this weight that's on my shoulders
Is telling me it's really over
And now goodbye's the only thing that's left to say

You were always worth the risk
But how'd it come to this

Cause I've opened up my heart to bleed
I Let you have the best of me
But you wouldn't let me love you
You couldn't let me love you
I tried to give you what you need
But it took so long to finally see
That you wouldn't let me love you
Couldn't let me love you

Somehow you said all the right things
To cover up the pain you're hiding
And never let me in close enough to touch
You live with all these walls around you
Impossible for me to break through
And baby even I can only fight so much

And it's cutting me so deep
Promises I tried to keep

Cause I've opened up my heart to bleed
I let you have the best of me
But you wouldn't let me love you
You couldn't let me love you
I lied to give you what you need
But it took so long to finally see
That you wouldn't let me love you
Couldn't let me love you

And you should have been the one
The more I love, the more you run

I opened up my heart to bleed
I let you have the best of me
But you wouldn't let me love you
You couldn't let me love you
I tried to give you what you need
But it took so long to finally see
That you wouldn't let me love you
Couldn't let me love you

Couldn't let me, wouldn't let me
You wouldn't let me love you
Couldn't let me, wouldn't let me

I'm standing here paralyzed
So helpless right before your eyes
And all that you can do is look away

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Richard Marx Wouldn't Let Me Love You Comments
  1. My Phuong Huynh Thi

    Who don't let u love yr wife?
    How do u determine a man loves a lady?
    What must a man do when he loves a lady?

  2. Julie Marie Murray

    This mans woman’s was letting him in not running getting to the source of the problems so you can love her. Don’t know if pain gone feels like pain there the wall fully came down this year but I think I was dealing with it at time it going on! You and your baby couldn’t be seen together there was problems starting when you not around and when you and woman not near her sister doing things from distance

  3. luca laura

    Legendary man ,....amazing voice

  4. Julie Marie Murray

    My sister wouldn’t let you love me cause she wanted me crying it never over get her to stop so we can be in peace

  5. Julie Marie Murray

    Plus his wife sister Anabel Nelrick after the money to have all for her she don’t want to work she wants slaves etc

  6. Julie Marie Murray

    His wife was letting him love her but her sister didn’t like it cause she helped his brother divorce her she witnessed her murder people her sister keeps hurting her still til now

  7. ccila dnalkcirts

    i LOVE this song!!!!
    it hits HOME for me at this point and time in my life
    but my 22 year old daughter gave me new HOPE
    ....she said, "hold on Ma gets easier"

  8. Julie Marie Murray

    Nelrick not letting anyone love me right ask Devin why she not letting him reach in too just as he getting in to

  9. Lupa Natalia

    Love it..very beautiful song!

  10. Julie Marie Murray

    To tell you I was letting you love me but she messing me to much I keep going after her I trying to tell her it over she not letting you and people get it out what I suppose to do I go to drinking to erase the pain cause she keeps adding more she wants me to keep the pain

  11. Calvin & Hobbes

    OMG!! I can't believe this is Richard Marx and his sons! His music is timeless classic! It never dissappoints! After all these years, I am still moved by his music and his songs! His songs makes you want to fall in love over and over again! 😆😁😂😍😊

  12. Julie Marie Murray

    The reason I couldn’t tell to do hypnosis she put forget spells she didn’t want known what I know she out to kill me and family I been showing her no love I tried other ways she did want love I gave her 100% she didnt give back she wanted crime etc dealing drugs murder I had show the bitch the hurt she put me through she killed in front of me

  13. Julie Marie Murray

    It’s not that your wife wouldn’t let you love her she having major problems her sister a pain she can’t take her if it wasn’t for her doing what she do she had old info to email I think most of it for her she was suppose to read it she had it up too 2012/2013 she caused me pain over and over again

  14. Gitti A.

    Wow😍😍...see you next year in Munich😍

  15. Sueli Gonçalves Siqueira

    Tão lindo você é seus filhos

  16. Amit Benjamin

    Amazing song! If you’ve got an album I’d buy it in a heartbeat!

  17. ccila dnalkcirts

    knowing THAT ..
    just imagine what im never gonna fall in love did to me!!!!

  18. ccila dnalkcirts

    OH! MY! GOSH!
    (in short) Since 2014 i started relationship w old flame and throughout figuring this out ALL THESE YEARS really LOVED LOVED LOVED this one, too.
    these words in this song are hittn every aspect of this awful feeling i have in my stomach because he was SO DEAR to me!
    oh no Richard (my FIRST love) ...yeah ...YOU. im not surprised but i sure feel BLESSED hearing AGAIN all this music from YOU ...who i have loved since my youth ( uh, ...yeah .. i was 17 )
    tampa REALLY loves you today Richard Marx! THANKS MAN!
    💘 CILLA

  19. Marie Morrison



    Genetics at the finest fevered pitch! Stunning...........❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. Ines Salazar

    Impresionante magestuoso divino mágico la belleza y la voz hecha Richard Marx.

  22. Sahil Bhargava

    How the fuck does this not have millions of views!? RIP music...

  23. Teresa Morón Martínez

    A legacy 👏✌💕💕

  24. Cheryl Long

    How Awesome to watch Richard & his 3 son's. 🥰🎶🎶🎶❤❤❤

  25. Deon K

    Such a great song. One of his best of the last 10 years. From the heart. I see this as a rock book end to Right Here Waiting.

  26. Susan Majury

    Love this with your sons❤

  27. Mj B

    Kool song ❤️


    Lindo!!!Um voz inigualável alem da estar cada vez mais lindo!!!

  29. Cindy M. D.

    Great song with great men. It's great to see your sons playing with you Richard.

  30. Margie Baez

    I love this beautiful song Wow 😉💋😉

    Margie Baez

    This is how i feel 💔💔💔

  31. Laker Guy

    One of my favorite artists ever

  32. mayu ishi

    Wonderfuuuuul SONG!!!

  33. mayu ishi


  34. Llama lover

    He sounds like that guy from phinneas and ferb. (Love handle)

  35. Aunt Reese

    You should do a album ( CD) with your boys you sound so good together 💖

  36. Jasna Poznic


  37. mayu ishi

    Please coming to JAPAAAAAN🖤

  38. natalia ungureanu


  39. Melissa Hill

    Richard Marx and his sons are good music I love this song by Richard Marx

  40. tsuyoi_hikari

    OMG, Richard Marx and all his 3 sons!

  41. Shane Bailey

    Now THIS is musical perfection. Three sons, all playing instruments, led by their legendary dad, with his voice having that gritty, jagged sound we've all come to know and love. Excellent work. So...when is the tour?

  42. Laurie Schmeer

    Wow, he's still gorgeous & his sons are chips off the ol' block!🌹❤️

  43. Becky Hatfield

    Yes I'd like to dedicate this to every single boyfriend I've ever had, you couldn't or wouldn't let me in, at least not completely.

  44. Candy Strickland

    Love it!!!!

  45. kannis ip

    always love this video which father and son perform tgt at one stage,,it was beautiful !!!

  46. Evangeline Galaz

    simply beautiful song

  47. Kayla Schulz

    I met him by accident

  48. Kayla Schulz

    plus it was my girlfriend's boyfriend

  49. Kayla Schulz

    I didn't recognize him at the mall

  50. Kayla Schulz

    I didn't realize it was him

  51. Kayla Schulz

    he never knew me though

  52. Kayla Schulz

    she was my girlfriend husband

  53. Kayla Schulz

    remind me of someone

  54. LEIF anevret

    this hit home! alright! awful business! but beautiful song! as always! from Marx!:-)

    melissa faso

    This song is so true. Brings tears to my eyes.

  55. LEIF anevret

    brilliant! hearty vid too! love it!♡♡♡

  56. Delma Paiva Bueno

    Bravoooo!! Magnífico! Acompanhado pelos filhos ficou ainda melhor!

  57. Yasna Gomez

    me encanta esta canción

  58. Sandra M. Marcela Assayrenc Covas

    grandioso como siempre. .love you!

  59. melissa alsteen

    he is still hot

  60. Willie G

    Your Son's are as talented as you are. God Bless you all.
    I understand the words to this song oh to well.
    cuz you have to love yourself to feel that love

  61. Jules Verne-Not

    Geez he is brilliant!


    now that is a true family of men !

  63. riki dermawan

    Very nice song and touchy !!
    Greeting From indonesian !! sorry bad english heheh

  64. Dayrel Blair

    Wow him and his kids.., great thought for bringing in the fourth of July.., you know he was proud.

  65. Al Huggins

    this is Richard Marx with his own three sons. what a piece of history happening right before your eyes right this very moment. what father wouldn't be just "bleeding" pride right now??? i just love it to shreds!!!!!

    Michelle Navarro

    Al Huggins forever for richard marx

  66. Simeon Williams

    Those guitars are so badass!!!

  67. Xaxa Correia

    This is what you call a STAR! Ages later, he still shines! Best of luck, Richard, and crew.

  68. Gil Gilmar

    canta muito richard marx rok sempre ben vindo

  69. Tina S

    I love the new album. I was not sure if those were his boys are not, but after reading the comments, it seems to be that those 3 talented young men are his boys. Awesome! I can just never get enough of you Richard! I love your music and always have! I just wish you would come to AZ so I could go see you in concert again!

  70. Terri Eshleman

    Love this song.. and I love that your sons are with you here... beautiful.  :)

  71. martin blackman

    a few slaging off comments i see get a life you bellends awesome tune

  72. Amazing travels & Beaches

    the title so #true  .Beautiful song....even if its with sad lyrics.

  73. Diann Whetsel

    You made three  handsome sons!

  74. mayu ishi

    Sounds Goooooood〜!!

  75. Louise Taylor

    Great video of all you!!!! The part with 'The Best of me" is a song. I caught that! Wow song within a song. Like in one song you had 'Flesh and Bone' I love any lyric part like I love you Ma Lord! Wonderful!

  76. Karee Erie

    Loved him, since he came out in the 80's!  He was my first concert, and he is still so talented!  He is passing it on, too!

  77. Fiji Purini

    love it..

  78. Vanessa Schomberg

    Wonderful! What for a beautiful and special song. You've so talented, nice and amazing boys. I really love, that you  make music together. Please more of that! :)

  79. Port Media

    why is the whole thing overexposed.. 

    Rolex Addict

    not to show the lines on his face 


    @PMQMed Ia It's sexposed !!!!!!

  80. silverpilot1979

    There's a such a bitter undertone to not just the lyric, but the vocal as well. Richard: did you know the writing was on the wall when you wrote this song? Sure as hell sounds like it.

    Veronica Ogle

    I have a feeling that the marriage was pretty much over at this point and that's what this song is about. It came out about 2 years before the announcement of their divorce, which was after a 9 month long legal separation. Look at his face. He looks older here then he does now, or even in the videos that came out in 2014. I think that the stress of trying to make the marriage work and then coming to the realization that it wasn't going to, no matter what he did, took a toll on him---causing him to look older than he was, pretty much for the first time EVER! He puts a lot of emotion in every song, but this one, unfortunately probably came straight from his breaking heart. But thankfully, he's happy now and I hope that Cynthia is as well. Love the song and the video! 4 very talented men in this one.

    Deon K

    @Veronica Ogle I think you nailed it.

  81. Cynthia Reneau

    Beautiful... Just beautiful!



  83. jacqie bobadillo

    He looks like he has cancer or something??? Is he ok?

    Deon K

    It's called heart break.

    Jacquelyn King

    Deon Kelly Was this made after his divorce?


    @Jacquelyn King I believe it was a matter of months prior to the separation.

  84. kannis ip

    love his voice,,so special :) 

  85. Claudiu Cont

    great song !...

  86. Maria Antoniou

    Just so amazing

  87. José Carlos Agustin

    great song with his children!!

  88. steammaker24

    Yes, Brandon is his eldest son; who is also a father now.

    Dana Carter

    steammaker24 Really?Holy &?£@! I'll bet he's a great father- just like his dad, Richard Marx. And now that you mention it, I think they should point out to the wayward and self-centered fathers-to-be that it takes a real man to be a dad. By the way, did Brandon have a son or daughter?

    Veronica Ogle

    No, Brandon isn't a father. That was some made-up gossip.

  89. Tony Stone Music

    Richard Marx still bringing it, he's the one artist I would aspire to be like!!!

  90. Frederick Micayas

    still the best! nothing change!

  91. fabian elorza

    lol songs

  92. onlyallegra

    This is my favorite song. Man, it's so funny how I couldn't put two and two together as to why all the band members look like him. If they ever decide to break out into the business like their dad, I will definitely be waiting to hear them too.

    Star-Angeliah Cole

    onlyallegra His song Lucas Marx has released some really good music and is an actor. Brandon Marx does trance music/clubland & is a d.j. Jesse Marx is in a heavy metal band.

  93. David Van Kleeck

    Lived this song. Richard Marx is a genius songwriter and I'm thankful he has such insight and ability to convey with words what most of us can only feel and have no way to express. Thank you Richard, for a long meaningful career of great songs! Very happy to see your sons have been given some of that same talent! Awesome video, all 4 of you are magical together!

  94. rev402

    Another notch from the greatest love song writer ever!

  95. Yvonne Goss

    You are still so!

  96. LadyGati G

    Acaso te conté mi historia Richard...???? :B

  97. Aritro Bhattacharya


  98. Kina Oliveira

    Love it!!!